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How many of you women squirt large amounts of fluid during an orgasm? Is this normal?
Sex & Intimacy / 12:55 AM - Thursday December 18, 2008

How many of you women squirt large amounts of fluid during an orgasm? Is this normal?

This does not happen all the time, but the first time I did it felt like I urinated. The fluid is much thinner than cumm.

- Asked by Female, 46-55

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I have and don't always. It is NOT urine, you'd be able to smell it as urine.
It's clear and comes from the paraurethral ducts (Skenes Glands)through and around the urethra during or before orgasm.

There may be an explanation both for the phenomenon and for the frequent denials of its existence. Skene's glands have highly variable anatomy, and in some extreme cases they appear to be missing entirely. If Skene's glands are the cause of female ejaculation and G-spot-orgasms, this may explain the observed absence of these phenomena in many women.

- Response by jezmebaby, A Hippie Chick, Female, 46-55, Los Angeles, Self-Employed

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I do and I have for about 10 years now. Stumbled across it quite accidentally when my ex husband was giving me oral. It's very normal and most enjoyable and no, it's not urine. Have you heard that scientist have tested tears from people who are sad and those from people who are happy? They contain different hormones. I believe the fluid ejaculated during female orgasm is the same way. It looks like urine but is composed of something completely different because it has no smell. Google "female ejaculation" for meore information. And enjoy yourself, you're one of the lucky few.

- Response by A Thinker, Female, 36-45, Who Cares?

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I would recommend this web site: I am sorry for the length of my answer, but because I believe this to be such an important subject.

http://www.the-clitoris .com/

I've put this information (with the help of the internet) together because it took me a long time to find out about my sex slave was diagnosed as "urinary incontinence" (yeah right!). The history of the female orgasm and female ejaculation is fascinating and I hope my website helps you understand more about the wonderful magic of the g spot and female ejaculation.

Female Ejaculation
Believe it or not, the female orgasm and female ejaculation were unknown until relatively recently. Back in the 1800's, if a woman was feeling horny, her husband would take her to the doctor so that he (yes, all doctors were men in those days) could treat what was in those days diagnosed as "hysterical tension". Symptoms of this "condition" included irritability, a temperature and swollen pudenda. And guess how the doctors treated their female patients with this condition? They prescribed masturbation! But the poor lady was not allowed to do this herself (this was deemed to be unhealthy and would rot the mind!). Usually stimulation of the woman's genitals to orgasm was performed by either a midwife at the doctor's surgery or sometimes by the doctor himself. The husband and wife would then return back to their 19th century domestic bliss, that is, until the wife got horny again.
Towards the close of the 1800's, the advent of the industrial revolution meant that the "modern doctor" would deliver the prescribed genital stimulation using a steam driven vibrator. In fact all manner of weird and wonderful contraptions were used by doctors to bring about a female orgasm - or as it was known in those days - "the relief of tension in the female". The female orgasm was simply not recognized in those days. Up until well into the 20th century, many scientists claimed that the female was incapable of enjoying an orgasm at all! Over time however, clitoral orgasm came to be recognized as the engine-room of the female orgasm.
During the 1940's, when Dr Alfred Kinsey published his research into the "art of marriage", a Dr Grafenberg's earlier research into the female orgasm came under scrutiny. Dr Grafenberg had identified a small mass of erectile tissue around the female urethra, similar to tissue in the penis, as a source of female pleasure and orgasm. Grafenberg said that this tissue became enlarged during sex and "swelled out greatly at orgasm."
Research into the Grafenberg area or g spot as it has come to be known, languished until the 1970's when researchers started correlating stimulation of the g spot with a resultant different type of orgasm - the vaginal orgasm. G spot orgasms are typically accompanied with vaginal and uterine contractions, whereas clitoral orgasms tend to be accompanied by only vaginal contractions. Sometimes, the g spot orgasm was accompanied by the expulsion of fluid at the point of orgasm - female ejaculation. In all cases, the researchers said that women who experienced a g spot orgasm described it as very powerful and much more protracted than a clitoral orgasm whether it was accompanied by female ejaculation or not.
The g spot is located about three or four inches inside the vagina on the front side of the vagina. Imagine lying on your back with your partner inserting their fingers inside your vagina and pressing them towards your navel. They should find your g spot just above the patch of rough tissue inside the vagina. Its thimble sized and should start to swell as it's massaged. It needs firm pressure, as it's sometimes hard to find. If you're having trouble finding your g spot, consider trying a g spot massager. They can produce very intense g spot sensations. Some women report that stimulation of the g spot is often also accompanied by strong feelings of a need to urinate. This usually disappears quickly and feelings of pleasure should replace it with continued massaging. You'll know when you find it. Experiment with how best to stimulate your g spot but remember that firm pressure is required. G spot toys can help in many instances.
Serious study into female ejaculation has only occurred recently. Some ancient cultures depicted what seems to be female ejaculation in their artworks, but despite some historical evidence documenting female ejaculation in the past, medicine has in the main attributed the expulsion of fluids by females to "poor bladder control" or "urinary incontinence". Others thought that the expulsion of fluid was the result of excess vaginal secretions. Research in the last few decades has shown both these suggestions to be incorrect and that in fact nearly half of all women can experience ejaculation either through self stimulation or sexual activity with a partner.
To the women that ejaculated, it was all a mystery. Whilst female ejaculation was generally thought to occur at the time of orgasm, it can in fact occur in the lead up to orgasm as well. In fact, female ejaculation can occur at any time during sexual arousal.
Whilst female ejaculation is the common expression, ejaculation is perhaps the wrong word for it. Whilst some women report a "gushing" or "squirting", others say the liquid is expelled with little force, in fact some called it a "dribble". Amounts can vary; anything from a few drops to a cupful can be the result. Tales of "gushing female orgasms" are probably a little off the mark but there is no doubt that some women ejaculate both copiously and with great force.
When female ejaculation occurs, the consensus is that it comes from the urethra and not the vagina. As we learnt previously, the g spot surrounds the urethra and is composed of tissue very similar to the male prostate gland. Researchers say it is this Para urethral tissue that produces the ejaculate. Consequently, the description of the g spot as the female prostate is probably not that far off the truth!
The ejaculate itself is surprisingly similar to male ejaculatory fluid. It is this fluid in men that carries the sperm and together makes up the male ejaculate - semen. There is some agreement on the make up of female ejaculate. A liquid very similar to male prostate fluid is certainly in evidence in female ejaculate but there is often a significant quantity of other fluid - either from the bladder or urethra as well. It seems that both the quantity of ejaculate differs between women as does the make-up of the ejaculate. After repeated tests, one thing is certain, it is definitely not urine.
I just wanted to say that I am very relieved to read the accounts and information on you site. I have ejaculated 3 times in my life. Thanks to programs such as Sex and the City I kind of new what was happening the first time it occurred. On this first time, I was using a vibrator and ejaculation occurred at the time of orgasm and it was one long spurt. The second time it happened I was with a new partner and it was more intense and happened without me reaching orgasm. The third and last time it happened was last night and it was far more noticeable. I gushed; so much fluid in the lead up to orgasm I soaked the floor and seriously freaked out the man I was with. This is when I decided to check it out on the net and came across your site. Everything you have described is what I have experienced. Ejaculation only occurs for me in one particular position. Last night when I lost huge amounts of fluid, the man was only using his fingers. I do feel reassured that I am not alone here but I would be very interested to know how common this is. I read that half of women can achieve it but I'm guessing not all of them will do. Any way, thanks for your site and making me feel a little better!
I used to be self-conscious about ejaculating but now I just love it. Fortunately my boyfriend thinks it's hot when I squirt and we really indulge in it. With me it's definitely a G-spot thing. My favorite way to cum is from intercourse after he warms me up by fingering me. He massages my spot to get it nice and swelled up and then he sends me to heaven with his beautiful cock. Usually as soon as he starts thrusting I start to feel pressure building and in a minute or two it reaches a breaking point where it builds to this mind-blowing feeling of release when I squirt. The best part is once I squirt the whole process just starts over again. My boyfriend and I have been having sex for over a year and we've gotten to the point where it's pretty typical for me to have 8 or 10 squirting orgasms when we have sex! After a few I basically lose it and turn into a sex-crazed animal :) and my boyfriend says making me cum like that makes him feel like a stud (which of course he is:)). So it's all good, but if there's one thing I'd change I wish I could turn it off when I want. I orgasm easily which I am not complaining about but I ejaculate every time I orgasm whether I want to or not. It gets quite messy and after sex I'm always exhausted because it takes a lot out of me. But it feels amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
I've read some of the letters from readers of your website. I was relieved to know that men and women do not find female ejaculation offensive. I was married for 23 years and never had it happen to me until I met my current partner. Wow! What I've been missing! But my main reason for writng is that I have been dying to spread the news about an unbelievably satisfying way to reach orgasm. I don't know exactly how I stumbled upon it, I'm just a very creative person. I lay on my back in the tub with my legs up the wall and my genitals under the faucet with very warm water running. It gets me so excited, the feeling of the water and the heat. Then I put a dildo in my vagina, get as close as I can to the end of the tub so it pushes it deep inside me. Then I turn the water pressure on higher so it runs directly on my clit, and in just a matter of maybe 20-30 seconds I have a screaming, mind-blowing orgasm. I am 51 years old and I have been doing this for a few years now. I enjoy sex extremely with my partner, but orgasms with him don't even come close to the ones I have on my own in the tub!
I have been married 19 years and have always ensured that my wife's needs were always met. I cannot imagine my wife or any of my previous steady sexual partners not being orgasmic. For me, cunnilingus is the most intimate and exciting aspect of sex. I can worship the vagina for hours and do it any day of the month. I believe that until my wife came to terms with my no inhibition approach, my perspective and with what truly excites me that it was then that she reached a new and higher level of pleasure and release. When she ejaculated for the first time and reached her orgasm moments later as she sat on my face, I swallowed every bit of her warm and sweet ladyness. She dismounted her "bicycle seat" and I then asked her not to touch me. I told her to just look at my penis. I clasped my hands behind my head, closed my eyes and exploded with my orgasm. Never having been directly stimulated. She then kissed me like she never had before. I believe she didn't keep that one to herself. Some of her girlfriends have been a little too forward since... and I like the attention!
I have been very fortunate in having had a lover and now my current wife who ejaculate - an experience which I find incredibly sexy. My lover was a young woman in her early thirties who could intensify her orgasms by ejaculating. She especially enjoyed my licking her clitoris to bring her to orgasm, ejaculating into my mouth, which I found very tasty and pleasing. We reached a point where I could fuck her in almost any position and she would ejaculate. My current wife has orgasms only when she ejaculates. We use vibrators, and anal toys, but she only comes by way of clitoral simulation. She is close to coming with my sucking her clit, but not quite there. The G spot seems to be a problem at this point, as she feels it creates discomfort. Thank you for this site, as many women I've had the privilege of making love to never had the experience of ejaculation. As I look for other lovers, I also look for women who ejaculate, or who have the potential for ejaculation and am convinced that it provides a very strong and wonderful orgasm.
