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If you give a pint of blood how long does it take to replace it again? How much blood can
Diet & Health / 12:46 PM - Saturday April 25, 2009

If you give a pint of blood how long does it take to replace it again? How much blood can

be taken out of the human body before death? I gave blood yesterday (yay O Negative...universal donor..I think) and it was like the 4th time I've donated. I think it's cool, like interesting work. It doesn't even hurt (if you have a good phlebotomist) when they insert the big needle. In my opinion it hurts more when they stick your finger for the iron check lol. I think everyone is just put off b/c of the whole there's-a-big-bag-of-BL OOD-next-to-me thing. Squeamish ppl are funny like that, but I'll admit when they tape the tubes to ur arm and you can feel the warm blood it's gross (*gets chills*)

- Asked by TheSshhmoe, An Alternative Girl, Female, 22-25, Student

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My mom was type O too, but positive. They really loved her blood. She went in on a regular basis. They'd call her every month or so? I'm not sure. But I do know you can get on a list and become a regular donor. My mom did it for years. :)

- Response by mamom04, A Sweet Sarah, Female, 56-65, Phoenix

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i think it's somewhere around a gallon of blood in the average-size body. a person can lose as much as 60% of it and survive, but not without possible impairment. a lot, too, depends upon how quickly a person "bleeds out". severing certain major arteries cause rapid exanguination which can lead to death very quickly.

- Response by two469, An Alternative Girl, Female, 18-21, Seattle, Science / Engineering

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Well good for you! That's the most precious gift you can give someone besides an organ, lol! Yes, I give blood but not on a regular basis. Last time I did it for a blood drive at my community gym and the phlebotomist bruised my arm and after she took the tubing out, it wouldn't stop bleeding for awhile. Yes, as long as you don't look at the blood bag, you are fine!

I think it takes 6 weeks before you are replenished and can give blood again.

- Response by hulagirl55, A Sportif, Female, Who Cares?, Who Cares?

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