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He doesn't compliment me, is he not attracted to me?
Dating / 4:18 PM - Wednesday January 28, 2009

He doesn't compliment me, is he not attracted to me?

My s/o has never once in 3 months told he i am cute, pretty, hot, sexy, anything.
I know that i am attractive to some extent bc other women and men tell me on a regular basis, so why doesnt he?
Does that mean he does not find me attractive? Why else would he never say anything? I kinda feel a little insecure because of this.....

- Asked by A Career Woman, Female, 29-35, Washington, DC, Financial / Banking

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simple, because he already knows that you are. He is lucky enough to have you and that's enough for him. Im sure he makes you feel like Venus once in a while right? maybe he just doesnt want to be like the others that keeps on telling you that you're cute, maybe he thinks you are getting fed up on it because of the fact that people keeps on complimenting you everyday. if you're not satisfied, ask him.. there's nothing wrong with that. do it in a sweet manner like "babe, do u think im pretty enough for you?" or "am i cute if i do this?".. he'll definitely smile and get flattered at the same time. GOOD LUCK.

- Response by kylapleasure67, A Hip Hop Girl, Female, 26-28, Artist / Musician / Writer

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Just yesterday my s/o told me that I was "sexy"...I believe that is the first time I have heard a compliment like that in quite some time.

I think that men who don't compliment their women daily doesn't mean they aren't thinking it..It just means they assume we know, because we are *with them*...I like to consider how many times I tell him he is hot...If you think about that, and how many times you compliment him, you might be on to something as well. :)

- Response by lovelylife, A Thinker, Female, Who Cares?

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i think that because he is with you, he believes you should know he's attracted to you.. my ex boyfriend was like that. it drove me crazy and i actually had a conversation with him about it and he basically told me what i wrote above. not a lot of guys flood girls with compliments when they've already hooked the girl.. you know what might work?? let him catch other guys complimenting you... dont make him jealous but let him catch it.. and he might say something to you so that he doesnt look bad for not doing it...
i guess that is just a little bit making him jealous but dont be all flirty just be gracious =] haha

- Response by meganrocks1322, A Thinker, Female, 22-25, San Diego, Student

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I have the same problem with my husband. I asked him once and he said that he didnt think that he would have to repeat it because he has already told me. He doesnt understand that women like to hear it all the time.

- Response by luvsdjhtm, A Career Woman, Female, 26-28, Seattle, Who Cares?

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Some people just don't know how to verbalize stuff like that.

- Response by sunlady1120, A Thinker, Female, 56-65, Self-Employed

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He may be gay. Or he may turn out to have major issues. If I were you I'd be a little wary about that behavior. EVERY worthwhile guy will tell his s/o that she's so cute, hot, sexy, gorgeous, beautiful within weeks of seeing her!!
Sooo, just be careful about what this guy is playing. Sounds fishy to me.

- Response by sk8terchick, An Alternative Girl, Female, 29-35, Fitness

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Don't read into it. Those are words and the actions are that he is still dating you right? But if you really want to push this you can always choose to dress like crap, not do your hair or your make-up the next time you guys go out on a date. When he makes a comment about your disheveled looks just say "Why should I look nice for you, you never seem to notice or say anything anyway."

- Response by 7zebras, A Career Man, Male, 36-45, New York, Financial / Banking

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I think most guys dont usually need reasurance so we for get to give it in return. Trust me if he wasn't attracted to you he wouldn't be with you. especially this early, when attraction is the only thing driving the relationship forward.

Also Men hate when girls go "fishing" for compliments.

You can test him though, dress up really sexy one night and go out to dinner, or wear or do anything that will get his attention. if his jaw drops, (then no compliment needed) but if your putting in effort like that and he's still not interested or it's not getting his attention. Then you might question it.

"good Luck"

- Response by aon007, A Guy Critical, Male, 29-35, Salt Lake City, Science / Engineering

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Men don't have the same emotional issues that women have. Most have no clue that many of us need to hear the words rather than just see the gestures.

- Response by agesago, A Cool Mom, Female, 56-65, Transportation

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