I am so happy I found your site! I'm a 20 yr old female and never had an orgasm until I met my new boyfriend. I lost my virginity at 13 and had a boyfriend for 5 years who never lasted more than a minute. My new boyfriend and I took ecstasy one night and I had my first ejaculation experience. I had no idea what had happened because it was a tremendous amount that shot out with force. He had heard of this happening, but I was in shock. This was also my first time having sex for a long period of time. Within 3 hours I ejaculated about 5 or 6 times and drenched his bed. We have been together for 9 months now, but I can only seem to do this if we take ecstasy. Sex last longer that way and I can get on top and do other things, otherwise sex is about 5 min and I don't ejaculate.
I had the lucky experience about a year ago to be with a young woman who could ejaculate intensely and multiple times. I had heard it was possible but didn't really know anything about it which brought me to this site. Fast forward to now and I am dating a wonderful woman and am completely in love. She gets extremely wet but I have never been able to bring her to ejaculate. I don't pressure her but I would love for her to be able to ejaculate because it just fascinates me. I think, more than anything, it may be a mental block that is stopping her. She seems to be a little insecure and she told me that one guy she had been with was actually disgusted by how wet she got (I can't imagine what he was thinking). Anyway, I was wondering if any of your readers (especially the females) had any advice on how to gently approach the situation and make her feel more comfortable with herself and with ejaculating. Thanks again for the site and best wishes for healthy sex lives to all your readers.
I feel very reassured after reading your article. When I was 23, I married and my wife was only 16. Our initial intercourses lasted about 15 minutes, we enjoyed, and it was only I who ejaculated. We used to have intercourse three times every night. Both of us are short, I am 5 feet 2 inches, and she is 5 feet, and my penis is 6 and a half inches long, which my wife considers very big, but she has no problem in accommodating it. After about 6 months, my wife ejaculated when she reached her climax during intercourse, and we discovered new pleasure in sex. Our desire for sex increased. However, it was always a bit of problem with the sheets, and even the mattresses. After the first intercourse, we had to turn the mattress. We tried to place plastic bags on bed; we looked for a proper waterproof soft cloth in the market. After about 8 years when we got our second child in Germany, we discovered the waterproof cloth people use for the babies, and we started using them in our bed. Although we enjoyed my wife's ejaculation, we were a little bit bothered as the sheets after it dried, had some smell of urine. My wife always explains that it can't be urine, as she always has to urinate after her ejaculation. Our beds always bore the marks of the ejaculation, although we were always careful. We wondered how other couples protect their bed. I even asked a few of my male and female friends and relations, and it appears to me that no one has ever experienced this female ejaculation. After a conjugal life of 38 years, we now have intercourse on alternate days (mornings), and my wife ejaculates perhaps once in two weeks, although she reaches her orgasm on every occasion. Our intercourse now lasts longer, up to 40 minutes. Some times, we wonder whether we are overdoing on sex, and we should restrain ourselves. But my wife had hysterectomy, and now she has only one ovary, and they say frequent sex after menopause keeps a woman healthier.
Glad I ran upon your site, I am a 44 yr old male who wants to learn more about women ejaculating when they cum. About 2 weeks ago my wife and I were in our bedroom playing around and she asked me would I like to try the new little toy on her that we had bought since I was the very first and ONLY guy who has made her have an orgasm. Of course I say yes, so I proceeded to get out our little toy and sit on the bed between her legs. I took the toy and begin to stimulate her clit with it. When she got closer to having an orgasm to the point where she couldn't hold it anymore, she squirted this clear odorless liquid out of her. I said to her, hunny you squirted. She said no she didn't, she just peed. I told her no it wasn't pee because it doesn't smell like your pee. When we talk about it she still declares that she peed instead of Cumming. How can I convince her that she female ejaculated instead of her peeing?
I am really interested in female ejaculation. It has only happened to me a few times (but now we are practicing). The first time, my husband and I were unsure of what had happened. I was on top and I was 9 months pregnant. All of a sudden I got a trickle of liquid coming out of me and we were on our way to the hospital! The nurse said it wasn't amniotic fluid (after a test) and I should just go home and go back to bed. My husband and I smiled at each other and followed the nurse's advice! :)
I am a 33 year old male married for 10 years to a wonderful woman who has intense orgasms (between 1-3 of them) whenever we engage in sexual intercourse however rarely if ever are there highly noticeable or visible secretions leaving the vagina. She does however ejaculate something at times I know this because I can feel her vagina expanding & contracting while releasing a fluid onto my penis. In other words the ejaculate doesn't violently squirt from her vagina however she is without a doubt ejaculating due to the intense amount of fluid released onto my penis in turn leaving her vagina EXTREMELY slippery. That however isn't why I emailed you LOL! This is the story of a 15 year old virgin having a *highly orgasmic female ejaculator* as his first lover. The virgin would happen to be me and she on the other hand was a little more experienced having just broken up with her very first boyfriend and lover months before. She is a gorgeous 5'4 dirty blonde with blue eyes well liked in school and curves to die for with a fantastic personality to boot (a virgins dream come true). Her breasts aren't large but they're perky and slightly more than a handful. She has an amazing vagina and is full of intense passion when making love of the likes I have not seen since. She is absolutely bold and uninhibited when making love with a vigor that even many adult women do not have the courage to express. We begin by having oral sex on our first 3 sexual encounters, the passion between us concerning the thought of having sexual intercourse is becoming volcanic to say the very least! By the time we engage in intercourse we're going absolutely wild for each other. On our fourth encounter we start with the same routine of oral sex I clumsily sucking and licking her pussy she sucking on my penis with gusto and intense fury. We then intuitively begin to engage in passionate intercourse. We start in the missionary position both of us moaning in sheer delight moving in rhythm together this lasts a total of 10 seconds. She out of nowhere with wide eyes and heaving breasts grabs my shoulders and asks (demands) that I lie down on my back. I eagerly do as she wishes no questions asked she then quickly mounts me and begins to ride my cock like a hopped up cowgirl on a bucking bronco! Her head and blonde hair begins waving back and forth violently she begins digging her nails deep into the flesh of my arms while screeching and moaning with delight. Again this is my first attempt at intercourse and she is without a doubt the ring leader LOL! She rides me so hard and passionately I can barely speak or move her eyes rolling in to the back of her head, her beautiful breasts bouncing violently with nipples so erect they are nearly pointing toward the ceiling. She's fierily grinding and gyrating into me all the while. The intensity grows at light speed and my penis is so hard and erect the semen is begging to be unloaded. Before I can think twice or even blink an eye she releases a load of female ejaculate so thick and plentiful onto me that my entire penis, pubic area, pubic hair, testicles and upper thighs are coated with it! This is, without a doubt, NOT urine. It is a very Thick Clear Liquid almost warm jelly like but not quite the same consistency of warm jelly. I am absolutely covered in her ejaculate and so is she. My initial thoughts are "WTF is this!" but I remain calm for her sake and don't say anything concerning it in fear of embarrassing her. I actually enjoy it very much finding it to be very sexy and thrilling. As she lay panting on the bed eyes glazed I proceed to the bathroom and gleefully examine the liquid further. "Unbelievable!" I think "she actually shot all of that out of her pussy! WOW!"...Unfortunately this would be the first and last time we would engage in intercourse together due to the untimely return of her first boyfriend and lover. this would also mark the last time I would ever encounter a woman capable of such intense female ejaculation.
I've recently gained a new partner. This weekend I was giving him oral sex and as his penis came to the back of my throat and I started to gag, I experienced an incredible bearing down feeling and liquid gushed from my genitals. At first I was very embarrassed as I thought I had urinated and couldn't understand why I felt I had absolutely no control over what was happening to me. My partner was not touching my clitoris or g-spot. I wonder if any other of your readers has experienced anything similar.
I'm 19, and I masturbate regularly. I had no idea that there was a such thing as females being able to ejaculate, I just thought it was something reserved for men. But one day I accidentally "leaked" and I assumed it was urine. I thought something was wrong and I was really curious, so I started researching and discovered Annie's site and I discovered that it was true and that nothing was wrong with me! With a little soothing music and some relaxation, I just experienced two of the most mind-blowing orgasms of my life and I owe it all to FE. Thanks Annie, and kudos to my fellow "squirters!" =)
My experience with female ejaculation. I am 40yrs young. I have experienced this in the last 5yrs of my life, and I will attribute that to getting in touch with my feelings. I feel in the beginning stages with a new partner that I cannot share this, the first time we have intercourse I try really hard not to cum. Afraid that he will think I am urinating on him, because the fluid is very hot, and with much force. Once comfortable with him I cannot stop it. If I am really, really into that person I can release the fluid in a 2hr period of at least 10 times. By the time we are finish there is not a dry spot in the bed. Is this normal, am I truly Cumming 10 times, is he hitting a major G-Spot? There is no odor, it is just clear, and when it squirts out it is at such a heavy force, where he is soaked from his stomach, to his legs and not to mention the bed. I just want to know are there any other women experiencing this or am I the exception to the rule?
Hey, just wanted to say I love you site and I love reading about everyone's stories! I'm a 20 year old female, and have been ejaculating since I was about 16. I accidentally discovered I could do it the first time I used a dildo, so it was never hard to do. I love it so much I am always raving about it to everyone and trying to tell them to learn! I actually don't know another female that can do it, which is very disappointing. My boyfriend can sometimes cause it, but mostly it's me that does. I find it comes out the easiest when I'm on my knees and bent over just a little bit. I love making huge messes! To me, this is the best thing in the world!
I'm a 40 year old male who has had to go back to college because of a diagnosis of MS. I had to learn skills that allow me to be more sedentary. At school, I met a beautiful 20 year old female, Emily. Emily is a very sexual and exciting woman. Emily is more aware of how her body works than any woman my age I have ever been with. She can control whether or not she squirts. When I assured her that i was very turned on by the fact that she squirts, i have had many hours of pleasure from giving her pleasure. I love her ejaculate, if that is the proper term. I love having what I call her essence all over me, and in my stomach. Thanks in part, to your site, I have turned her on to her G-spot, and most of our sex play begins with me going down on her, and then stimulating her G-spot. She experiences incredible orgasms that shake her to her very core. Her words, not mine. I love the fact that I'm able to pleasure her in such a complete manner. She also tells me that her experience would not be as pleasurable if I weren't as attentive to her as a lover. Our foreplay, usually involves me caressing, kissing, licking, and nibbling her silken supple skin while we are watching a movie, or tv. It could last for hours, or until we just can't take it anymore. Also, now that she knows where her spot is, she can place the head of my cock directly on it, and clamp down. I have never heard sounds like that emitted from a partner. It sounds like she is crying. I asked her what it was, and she told me that she is so sensitive that it is almost too much, and that crying type sound is how she is able to endure through it until she explodes and shakes violently, but ever so pleasure filled. She does not have to have an orgasm to squirt. She says that it is more a release of sexual pressure. However, she does squirt from orgasms as well. So guys and gals, let go, and let your lover flood you with her sweet essence. Emily is supposed to come over after her class and I can't wait until she gets here. Again, thanks for the site. I believe it to be sad that so many people aren't even aware of the G-spot. Not that it is the be all and end all of the sexual experience, but that they don't care enough to explore ways to please their partners. They just poke it in, and start pumping. I'm talking to you men. If you won't explore, I will.
