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Why do hurt people need to lash out?
Sex & Intimacy / 7:59 PM - Thursday February 12, 2009

why do hurt people need to lash out?

ok, i'm totally venting here but...

i spent four months not contacting my ex in any form. then, i was coming through town and asked to pick up one small box i'd left in his basement.

he said he threw it away. 2 days later he said he didn't throw it away. ...of course i was pissed; what a double-mind trip!

when my father died, he offered to come to the service w/me. i told him quite honestly that i felt i needed to protect myself from him and his ways, and said 'no thank you'. (yes, i was polite but honest).

here's his reply:

"Do not make ANY contact with me in the future. Any mail I receive will (and has been) going in to the garbage. I suggest you contact B of A and Verteran Affairs. There were a couple of important looking letters.

I have been nothing but cordial and civil to you since you left. I have respected ALL of you requests regarding contact. I appologized for getting rid of some of you stuff when cleaning out my basement... But now I am tired of your behavior.

You have been selfishly insensitive and self-obsorbed. You have taken every opportunity to berate me with your letters. And, like in the past, you have attempted belittle me with mutual friends. You didn't even bother to thank me for sending you your W-2.

I would think that upon the event of your fathers death you would forego any need for retaliation upon me. At least temporarily. But in a selfish manner you have continued to create drama.

I've learned a lot going through my divorce. One thing I've learned is its not healthy to hold on to silly notions of friendship with someone not capable of simple civil behavior. Therefore, since you choose to behave like my ex-wife, I will now treat you like her... with apathy and ABSOLUTELY no desire for a future friendship. I ceased to think of Deb as being worthy of my friendship... I do not consider you worthy of friendship as well."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

that's all, had to get it off my chest. btw: him & his ex-wife played the Restraining Order Game & all that hooey.

watch out people... i didn't catch on to what an A-hole this person was for THREE YEARS!!! ....a very subtle manipulator. ---shame on me!

- Asked by isotope, A Thinker, Female, 36-45, Science / Engineering

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On behalf of men everywhere, we apologize for having such a jerk amongst us. You did not deserve that. Shake him off. Plenty of nice guys who would love to spend time with you.

- Response by hrdmn10, A Father Figure, Male, 56-65, Other Profession

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It's part of the fight or flight response housed in the reptilian complex.

Dogs who have been hit by cars frequently bite the first person who tries to help them because they are in so much pain.

Pain is powerful.

- Response by llafsroh, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Boston, Science / Engineering

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