I'm a 23 year old woman and I always had orgasms, but I never ejaculated until I bought a vibrator a couple years ago. The first time I brought myself to ejaculate it scared me, but then I talked to the guy I was seeing and I was told that I was pretty special for that. So progressively as I got more and more comfortable with that aspect, I began to experience it more often and more times in a row. It doesn't happen all of the time, I must be very relaxed, and really enjoying myself. And not every man has the skills to make it happen. Sometimes it takes as long as 3 hours of foreplay and sex or masturbation to get there and then there's other times where it can happen in less than 5 minutes. And I'm also one of the lucky ones that it can happen clitoral, via g-spot stimulation, and also vaginally...oh yeah and mentally. One time the morning after I had 24 consecutive squirts, I was standing naked in the bathroom blow-drying my hair and thinking about what he did the night before and I came right then and there... I had to call him in to see!!!
The last three women I have dated have experienced female ejaculation. Am I lucky? The first one was very ashamed of it, she made every effort not to ejaculate, which kept here from orgasm. She would jump off of me and push me away if she felt she was going to ejaculate. She did it one time, but she was very ashamed. The next woman didn't do it until we broke up. You could say we 'reunited' and then she ejaculated several times for the first time. My present girlfriend has been doing it since she was a teenager. It seems that she is more stimulated by oral than intercourse. This is so odd to me. I can place my finger inside (which is much smaller than my penis), massage her g-spot, stimulate her clitoris and then it seems like she swells so much inside it practically pushes my finger out. I can go deep inside her, but I cannot be as consistent with my penis as I am with my finger. It seems that she does ejaculate when she is on top. I know I am lucky to have this happen to me, we've been together for a year.
It's the greatest experience in the world! I was married for 20 years and never had an orgasm unless I had a hand in it. Many times I felt like I wanted to pee during sex which put me off and hence I didn't orgasm. My hubby and I have split up and I met this man that has taught me that it isn't pee and that it's female ejaculation. I'm 43 and still a little dubious, what I'd like to know is when I squirt I tend to soak towels I mean really soak them. My partner loves to drink it when I squirt and I to have tasted it and it doesn't smell or taste of urine but the next day it does this just brings doubts to me that there is urine in it. the other thing is that I find I can cum over and over again with FE but if I have a dry one its more of a relief one... one that says I'm totally satisfied, this doesn't tally up with what most people say with a FE being more powerful than a normal orgasm.
I was with my first guy for over a year and he never once gave me an orgasm. I was young, and thought I must've had one, since I had no idea what it would feel like. After we broke up I started dating a more experienced guy. He was much better than my first. One night we were going at it, and all of a sudden I started to feel light-headed, like I couldn't catch my breath, and things started to go foggy, I felt like I really had to pee, and I just did what felt natural and pushed, and the next thing I know I was having my first orgasm. It was a complete explosion. I soaked him, as well as my sheets and the mattress beneath us. I was shocked. I had never heard of a female ejaculating before. I was so embarrassed, thinking I had urinated all over him or something. He chuckled at me, told me it was perfectly normal, and that he had no idea I was such a "gusher". Now I realize how lucky I am, to be one of the only girls I've ever met to be able to ejaculate. It's a truly incredible experience.
A few years ago my boyfriend and I came upon a most wonderful talent I never knew I had. Upon him rubbing my clitoris in a continuous circular, firm motion, I squirted (I should say spray) all over the both of us and the bed. We needed to change the mattress it was so wet! I hope that other women out there who are experiencing this sensation don't start to think they are urinating. Please, urge them to get onto the internet and do some research. The internet is a wealth of knowledge! My experience has been that not only rubbing of my clitoris gets me going, but also a light tapping. Either with hand or penis will also set me off. Try it!! Relaxing is key and enjoying yourself is important. Without those two steps, it may not happen. Thank you for spreading the word. P.S. And what is up with those perverted doctors in the 1800's saving all those orgasms for themselves? lol!
I'm 20 years old, and I only learned how to have a clitoral orgasm about a year ago when I bought the Hitachi Magic Wand. It's still quite difficult for my partner to bring me to clitoral orgasm, though he's very skillful with his tongue and fingers. When I do come like that, I can only do it a couple of times (even with my vibrator) before I feel so sensitive that it's a bit painful. However, a few days ago I was watching a TV program about sex advice where a woman said she thought she was urinating when she came. The advisor said that it wasn't urine. She said that if you feel stimulated on your g-spot and you feel a building pressure, and push, liquid called "g-spot fluid" can come out, and the feeling can be very special indeed. So I was curious, and yesterday my boyfriend and I were having a lazy Sunday in bed and he put his fingers in me, and suddenly he had the right spot (he's very good). Instantly, I felt amazing. My responses quickened to almost hysteria, and my mind went away to a faraway place while I concentrated only on this amazing feeling. I kept begging him not to stop, please don't stop and he assured me he wouldn't and finally I felt a building pressure to push, and when I felt the pressure had reached the peak I push, and fluid poured out of me and I lay limp as a dishrag. I was absolutely astounded, as was my boyfriend. This was better than anything I had ever experienced in my life. It was mind-blowing. Better yet, I could do it again and again, though the fluid diminished after every time. I know I had at least 20 orgasms like that yesterday. The only problem was, I felt incredibly sore all over my body last night and today. My arms and legs and muscles inside hurt, probably because before I came all my muscles clenched and I shuddered uncontrollably. This has definitely added an entirely new dimension to my sex life. I am so happy. It's made everything twice as good. Having this sort of orgasm during sex is so good, because it feels so good to release my cum all over his cock inside me. Everyone should learn this trick!
I am so glad to have found your website! My name is T*** and I am 34 yrs old. A year and a half ago, my husband left me for an old High School sweetheart, who left me devastated for a couple of months. Our sex life was horrible, to say the least. I am in my sexual prime, and love the feeling of a clitoral orgasm. I've recently met a man. He and I are so on target together. He's going down in history as one of the best partners I've ever had. Now here I am a very confident, sexual woman. He tells me about vaginal squirting, which I honestly only thought was on videos, using maybe water balloons or something. He explained that he has experienced this once or twice with other women. I read the article on your website and other testimonials and I need to learn this for myself. If the sensation is that extreme, I want to feel this orgasm that will take me to the moon and back. I want to make my pussy squirt for myself and my new man! By the way, my ex's high school just dumped him and kicked him out of her house, isn't that just so sad! lol.....Karma is a bitch!
We are a 34 year old couple who have always enjoyed a healthy and adventurous sex life. We had heard many stories about female ejaculation and a few days ago made a conscious effort to achieve it. My wife had often said at the point of orgasm she had an incredible urge to "let go" but had feared she may wet the bed. We had our first experience two nights ago and were astonished at the almost violent reaction. There was literally approx 1 liter of the stuff! So the next night, 1 sheet, 1 duvet, 2 pillows and a mattress later, we decided to try and achieve this state through oral stimulation. The results were outstanding! And the ' messy ' play added a new dimension to our love making. If anyone could advise us, as to the contents of this fluid and the likely consequences of ingesting it we would be very grateful. My wife now reckons that she has reached the "ultimate" experience and I, well I can't wait until the kids go to bed. p.s. is this an exhaustible source as we were both very surprised at the amount of fluid.
Thank you so much for this website. Once when my husband and I made love I ejaculated. I knew that he had just done something to me that had never been done before. But I wasn't certain that I hadn't just pissed everywhere. I mean there was a big circle of liquid that had gone all the way down to soak the mattress pad too. I always wondered what it really was that night. Since my husband is cop I have lots of lonely nights, so last night I was masturbating, and it happened again. I tried catching it with wads of tissue but again it soaked everything. I was changing the sheets on the bed when he got home. I smelled it last night to see if it was urine. Now I know what it is, and am very glad. I look forward to sharing this with my husband.
I have had the opportunity with two females ejaculating in two different manners. My wife was naive when she was married and she had absolutely no idea about sexual intercourse. The very next day of starting our sexual life, I asked her to come on top of me and she responded so well that for the last 15 years I am yet to find a similar woman who can ejaculate as much as she does. At the time of reaching climax or orgasm she comes with such a force, one has to observe to believe. I remember her bites all over my body when we were young enough and now I don't remember a day when she has refused to come when we have sex.
I am now married to a wonderful and very beautiful person, when we meet she had never seen squirting and I was eager to teach this art to her. At first she was doubtful that it could be done and was sure it was only urine that was expelled. After countless rentals at the local adult shop and my desire (need) to share this with her we tried and tried but never achieved a true squirting orgasm, until last Friday night. My wife and I are very open sexually and we really get in to each other and explore different acts and pleasures. She always commits to achieving this and usually she exhausts herself and her toys. But the other night was different she hit the high note and I hit the floor she actually squirted and she loved it (me to) now that she knows what to expect and how to archive this we can enjoy endless drenching and even more endless love sessions.
Thank you so much for this site , I was embarrassed to tell my girlfriend who lives in England, that when I had an orgasm I squirted and this web site gave me the knowledge and correct explanation of how to tell her since she will be joining me in the U.S. in a few weeks. I was with a women a few years ago who when she startled me and our sexual organs rubbed together she would ejaculated and it was the most incredible feeling for me for feel her cum running down my sexual organs. I was my new girlfriend to be able to experience this same feeling from me, and thank god for your web-site, I was scared she would think I was peeing on her. I'm also very glad I'm not alone in this situation, and sex for me is totally the best and I'm 38 years old and I can still keep up with the young ones. My girlfriend is 23 and she is going be in for the ride of her life. Thank-you again
Many thanks for your essay on women ejaculation. Women ejaculation has been known by tribes in Western Uganda (incidentally I originate from that part of the world) from time immemorial. The practice is highly regarded both by men and women as producing exceedingly enjoyable sex experience. The more, a woman can ejaculate, the better the sex act. This has been known by great, great, great fathers and mothers many, many years ago. How is the female ejaculation induced during the sex act in Western Uganda? Off course the normal sex foreplay procedures are done. As soon as the woman's clit begins to wet, the man starts to slowly and gently 'tap' the clit with his penis. You completely stop, pumping the vagina, get the penis out, and concentrate on the clit. As the woman gets more excited, the frequency of the tapping the clit with the tip of the penis is increased. Sooner or later, a woman begins to ejaculate in succession. Talk to her and praise her as she does so and see what happens! More and more intense ejaculations will come. In some cases the fluid volcano can cover the entire hand, chest and the face of the man. The woman's entire vagina in and out is all wet. The man, in this excited state of the woman, you have to 'beat' the clit much harder and harder and faster! Continue the vibrations! Then you will see the bed become as if someone has poured a half or full liter of warm water! It is likely that in the process, the man will also ejaculate and both the woman and the man will total 'pass out' and restful relaxation with utter beautiful satisfaction! To my knowledge, this sex method is not known to be practiced by other tribes in Uganda, apart from those in from the Western part of the country. In fact there are many stories that once a woman not from the West, sexually meets a man from the Western Uganda, she won't leave him! She will want to come back for more. I have also had a chance to see a number of porno movies. In all the techniques I have seen so far, this idea of hitting the clit with the penis when a woman is in an excited state is missing. Now that I know about the g-spot, I will try it out in my next sex act and compare its effect with that obtained when using the Western Uganda style.
I have wondered long about this phenomena, without going into why, I have had the fortune to share this with many women over a 15 year period. Having discovered this wet orgasm with my wife, I proceeded to practice it on all I could. I can say that 95% of the women I practiced on produced a wet orgasm often much to their amazement. Only the most controlled catholic could keep it from happening as she thought it was urine. I knew it wasn't. Sometimes we had to sneak away from a motel room because the mattress was so wet. The best way, I don't think it can be done by yourself, one of life's quirks otherwise we would be at it all the time, is for the woman to be lying on her tummy, and the partner inserts his thumb to stroke the sensitive area whilst the web of the thumb and first finger stimulate the clitoris. And yes firm pressure is required and starting slowly and by the end literally pumping. I can feel the vagina begin to swell and spasmodically contract as the orgasm gets closer. And by slowing the tempo strategically can make it last for some time. Needless to say the bed then gets soaked and in some cases the carpet as well. I have had several of my friends suffer from severe dehydration the following day I believe as a result of this. Ok maybe a bit from the champagne, but there is considerable fluid lost, which if not replaced must be a concern. I have personally experienced this with over 40 women even the most outwardly pristine and proper woman can't stop it. Unfortunately I could not say that my record is as good for a penile/vaginal penetration orgasm. Unfortunately I did not discover this until I was 29 I am now 44.
I have been fortunate to have in my life so far the opportunity to know and 'study' three women who enjoyed these phenomenons. I have rather fond memories of my last girlfriend as she shuddered against me while it felt as if my groin was being plunged into a bucket of hot water. The fluid had no taste or odor, and whatever it was it dried up very quickly so there was really no down side, although we did invest in plastic sheets by the dozen (Hospital supply stores, got to have them, love them) Your site mentions that the consensus is that the fluid originates from the urethra. Perhaps some of it does, but I have had my chin and chest soaked while my mouth was clamped firmly over the urethra. My attempts to document such occurrences with photographs or videotape did not result in enough clarity to impress the world of science, the logistics of holding down a squirming woman and making her cum while keeping a video camera focused on her squirting privates is not as easy as they make it sound in the Penthouse Forum. The only time I was able to get a fairly decent shot I had the camera too close and she just so happened the first large drop happened to be directed right at the lens causing the rest of the eruption to be illegible. What I HAVE witnessed does not resemble any pictures I have seen on the web and looks nothing like the woman shooting the geyser you have on your front page. What I have seen is seen is copious amounts of fluid, the bulk of which is spraying most decidedly from the vagina. I say spraying for lack of a better word. Spray implies a mist, but what I have seen is more like very large drops going in all different directions. After a passionate evening I would always encourage my sweetheart to drink lots of water, for fear that she would be dehydrated. Immediately after sex I would survey the area and try to determine just how much water it would take to intentionally soak the place. I can honestly state that the answer at times would be nearly a gallon. I have no idea where such a tiny woman stored so much fluid, but I can state for a fact it was not her bladder.
I was reading your site today and i have a question. you see this one day I was fingering my girlfriend just like and normal time except her roommate was like 10 feet in the other direction, we were being sneaky, well she said she couldn't cum because she was nervous she was going to make noise. So after the roommate left she jumped on top of me and it took about 5 seconds for her to cum, and suddenly I felt this warm wetness all over my shirt, and she seriously unloaded some major stuff. Since then it has happened 2 or so more times and I absolutely love it.
How wonderful to see your web site where in you explain the process of female ejaculation. My boyfriend was recently stimulating me inside of my vagina with his fingers. He found my g-spot and with vigorous stimulation managed to get me to ejaculate. He said he had never seen this before ("in real life" is the term he used). That he was "fascinated" by it. He became totally enthralled by it. I must saw though that it can be quite copious as you said. As for it being confused with urination, one need only taste it to know. This is not urine. I could go on and on about it...
I am involved with this wonderful, sexy guy who turns me on to no end! Last week when we were together, we had the most mind-blowing, out of this world, love fest! I mean it was out of this world! Put me into orbit! I have had orgasms with others before, but no way did I ever have multiple orgasms or did penis I ever ejaculate. My man made love to me that night. His tongue slowly licking my clitoris, then his fingers oh his magic fingers rubbing my G-Spot... his hands playing with my nipples, then biting them, caressing my breasts. I started to squirm and moan, each time louder and louder. He drove me completely over the edge. I arched up and it happened! I actually ejaculated! He did it! He got me squirting so much, it just gushed right out! I came all over the bed, thru the sheets, the comforter, and all over his arm. This happened over and over again. I could not stop! Then he turned and entered me...and the sheer pleasure on his face when he came inside me. It was totally unbelievable! What a great feeling this was. I cannot stop thinking of it and anxiously await the next time and the time after that! We have fun together and enjoy each other very much and this was the icing on the cake. I am truly lucky to have someone like him.
Last year my 'then boyfriend' turned me on so much I began 'gushing'. It shocked me - had no idea what was happening. Well, initially it was a turn on for him, until I couldn't shut it off and sex became rather a messy business. Since our breakup I was scared to get intimate again. Well I did the other night and once again, as I was SO turned on, I couldn't stop the water works - talk about Niagara Falls, I felt FANTASTIC but my gushing was excessive - YET AGAIN. Is there any way to stop what has been started? I shouldn't complain but wish I could shut it on and off. Seems maybe the only way now is if I'm with someone who doesn't turn me on - how sad is that???
I am so happy I found your web-site. I have been infatuated with female ejaculation from the first time I saw it on video. I recently met a girl who can do this. All I have to do is suck on her nipples and massage her G-spot and she flows like a water fountain. Is there anything else I can do to make these orgasms more intense?
I wish to first of all thank you very much for putting up a site like this. It is simply wonderful. I have been obsessed with this subject for a long time and thanks to you my search is now over .I had the pleasure of reading some of the experiences of some readers and I realize we have a lot of things in common. Now to my own experience with my lady partner, the issue of female ejaculation has come up several times in our conversation several times and needless to say she has never believed that it was true she can ejaculate during lovemaking. Her impressions changed when last night for the first time in the 5yrs of our marriage during our lovemaking she squirted so much that we ended up sleeping on the floor. Initially she felt like peeing but I told her that is not possible considering her state of arousal and did encourage her to let go. Since then our relationship has taken on a new dimension. She admits now that she enjoys me with more than ever before and I am looking forward to wet session with her tonight. Thanks
I am a 62 year old woman who has always enjoyed sex. My current lover and I have been together for 19 years, and he absolutely loves the copious fluids that come out of me during orgasm. I first read a small article in the newspaper back in 1973 about female ejaculation, and I was so happy to find out I was not a freak. I had asked my doctor about it, and he said it did not exist! As recently as 1999, I heard Dr. Dean Edell say on the radio, that female ejaculation was impossible. He said there was no physical place in a woman where ejaculate could come from! I was furious, and wanted to write him a letter to tell him he was wrong!!! The only information I have to add to your website is that I purchased those small flannel-covered, rubber crib sheets they make for baby cribs. It protects the bed, and is easy to throw in the washer after beings soaked with "love juice". My guy says it tastes sweet, and now he knows why they call it a "honey pot". Also, it gets better and better with time, and the fluid has increased as I have gained more experience. I intuit that all women probably have the ability to ejaculate. It takes the right lover, to whom you can open psychologically, physically, and spiritually. Being able to really "let go" to your core, after perfect stimulation, is the key. I feel so grateful to have experienced this ultimate pleasure most of my life, and will continue to do so. I believe this wonderful release is healthy and keeps me young and vital.
Your website has provided a great deal of valuable information for my wife and I. We have been married for 15 years and on at least 20 occasions her wonderful pussy has squirted its heavenly juices all over us. She has been extremely self conscious about this though and each time has been very embarrassed. I have tried to let her see how incredibly turned on it makes me. It is awesome to have her squirt all over me while I am fucking her but the best is to have her squirt in my mouth while I am eating her out. She doesn't believe me that this is incredibly sexy. When we first met we were making out in my car and I was vigorously fingering her. All of a sudden she began trembling held onto my shoulders and screamed as she flooded over my hand and onto the seat. It was incredible and I have been fascinated by it ever since. Your website has opened her eyes to how great this is and that she is not alone. Now she gets so turned on by this whole scene that she is proud of how strongly she can squirt and is saying she would like to compete on how much and how far she can squirt as compared to other women.
I am a man in his thirties, and have had different girlfriends in the past that I've performed excellent cunnilingus on...but none of them "came" like the ways you talk about. It was just a body-shaking thing. UNTIL TONIGHT! I was providing my lady with the hurricane tongue, and as she started to moan and grasp the side of the bed like crazy, a little dribble of "stuff" was being expelled from the clitoral area. Then the big one hit...I almost drowned! It had a unique taste and consistency, and it took me a few minutes to realize what had just happened. Her only words were "Good Lord". She then thanked me graciously with a pat on the head, and then fell into a coma-like sleep while I lie awake in the dark, smiling. This is going to be tattooed on my brain for life.
Great informative site for people who are new to this or anyone who is curious! I am a 36 year old man who has had 2 lovers now than could ejaculate. The first was my now ex-wife from when I was 19. We had an outrageous sex life. I honestly believed it could get no better. We both had very bad backs at the time and used to use a heavy duty massager on each for pain relief. Well one day playing around I put the massager between her legs. She was dressed, and the vibrations were so intense that not only did she have an orgasm but she ejaculated about 4 separate times! Her pants were soaked; I was young and had never seen that before so I did not know whether I was turned on or scared I broke her! (Ha, Ha) Anyway because it was so enjoyable for both of us we expanded on this and concentrated on doing it more often. Later we got divorced for other reasons. I used to fantasize about her years later. That squirting turned me on like a wild man! Than 7 months ago I met the woman of my dreams. We have an awesome sex life that has progressed to limits I never thought possible, But with no ejaculation. Then about a week ago, after 7 months of having sex we decided to get good and buzzed one night. So I made a few drinks, a few more and a few more. We were pretty buzzed and decided of coarse that we were both ready for the bedroom! Well after about 15 minutes of her giving me oral sex I returned the favor after some foreplay. While giving her oral sex I could feel her inner walls squeezing around my tongue as I jetted it in and out. Then I licked her clit for a few more minutes and BAM. She ejaculated all over me. Wave after wave of luscious juice came squirting out. I thought I loved her before but now I even more! It drove me crazy we had sex for hours and hours with her repeating the ejaculation! Now almost everyday I get her to do that in different ways, different positions and we both love it! Anyway wanted to drop you a line and let everyone know it is VERY REAL and VERY TRUE! Every man should be so lucky as to have a woman who can squirt back at him!
I went to your web site and was really happy about what you're doing. I'm a 18 year-old male and I've known about female ejaculations for quite some time. It's something that really gets me excited and I'm surprised to see other guys who are into the same sort of thing. For me there is no greater feeling than having a girl orgasm like she never has before because during sex, a guy is going to come regardless, so its good that a women can get hers too. :-)
First, I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your site, I am 37 yrs old and have been doing this since high school, I have always been accused of 'peeing' and my soon to be X accused me of being 'incubus-succubus'. And then therefore I always tried to keep from 'gushing' cause it made him happy if I did not! I have literally been kicked from bed for doing this and as you can imagine, it was not a good feeling to have. I cannot tell you how happy I am for your site, I was even at one time thinking of doing one of my own! You have no idea how great it is to discover the vast numbers of women who possess this rare and unique talent. I call myself a RAIN WOMAN! I did have a smart partner once who pushed a wadded up towel at my bottom and thus, saved the bed from being soaked. I too can cum many times and seemingly soak everything on the bed but this wadded up towel method really helped. Now I am most indeed fortunate to have a loving man who truly understands my sensuality and he loves it! He likes my taste, says it is sweet and it is my nectar for him! Again, thank you so very much for this informative site. Happily RAINING AWAY!
Let's give some credit to the pioneers... I first discovered female ejaculation in the mid-1980s when I was social chairman of my college fraternity. The duty fell to me to rent the movies every Wednesday for our weekly "porn and violence night", which usually consisted of some bad Charles Bronson movie and whatever interesting porn I could dig up at the local video store. One day I discovered a porn starlet named Fallon (no last name - big surprise) who would spray huge streams of liquid whenever she masturbated in her videos. Her "gushes" would only happen when she was masturbating, although there was always another girl there to catch the flood. My buddies and I became infatuated with her and with her unique gift, but the time being what it was with AIDS at the top of the news, and being at a rather conservative Southern school, none of us could find any women who were willing to talk about it, let alone admit to being able to do it. I managed to dub copies of several of her videos (most notably the "Rain woman" series), and I treasured them for years. As the 90's progressed, I showed the videos to several girlfriends, and received responses from "That's fake" to "That's so gross! She's peeing!" Still with out luck. Then I met the woman of my dreams. She was sexually adventurous from the start...our first sexual encounter was a threesome with her best friend. I showed her the Fallon videos, and she said "I bet I can do that!" With that she began to rub her pussy (with my help) and within five minutes she sprayed all over my living room carpet. She had NEVER ejaculated before. During sex with her only previous partner, she had felt the urge to push but had held back, fearing that she was going to pee on him. Even while masturbating, (which she did often, both alone and with girlfriends,) she feared wetting her or the bed. The Fallon video was like a wake-up call to her. A ray of sunshine, finally she could let go and really experience her full orgasmic potential. From then until now, she began to spray both with me and by herself every day, sometimes several times. Three years later, we met another adventurous couple and began to play around. My wife (we were married and had two kids by then), demonstrated her ability for them, and they became obsessed with "hitting the jackpot," as they called it. My wife "initiated" both of them as they each in turn brought her to orgasm orally and received a face full of warm juice. We then turned our attention to the other woman, who had never ejaculated in her life and also had trouble "letting go." With my wife's guidance, within two weeks, she was squirting streams five feet off of the bed, much to the delight of her husband. Unfortunately, we moved to another state shortly thereafter, and haven't repeated the experience since, but it may never have been possible without Fallon, my inspiration. If you or anyone at your site knows where she is now or how to send her a message, please give her my thanks. Because of her I will continue to enjoy my wife's wonderful ability.
I am a 50 year old woman that has just in this last year learned to squirt. I did not know there was even a thing like this. When I was marred I did not do this. My boyfriend and I have great sex on a daily or more bases and we do it all the time. We have to put down towels and fold them in half to try not and get the bed wet before we go to sleep at night and in the morning. When we first did it I thought I had wet but he was very pleased but I did not know what it was but he did. I am so pleased that I can please him and myself at the some time.
I was reading Cosmopolitan approximately back in 1987. Dr. Josephine Lowndes was commenting on women ejaculating. I learned this can be done. After passionate kissing, fondling my ladies breasts, she was standing. I knelt down, one nipple in my mouth, generous amount of lubricant on the fingers, massaged her clitoris with my thumb, inserted my forefinger into her vagina, up and around to her "G" spot, and continued massaging everything. Her nipples began swelling, her clitoris hardened, her labia became engorged, and her "G" spot began swelling to an amazing size, as she became more excited she released a cupful of love juice. Then I reloaded the lubricant, moved to the other nipple, she continued getting excited, and I massaged her "G" spot, very slowly. I continued until she released another load of prostatic fluid. I had put two towels on the bathroom floor and it soaked through. I moved back and forth on the nipples, until her vagina was completely engorged, and when I penetrated her, her vagina was swollen to a wonderful maximum, and I inserted my penis into a crowded vagina an hour after I had begun. Men do not take enough time or are not patient to take the time to discover the wonder of a woman's sexuality. This lady was over sixty, and thought she was frigid, but realized she was a hot cookie. She died after bi-pass surgery, a complete loss in my life. Not all ladies ejaculate with this procedure, maybe 80% of women can relax to squirt their fluid. I know men want women to swallow their ejaculate.... But can a man swallow his ladies load. I am searching for a new partner, and I will be ready to give her all of my knowledge and pleasure.
It happened about five years ago. I and a girl-friend of mine were masturbating on a bed together I was sticking my fingers in when I felt a sudden rush from my urethra. It came out like a geyser; we didn't know what to think of it. We just went along with it. That was my first ejaculation. About a month ago I was with the same friend and we were together on my bed playing with little "toys". She came for the first time, she ejaculated like crazy and I even got a little taste of it when some squirted in my mouth. We laughed and kept at it for a while, then I came, the two of use together ejaculating was a great experience and I hope every one else will enjoy it too. Thank you for this great web site, it tells all women out there that there is more to sex than just men.
Every website and book I have ever read that talks about female ejaculation refers to it as something that happens during g-spot stimulation. I actually find that I can very rarely ejaculate through anything but clitoral stimulation. I can occasionally just breathe deeply and mentally work myself up to the point of orgasm, and I can very, very rarely ejaculate during intercourse, but the only sure way to ejaculate is through clitoral stimulation. I thought for a while that I was weird, but my ex boyfriend claims that almost every one of his sex partners has been able to ejaculate, and it was almost always during clitoral stimulation. So perhaps there is more to the phenomenon than we think. I'd be interested to know what the actual chemical makeup of both male and female ejaculate are, but I have no earthly idea where to find that sort of information. Also, I find that while ejaculating is fun and sexy and a real turn-on for us both, as well as providing a lot of lubrication, the biggest, most intense orgasms I have are _not_ accompanied by ejaculation. They only happen during intercourse, and are probably due to stimulation of the g-spot, but they never, ever are accompanied by ejaculation. Ejaculation is fun, but I think of it as Cumming rather than having an Orgasm, with the capital O.
I'm a 36 year old female. I've been ejaculating during orgasm since my teens. I had no idea why, and had a considerable amount of shame attached to it. I spent years trying NOT to orgasm "too much". I spent 12 years of marriage trying not to "squirt", yet never being fully fulfilled; always wanting more, even after hours of sex. During my marriage, I rarely let my husband perform oral sex, as I had less control over my orgasm. I found that during intercourse, I could emotionally remove myself at or during orgasm, thus "stopping" the gusher, but not during oral sex. After my divorce, I eventually dated again, and was lucky enough to find a man who not only loved sex as much as I did, but was a great communicator as well. He was also adept enough to get around my defenses to perform oral stimulation. I was swept away and gushed all over. It drove him wild. Afterward, we discussed it at length, and he was considerably interested in this phenomenon. We both did research on the subject. I went to my OB-GYN, and she told me that female ejaculation was a myth; that I was experiencing a mild secretion originating from the Bartholin's gland. I tried to tell her that this was a large quantity, accompanying orgasmic spasms. She suggested I was urinating. I assured her that it had no color or urinary odor, nor did it feel like urination and that it left white residue on the sheets. She got uncomfortable, skirted the issue and left the room. So much for screwing up my courage, and letting me laying bare my soul, eh? In any case, my partner became almost obsessed with this phenomenon. He found that I could ejaculate up to 40-50 times per session, with multiple, clitoral, vaginal and g-spot orgasms. We also discovered that after 10-15 gushing waterfalls, I'd get dehydrated, so we learned to take water breaks. We figured this out after I passed out a couple times. After 10-15, during orgasm, I'd actually feel my sinuses dry out and hear a mild "pop", my throat would go dry as I gushed, followed by mild dizziness and disorientation. This was my sign that I needed water. In any case, thanks to his acceptance and enthusiasm, I actually went from shameful acceptance to secret pride in my unique abilities. He made me understand that I was blessed with my ability to reach orgasm and ejaculate, which allowed me to give myself over emotionally to fully to experience sexual fulfillment, which led to stronger, longer, wetter orgasms. Even soaking the bed, the truck seat, the sofa, the carpet, whatever, became just a sign of passion. I became so comfortable with my sexuality that I could even have an orgasm while giving him oral sex, without any tactile stimulation to my own organs at all. Needless to say, I owe this man a lot, but I owe you a debt too, for providing a site that is so informative, with testimonials from real people who are like me. I can't tell you how good it felt to hear the word, "cupful". It's so nice to know you're not the only one! Thank you!
While reading all the letters on your site, I found myself with tears in my eyes. So many of these stories were ALSO MY stories. Unfortunately, I have always been very embarrassed and self-conscious about my squirting ability. However, my husband, bless him, has always been enthralled with it and encouraged me to go for it. I have become fairly comfortable letting go with him, but, since we have become swingers, I have had a bit of trouble doing so with others. What do I say to prepare anyone else I am going to be with? What if they still have the perception that it is urine and that they are getting a golden shower? One thing I have discovered however is that men seem more comfortable and accepting of female squirting than women do! Go figure! I just might send a link to this site to my husband and to any of the other new partners we will be with in the near future (beforehand). At least they will be forewarned! Thank you so much for this informative, eye-opening, honest site! I will hold my head up high from now on. And I know my husband will tell me "I told you so, *****! Guys love it!"
I want to thank you for your informative website. I'm not sure if your site is intended for females only but the information is definitely beneficial to males such as me lacking the knowledge in this area. My girlfriend and I have recently entered the "sex" part of our relationship. When she suggested that I use my finger(s) to arouse her "g" spot, I honestly told her that I haven't got a clue where in her vagina that spot is located. She tried to show me but it was difficult. That's when I knew I had to research this topic to better please her.
My wife and I have recently purchased some new "toys" including the eroscillator. Originally, we were not very satisfied, but, as she experimented more, she has fallen in love with it. Last week, while reaching her orgasm, she started to squeal, "There is something warm and wet coming out of me!" There was quite a bit and you could hear it, or at least I could because I was so close! ;} I knew what it was, but she wasn't so sure. 2 days later, it happened again, TWICE! The first time, it was just a little bit. However, the second time, it was as if there was a faucet running! It didn't shoot like a stream, but it did POUR out of her! (Would this be considered gushing?)
I am not a woman but I thought I would share the most erotic thing that I have ever seen. I was seeing a girl for a while and we decided to have a sex marathon of sorts. I wanted to make her cum 10 times. She came fairly easy so it really wasn't a stretch to try to have her achieve 10 orgasms. It was the 8th orgasm that she actually squirted. I had a finger in her butt and one in her pussy; she started really moaning and panting. I thought I was hurting her so I took my fingers out, she shouted at me to PUT THEM BACK IN, which I did gladly and promptly. After a few more minutes, she arched her back and spread her legs and she squirted. It was the singularly most erotic thing I had ever seen or experienced. I made her cum 2 more times after that but she never squirted again. To this day, if we happen to chat I always bring up orgasm number 8. I have done extensive research regarding the G-Spot and female ejaculation. I have read material, bought G-Spot vibrators, etc. But I have been unable to make anyone squirt again (bummer). I will keep trying though - its great fun. I am a handsome guy and I have no problems meeting ladies, but I have unfortunately never met another woman who could ejaculate. I will keep searching however and hope someday to meet that special lady.
So glad to find this site! I too never knew I could ejaculate until about three years ago. My fiancée and I were making love when he finally had just told me he loved me. I squirted all over him and the bed. It scared me at first, not knowing what it truly was. We studied it on the web and soon found out. I do have to say, we go through many sets of sheets and towels every week but it is worth it! He says he loves to feel my warm liquid coming down his penis and flowing all over him. I never knew what sex was about until I met him! We are turning 50 this year and just expect more of the same but better!
How many men, who consider themselves "extraordinary lovers", haven't a clue about the wonders of female ejaculation? Even sadder, how many women so deserving of this exquisite rush of exploding sensations and hot streams of luscious honey never will? I'm no more than an average-looking 53 year-old guy, but when I discovered this ultimate dimension of pleasure, lovemaking was forever enhanced. The woman I'm with has come to experience this absolutely all-consuming rapture. It didn't happen at the outset of our relationship; only after she came to realize that I was truly focused to care about maximizing her pleasure and on expanding her orgasmic boundaries. I suggest to any man not fortunate to have yet witnessed this phenomenon to take the time to explore; use the fingers and the tongue to probe, to penetrate and to heighten the sensations she will feel. When you begin to feel the increased lubricious response she'll begin having, you'll marvel at the experience of your own excitement building. Take the time to let these sensations increase night after night. When her shuddering and throbbing transforms into her thrusting and arching herself closer to your mouth and hands, you are nearing nirvana. Don't be surprised if you begin to feel her push outward followed by hot jets of her juices squirting your face. Last night we soaked five folded towels. As a matter of fact, I'm about to wash a hamper full of wet towels from this week alone. I smile all the way from the rinse cycle to the folding of those clean, dry towels awaiting their next use.
I have been involved with a man older than I for about 18 months and in that time I have been to places that I never knew existed. In my marriage and relationships after I became single again, never have I experienced anything like what this man can make my body do. I had orgasms I think...... but he can me gush to the point that we are both soaked and last night I actually arched my stream over his hand. What a feeling of total release that was. I have never enjoyed making love like this before and he is the best lover I will ever have. There will never be a man that can bring me to heights like this and no one will ever come close. I am grateful that my sexuality was brought to life and the feeling of ejaculating is one of total ecstasy for me. I hope that more women can experience what I experience when I make love to my man. Good luck out there and yes even at 40 it can happen to you too!!!!!
I am 60 yrs old and have - for some reason just started to squirt. At first I told my husband that I peed. It also ways happens just as I am Cumming - and - BANG - It starts coming out of me. Most times I leave a wet mark on the bed about the size of a pancake. I cum every time I make love at least 3 to 4 times. I don't squirt every time I make love. It happens maybe once a month. How can I make it happen all the time? I love the feeling of it-as does my husband
I'm glad that sites like this exist. My first sexual experience with finger stimulation of the vagina as a teenager really upset me because I thought I had wet myself and although the boy didn't make much of it I was mortified. From then on despite an active sex life I never had an orgasm. After several years of marriage I started on a quest and went for hypnotherapy & sex counseling. Nothing, until the birth of my second child and then boom, I had a G Spot. If I'd have had it before I'm sure I'd have known about it, you just cannot miss the sensations it brings. I ejaculate several times and sometimes the folded bath towel is just not enough to save the mattress, it is a phenomenal feeling and it has given my husband real pleasure giving me such obvious ecstasy. It really enhances our love life and although it means that an out of the house quickie is a bit of a no in case I'm left standing in a puddle I wouldn't change it for the world! I can now have several and multiple orgasms ejaculating madly and I can even have them after we have finished "active" sex with just kissing. It's fantastic. And I only had to wait until I was 35!
A couple of days ago my girlfriend and I had sex which was great as usual then we took as shower together. I of course got excited again and wanted to come again. This though she got out of the shower and started to masturbate which always turns me on. She was very aroused as I was. Wanting just a little more visual stimulate I asked her to contract her vagina in and out. She did and a little bit after she started to do it she started to dribble and then started to squirt. She kept going for like 2 minutes on and off dribbles and squirts. She soaked the bathroom floor and took two towels to clean up. Well I was and so was she totally amazed that she could do that just by contracting her vagina. Well we have tried it now several times and she is able right on queue to ejaculate every time. It is not urine though comes out from the urethra and does not smell like urine. I have tasted it is like water with a little bit of salt might be the best way to describe it. Well it has totally made our love life even more exciting though it was very much so in the past but now one more door that has been open into our intimacy of our love for each other. So the reason I wrote was that maybe her technique, contracting her vagina so it moves in and out, might be a good one for someone that is trying to ejaculate or an easier way. I don't necessarily think that she needs clitoris stimulation though she is very aroused when she does it. Well hope this helps someone or a couple discovery what we have discovered. Love the website and I think it is a great way to educate women on the matter.
I am so relieved to know that there are other women out there like me. My boyfriend always makes me "squirt." In fact, we always have to prepare before intercourse. He puts two or three towels folded a few times in the bed or wherever we are going to make love. I have ruined more than a few sets of sheets and comforters with my female ejaculation juice. I love that fact that I can do that; I can do it with or without my boyfriend. At first I was embarrassed and I thought it was pee because it came out with such force. I can actually hear it as it gushes out of my body. Sometimes the towels don't work, sometimes when my boyfriend is on top there is a puddle down by his feet at the end of the bed. It all depends on how into it we are.
This really is a wonderful site. I have been masturbating since late adolescence. Immediately I found my g-spot, though I didn't know what it was at the time, and eventually I found my clitoris, though this has only happened within the past year or so. I must admit that g-spot orgasms are much more intense than clitoral orgasms. About six months ago, I ejaculated after manually stimulating both my g-spot then my clitoris. I was completely freaked out! I had no idea what had just happened, or if it was normal or if I had just urinated. Thank you so much for this very informative and gentle website. I like the academic and emotional nature of the articles. Please everyone, get the word out on female ejaculation so that women of the next generation will not only be comfortable with their bodies, but with what their bodies are capable of.
My girlfriend has this phenomenon and it is a great turn-on. She can actually ejaculate without even touching the G-spot. The only bad side of this is I have to sleep on a soaking wet bed afterwards. It's still worth it though. She can ejaculate up to a cupful (although I have never collected it to see) but it can be a lot of fun. I have seen her shoot as far as 10 feet. It is amazing. Let me know if she is one of the "lucky ones" that has the ability to cum a lot like this. Thanks for the info.
I had this wonderful experience about two months ago; however, I had no idea what the heck it was. I thought my lover was having an extraordinary pleasurable day. Up until a few days ago we never spoke about it. He knew it was me and I thought it was him. We happened to be watching a episode of Sex In The City and it prompted him to ask me the question, "did you ever have a female ejaculation"? I said no, I'd never heard of it. He mentioned to me what happened two months prior and we decided to get on the net and do some research, low and behold we found your site immediately and came to the conclusion that's what happened. It was a wonderful feeling, I remember saying to him how warm and "wet" extremely wet his cum was. I didn't know at the time that wonderful feeling was initiating from me. We were kind of sad that we missed our "first" female ejaculation. Since we read your site, we have been trying to make it happen again. Thank you, know we are in the know and are more in tune to what pleasures our bodies.
I had only experienced female ejaculation once myself before my current partner. We call it girl-pee. Before I met her, she had never had an orgasm, she was married to a man. Now she's divorced and lives with me and ejaculates on a regular basis. In fact we have extra sheets that we put down before we make love. She can soak through a down comforter when she is hydrated. I think it's wonderful. It feels really good for her and I'm glad it happened with me because I'm an open person, and a health professional, and I helped her feel good about it. I can't imagine what would have happened if it had happened with her ex-husband! She probably would have believed the whole stress-incontinence crap. Horrible. What's next, cutting off the clitoris! Oh yeah that only happens overseas....eck. I'm glad that mainstream media is starting to explore the vagina, including sex and the city, the vagina monologues and your web site.
My name is ****** and I have just "come across "your website. It makes me very happy to know that there are other women who are willing to discuss the subject. I'm finding that many of the women I know will simply not discuss it, although I have discussed it with several male friends. And I have tried to educate people as I go along, although I am learning more every day. I first learned about the g spot orgasm about 3 years ago, when a male friend showed me a demo video on the subject. My boyfriend at that time and I tried it, and we did have success. Then 2 years ago, another boyfriend of mine bought me a g spot vibrator. This is a fantastic way to achieve this, as I do not currently have a man in my life. The only problem is, when I orgasm this way, no amount of towels will save my mattress! But I am not complaining. In my case, I have several "mini orgasms "as the ejaculate does not come out all at once. Then I move on to a clitoral orgasm. And I find that after the whole session, I feel completely satisfied, whereas if I just have a clitoral orgasm, there is still a feeling of dissatisfaction. And no matter how many clit orgasms I have, that feeling of non completion is still there. It does make me happy to find out that this is not an incontinence issue, for a long time before I learned about this, I thought maybe it was. I don't mind if you put my story on the website, as long as my email address is not given out.
I'm writing you a short note on my experiences with female ejaculation. In my experiences with women, although all have seemed to orgasm and reach satisfaction, all were not able to experience female ejaculation. Let me say at least not with me. The number of women I have been with may be a factor in how often I have experienced female ejaculation with them, I feel that I have been with enough to know that the figures of about half of all women and the different degrees of ejaculation you talk about on your site to be accurate. My experiences are from the male point of view. The first woman I was with that experienced female ejaculation had not experienced it before our time together. The first time was while I was performing oral sex on her. You talk about different degrees of force behind these ejaculations, let me say hers were always very strong and heavy. The first time, orally as I had said, I must admit I was surprised to say the least. I was fairly ignorant to the idea of female ejaculation, and to add to that, the force and flow she and I experienced initially confused us both even more. Obviously, face first; I was splashed with a mouth and face full of fluid. I know she was surprised and I would say possibly embarrassed. She did not know what to think, and for the most part nor did I. But we were both mature enough to talk about it and understand what happened. I can tell you from that first instant, I could swear to anyone with no doubt that it was definitely not urine. I have heard and read explanations saying that it is a release of the bladder and the female ejaculation is just that...urine. This could be no further from the truth. The fluid was very pleasant to the smell and taste. As our sex life progressed, it became an expectation. Orally, vaginal penetration, and later and the heaviest, anally she continued to ejaculate. It was usually always heavy and forceful and happened more times than not. Since this woman, my other experiences have crossed the spectrum of experiences you describe. Some women have ejaculated only during experiences where the sex and their orgasm were very much more intense than normally. I have also been with one woman who experienced ejaculation but it was with G-spot stimulation each and every time either by my fingers or sexual position which allowed my penis to position itself properly to stimulate that spot. But although it has been in varying degrees, the first women I mentioned has been the most common and intense of them all. On any given ejaculation, she would puddle the sheet immensely. I would go as far to say I could fill to different levels a common household glass. Anyway I came across your site, being sexually open-minded and interested, and with your invitation shared my experiences with you. Thank you for your time, and if in any way my experiences can add, support or in some way help your cause in explaining and educating others about the female ejaculation, I am happy to share them. Thanks again for your time.
I had to chuckle at the letters from the folks who keep soaking through the towels...Been there. After ruining one of my boyfriend's mattresses...I took precautions when it came time to buy a new mattress of my own. Buy an inexpensive vinyl curtain and cut it to a manageable size...then just lay your towels over this. This way, if you soak the towels through, you can still contain the "puddles" on the vinyl. Who wants to think about changing the sheets in the afterglow of great sex? Just some practical advice from a long time gusher. Enjoy!
I have seen my Fiancée ejaculate. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. She has showered me during intercourse on many occasions, but it was always a dribbling of liquids. However once while I was stimulating her g-spot with one hand playing with her clit with the other she literally squirted on me. It did come from her urethra, but it was definitely not urine.
Wow did I have a great time last night with my boyfriend. For the first time I was able to ejaculate with another person, rather than solo. We got on the subject of where the fluid comes from and what it is made up of, definitely NOT urine. The force that brought it on was as you describe, with much force. I was lucky enough to ejaculate and then orgasm. Needless to say, I'm still humming from the experience today. Now our goal is to bring on ejaculation without a vibrator. Thanks for your website and here's to more happy orgasms!!!
I found your web site to be very informative and am glad I found it. I have been telling my girlfriend about female ejaculation and the g spot and she thinks that I just having some kind of fantasy. Now she can go to your site and learn that I wasn't full of BS. I had a girlfriend once that was very much into stimulating her g spot and female ejaculation. I found it to be very arousing and sensual whenever she would do it while we were having sex. And as your article states she would have the most intense orgasms from doing it. If only other women knew and understood the whole concept of the g spot and female ejaculation. I can't wait to tell my girlfriend about your web site and am hopeful that she will put it to good use. Thank you so much for publishing your article.
I would like to thank you for this very enlighten website. I have spoke with women that I work with about this subject. At the time, I did not know the name of what I experienced but I knew it was the ultimate orgasm. Some women that I work with tried to convince me that I just urinated on my sexual partner. I knew this to be untrue. I was determined to show them different. As I researched, I came across your website. I made sure that they all received a copied so that I can prove them wrong. They know now who was missing out. Thank you, and keep any further information Cumming.
I'm also fortunate to be with a woman that squirts. I never knew it was that common, as I have been with numerous women on the past. I guess I never really question the orgasm, but reveled in it. I love the feeling, from my point of view. Thanks for the web site and info.
Thanks for publishing this site. Thanks to your site, I was able, with my husband's help, to have the experience female ejaculation. Your site and others like it have opened my eyes to the joys of love making.
I've been married to my wife for 14 years and during the past year she's ejaculated for the first time. She has done it three different times so far. It's always came when I was stimulating the clitoris orally and the g-spot manually. It takes a lot longer to build and her pre-climatic behavior is distinctive from clitoral orgasms. I can say that the amounts definitely exceed one cup, two is probably more like it. She describes it as the same sensation she gets when her "water breaks" before going into labor. Afterward she is totally exhausted and literally unable to move her lower extremities - again something she relates to how she felt following delivery (btw she's given birth to 6 children). Last night she ejaculated long enough that I was able to get a towel and she it emit from her urethra. I personally think there is some urine mixed in, but definitely she was not simply peeing.
I am glad to know I am normal ...what ever that is... but at least I am not losing my mind and thinking something is wrong with me.....thanks for the info it was a learning experience and the page was great I passed it on to others as I know they will pass it on ..Again thanks for the info and hope to see more.....
I've just come from another website that said that when a female ejaculates, it would only be a drop or so, and if it come gushing, then it would definitely be urine. Well, that's a view that both my partner and I would reject. I first ejaculated a couple of months ago when he orally stimulated the head of my clit. We searched about it on the 'net and pretty happy to know that it's normal, and upon knowing, I sprayed like crazy! We both drank the juices that come from my ejaculation, and though I never drank urine before, but surely the taste is not urine, and also the smell. There is a hint of ammonia in it, but not much. I would usually ejaculates after intercourse, but only with oral stimulation on my clitoris. My partner would then lick the head of the clit, and I'd just come gushing, and I can ejaculates about 10 times in a row with just a flick. And like what the other women said, sometimes a towel won't be enough, even though my partner always tries to gulp my juices as much as he can. It's a wonderful feeling, and it is even more wonderful that your man appreciates and really proud of it too. Like he always said, "You're not a REAL man until you can make your woman come."
It took me too many years to discover the depth of my sexuality, about a year ago; I discovered that I was capable of this" female ejaculation" phenomenon. I find it absolutely amazing.....not to mention the joy my partners have experienced. I was astonished the first time it happened......through stimulation with a rather terrific vibrator. Of course, I immediately shared my discovery with my partner......what an absolute turn-on it was to him. I spoke with my gynecologist about this and she claims that about 10% of all females are capable of this.........however, it takes a woman who is very tuned into her own pleasures to be able to share this with her attentive partner or by herself(which is ok but not as much fun).
I am 33 years old and have experienced ejaculation on a number of occasions. The first time it ever happened I was 19 years old and made to feel very dirty and humiliated. The guy simply exclaimed," You peed on me!" and began laughing. Needless to say I tried not to let that happen again. It would be almost a decade later that I would experience that again. Again the remark would be something like,"Damn what was that?!" Well, I did not know. Eventually I started to read and came across an article somewhere that mentioned female ejaculation. I was not only stunned, but relieved. I was not abnormal. I am sure you have heard this all before. Last night, I was talking to a good friend after an impromptu, very satisfying conversation that led me to orgasm. Afterwards, we began talking and he asked me do I ejaculate. I was flabbergasted!!!! This was the first time ever that a man had ever asked me that. I was floored that he even knew of the term. As you can imagine, this is an intelligent man who is very aware of and sensitive to a woman's needs. This opened up the door for the first time in my life for me to actually talk openly to a man or anyone about this. He suggested I research online and I came across your website as well as others that were very informative. The other sites were very clinical in nature which was good because it verified from a medical standpoint what I was experiencing. But somehow, to hear from another woman that this was something that others experienced, and was not only normal but a great thing really helped me. My friend told me it was a wonderful gift to be able to do that and just the thought that I did ejaculate made him appreciate me even more. He really made me feel special. He's great! I never thought I would have to nerve to write to a stranger about something so personal, but I was compelled to e-mail to tell you thank you. Thanks to your website I got validation. Your website was informative and sensitive to a subject that has many women feeling confused.
I have been married for 30 years and while we have always had a good sexual relationship, it turned into great when I started to "ejaculate". I have been "squirting" for about 4 years now. I always felt a need to urinate and would get up in the middle of sex several times, now I never get up. I climax constantly. Our bed is always soaking, but this is not a problem with plastic sheets and several towels. I usually put down 3 beach towels and change them once or twice during our lovemaking. It is difficult to have spontaneous sex but I wouldn't change it for the world. I used to think that it was urine, but there was never any smell or color, my husband has always been convinced that the liquid was different.
I am beyond explanation. My daddy (that's what I call my man) has brought me to such an ecstasy level. I never had such knowledge of this squirting bliss. He is so mental and physical to the point of no return. He has blessed me so sexually. He has actually made me realize my clitoris. He stares at it making it pulse for his orgasm. The whole time we have sex I cum so hard I feel like I'm going to pass out. Meaning the second he puts his cock in me I start to cum and I can't stop. He doesn't just make me squirt, I gush several times, not knowing how much pleasure and pressure I can take before I pass out. I thank heaven for his connection to all my intimate abilities. I am so obsessed with him and our sex life it consumes my entire mind. When he looks into my eyes and brushes against me my pussy clit sticks strait out, and tries so bad to get the ultimate cum/quirt session. He is so perverse and sexual in my head and in person my pussy clit hurts for him. I am beyond satisfied he drains all my cum squirts fluids, always bringing me to the next level of Cumming. Every time its ecstasy. When I cum/squirt its like a warm explosion of power releases from me the size of an ocean for however long I can stand it. Thank you for your site for us special women with such special men..
At any rate.....I'm proud to be a GUSHER! lol Actually, one man who had a very curved shaped cock made me gush like crazy. I swear more than a quart. I even collected it once and I was astounded. Another man did this tome with his fingers instead. YOWSA! I was in heaven! Its all linked to emotion for me and I wish I could just overcome that. I am passing your site on to all the men I know! Thanks and it was well done!
For years I would clench my muscles as tightly as I could so that I wouldn't "leak" from there, or I would prepare by bringing a towel to put under me first when I was alone, it felt so good to be able to let go, I also masturbated on the toilet allot, so that it could just go in the flush, it isn't pee, I know that now, I didn't then. Then I met a wonderful man who was not only aware that women were able to ejaculate, he expected me to do so every time he touched me, either my clit or my g spot, I had only ejaculated by rubbing my clit before, hadn't experienced the g-spot one, oh, was a happy discovery for this girl let me tell you. it is the finest feeling to be able to release like that, just let it trickle out or shoot it out in gushes, I love it all....he brought home a gift for me one day, a shower curtain and 7 huge beach towels, with incentive like that, who am i to argue?
I would have never believed it but it happened to me! I recently started dating someone new and now four months into the relationship I experienced female ejaculation. It has happen three times and at first I was totally embarrassed. I thought I had lost control of my bladder, but my boyfriend told me what happened. It was not as intense as a clitoral orgasm but lasted longer and it only happens with finger contact. I just had to write and let you know, this happens to everyday women and boy are we shocked!
My wife and I only recently discovered she can also ejaculate, like one reader said almost a cup full per orgasm. It gives me the ultimate pleasure to massage her g-spot to make it possible for her to multiple orgasms. I want to advise every man to educate himself to be able to find his wife's g-spot; I can assure them the reward is great, For both of them. Are there any free short video clips of female ejaculation to down load and where. Thanks for your web site.
It happened one evening while my ex-wife and I were enjoying an especially hot session of anal sex. I was slowly stroking in and out of her ass when she started to have an orgasm. Sensing her impending orgasm, I buried myself especially deep within her ass. As she started to cum, the contractions got harder and harder until she was practically screaming. All of a sudden, I felt this huge spray of fluid gush out of her spasming pussy. She literally soaked my balls with this hot gush of pussy juice and soaked the sheets underneath us. She came and came and came for what seemed forever. This caused me to unload a huge amount of come in her ass at which time she unleashed another flood of juices all over my thighs. As I withdrew my spent dick from her quivering body, the poor girl started shivering and crying. This was the first of several times that my ex would ejaculate, always during anal sex. Only once or twice did she ever ejaculate while having vaginal sex. Occasionally, she would ejaculate into my mouth while I was performing oral sex on her and massaging her g-spot while sucking her clitoris. This was always a treat for me and I tried to get her to do it as often as possible. However, fucking her in the ass was always a sure-fired way to get her to cum so hard that she ejaculated. man, i sure do miss her.
I am a 26 year old female. I first heard of female ejaculation about 5 years ago and didn't believe it. I just found your site and now I know the myth to be a fact. I even found a few tips on how to achieve it. Hopefully soon I will be able to do this, but I'm not sure I can because I have never had an orgasm during penetration. I can have a clitoral orgasm and that has only happened over the last three years. Before that I never had a single orgasm. Hopefully all the tips and tricks will work, or at least some of them.
I would like to start off by telling you, If It wasn't for your website I wouldn't feel as good as I do right now. I am 32 years old and have been with my husband for 16 years...When we first got together and started having sex, I couldn't have an orgasm... after about a year.. while having sex, I am able to flex my muscles continuously and while doing that, I felt this overwhelming sensation to push... as I pushed, this liquid poured out of me, I was so embarrassed, Thinking I peed all over my husband. He just continues to smile as I laid there embarrassed. This went on continuously... When I was ejaculating I would soak a comforter, blanket, set of sheets and a mattress pad. I was in total shock... It was a wonderful warm sensation, but a mess to clean up afterwards, but well worth it. I thought only men ejaculated, I thought women only had orgasms, until tonight... My husband and I were talking about how we made love last night and how he knows I feel abnormal because of the soaking syndrome... He begged me to go online and look up female ejaculation. And I'm thankful to have found your site. For now I feel like a complete woman. Thanks so much,
I want to tell you how frustrating it is being a US trained ********** educated MD and not having any of my peers believe me when I tell them about this subject! I was fortunate enough to have my first girlfriend ejaculate 17 years ago and since have been able to teach 100% of my partners how to do it- needless to say they all enjoyed it tremendously- but even when I have my girlfriends tell my peers of their experiences- Doctors simply don't believe it exists most of the time- with the exception of some who think it is an anomaly- I know it is real and that virtually any healthy woman is capable of it.
I am from a country where talking about sex is a taboo. The sexual intercourse is performed in total darkness and silence only between husbands and wives. Women, showing any interest in sex are looked down upon. Extra marital relations between men and women are dangerous if found out. I am a well educated married man, lived most of my life in that country and have recently migrated to the freedom, USA. About ten years ago a divorced woman with three small children started working in my office, back home. She was an ordinary looking girl of 29 years age, very friendly and helpful. I became very sympathetic to her and soon we got involved in sex. She was something else in bed. For the first time in my life I experienced a woman who was capable of ejaculating. In the beginning I thought it was urine but it had no odor or color like urine. She used to orgasm four to five times during our love making session and each time gushed lot of the liquid. We ran out of sheets and towels. When I discussed this aspect of female orgasm with my friends nobody believed me. I still have contacts with her. Your site has given me great insight in to this phenomenon of female sexuality. Thank you.
My name is ****** and I'm 18 yrs old. I have come across your web site a few weeks ago and can't get enough of it. It's so interesting to read everyone stories and see how much I can relate. Anyways a few months ago I was masturbating. Normally I just did so with clitoral stimulation but this time I did that and started rubbing my g-spot. As I came close to orgasm, instead of just taking in the orgasm, I felt the need to push out. As I pushed out this entire warm, wet liquid started gushing out of me. I was in total shock. Prior to this day I have heard about female ejaculation but i didn't think I could do it. I proved myself very wrong. Ever since that wonderful day I have been so infatuated with me being able to squirt/gush. Its such a turn on to me(even though my sheets are just getting very ruined and my moms wondering why I have so many used towels in my room). Its so worth it though. I have not yet am able to experience this with another person, but this has completely changed how i view my sex life and what I now can expect out of it. Thank you so much for making a site that's so informational to people who are able to do this or who are just interested in this topic.
I have been brought up in a country where female ejaculation is a norm rather than an exception; in fact it is so widely know that girls talk amongst themselves who can ejaculate more that the other. If anyone has ever been to a small Central African country of Rwanda then they would know the sheer beauty of the Tutsi Girls - fair, tall and slender and since puberty, their mothers actually use some animal fat to pull and stretch the labia minor and also stimulate the clitoris, and enlarges it. This is a custom so as to give maximum orgasms and large volume of fluids when ejaculating so as to please themselves as well as their husbands not to divorce them or seek other females who may ejaculate more. The girls are also made to drink a lot of milk and a certain juice made from sorghum to enhance the fluid volume. I have made love to several Tutsi Girls and the amount of fluid the produce is amazing and pretty hot too, they cum non stop especially when the head of the penis in a semi erectile stage is rubbed continuously and at height speed between the two stretched labia minor and the oversized clit, there is a continuous gush of this odorless clear and warm liquid that almost engulfs the whole bed, man they are just amazing, and a Tutsi girl who is not made to ejaculate is not considered beautiful. You men should take my ward for it if u ever visit Rwanda then go for the ultimate sensation in female ejaculation, it is real and it exists in abundance there, but remember always use a condom.
I am at present a 46 year old female. I have been able to ejaculate as long as I can remember. I'm glad that some one has finally decided to write about this subject as I have had my feeling hurt very badly by men when having sex. They would jump up getting scared I guess and say why did you pee on me. That hurts my feelings. I now and have in the past 20 years told men before I go to bed with that I do ejaculate. Most men think they understand until I go to bed with them. Then they either get scared off or RUN back for more. The last male partner said he knew what I was speaking of and I still got my feelings hurt so bad that I cried. He said I urinated on him. I saw on your site that it can come in just a few drops or cupfuls. Well I fit into the cupfuls group. When excited I ejaculate more than one time, sometimes I do this I was told as much as 20 times. The more turned on I get the more I ejaculate. Once with a man while he saw sitting between my legs playing with me I ejaculated and it hit his chest so I fit into the force group also. The man I loved that died use to when we'd rent a room on a trip would get a room with 2 beds one for sex and one for sleep. More females and males need to know that this is true and not urination!!! This is the year of 2002 not 1800's wake up world. All this is when you get right down to the bare facts it is having pleasure with the g spot and control over the muscles that are used to push a baby out with. So women out there if men said you urinated on them then just tell them to piss off (:-).
I am, by far, no expert on sex or female ejaculation. From my experiences, approximately 1 in 20 women with whom I have had sexual relations experience this phenomenon.
. A 48-year-old married woman from the Midwest. When I was inside her, and she had an orgasm, I could feel the sudden hot wetness all over my genitals. It was a wonderful amazing feeling. I told her I loved the smell of our sex. The bed sheets were always soaked after our sessions. I didn't realize what was happening at the time (female ejaculation - I was ignorant of the phenomenon). She did tell me, however, that her husband was always disgusted afterwards. Before sex, he would make her prep the bed by putting down towels. She was responsible for carting them away and showering immediately after sex. She feels guilty about having an affair with me (I was 27 years old at the time), and doesn't talk to me any more. Her husband, having committed spousal rape, has driven her to celibacy and shame.
. A 25-year-old Venezuelan from the East Coast. I met her when I was 30 years old. A wonderful brown girl who had a ceiling mirror and liked "white guys" because of the contrast of skin tones (I know, I know - this is an irrelevant fact). When we started having sex, I felt the onrush of heat and wetness again. I told her that I loved this feeling, and that I rarely experienced it with a partner. She then told me, almost embarrassed, about her "female ejaculation". I told her that I thought it was amazing. Previous lovers had been disgusted with her, and one had accused her of urinating. Once she was comfortable with me and knew that I was happy with her, the sex was more uninhibited.
. A 29-year-old network engineer from the South. I was 31 years old when I started seeing her. Although there are no outright cases of ejaculation, there was one time when she was riding on top of me where I think my penis hit a special spot that just soaked my groin. It only happened once, and it never happened again. It wasn't discussed.
. A 19-year-old student in the South East. I am 33 years old now, and am having some really wonderful and exploratory sex with a new partner. Our first sexual episode was oral sex. I was performing cunnilingus on her with three fingers inside of her vagina and curled up and back. I could feel pressure building up inside of her and feel/hear the liquid making its way down some tract in her body. She was about to ejaculate, several firsts: 1. I predicted that she was going to ejaculate, and I didn't know this fact about her. 2. It happened during cunnilingus. 3. She had no problem with her own ejaculation - no embarrassment - total comfort. It was a gusher. A geyser of fluid shot down my face, chin, and chest in three full blasts of hot liquid. It was wonderful. And I told her so. She seemed nonchalant about the ejaculation, but she was totally drained by the tremendous orgasm. She did mention that she had never came so hard in her life.
Thank you SO much for this website! I just spent and incredibly sensual weekend with a new lover, he had never experienced a "gusher" before! I have sent him a link to your site with a sweet note thanking him for being part of such an incredible experience! You see, this lovely man made be gush almost immediately every time he entered me, never before have I had such an amazing experience! I feel like a kid in a candy age 50 no less!!
I am writing about ***, she got five ago her very first female ejaculation.... I had been playing with her clit for a while with my tongue whereas I was massaging her g-spot and vagina with the vibrator I just purchased for her.... Sue was beautiful. She was eyes closed like in a dream. I had no clue she would come like that. Yet at some point my face was covered with liquid. Sue stood up panicky ... "I just pissed on you she screamed".... No I answered... "This is what you call female ejaculation!"... My shirt and my face were covered of it... So was the chair she was sitting on ...!' Need less that she has been laughing about it for the last 30 minutes. Claiming "man, that's the best orgasm I ever had''.... Thanks to your site. It helped me show her this was normal...and great. Need less to say that I am kind of proud to have enhanced the quality of such lovely woman. Myself..
In the past 2 months I have begun dating a woman who experiences (actually we experience it together) female ejaculation. Over my years I have been with many woman (no brag just fact), but this is the first woman I have ever experienced this with. I first heard of female ejaculation about ten years ago when speaking with a female friend (non sexual relationship) and in the course of a conversation she told me that at orgasm she secreted about a cup of fluid... I had no knowledge of what this was. I have since over the past couple of years learned of this but still had no clue what it was, other than it happened. This site has been terrific! My girlfriend really didn't know what this was all about either, and is a bit embarrassed by it. I, on the other hand, am TOTALY aroused by it! I love the feeling of the warm liquid on me as we make love, and when she is on top it rolls down my abdomen.... I enjoy stimulating her with my hand and watching it squirt (no major gush, just a slight squirt). I believe I found her g spot (which was only a term I had heard before I read your site) strictly by my enjoyment of feeling inside her. Now I will pay more attention as I feel around inside her... I am almost jealous of her orgasm as it is obviously far more pleasurable than mine, not to mention how often she can explode! I am looking forward to seeing her today and being able to give some explanation of what this is all about.
I have always been involved with several women, in my short life and managed to find one who ejaculated (seems so crude to say that way). Unfortunately, she was ashamed of it, and my encouraging her to freely let fly only pushed her further away. I have tried to share this level of enlightenment with other girlfriends, but they either couldn't go there physically or were frightened or irritated by my offering and quickly moved away. When these situations happened, I made a point to observe closely what occurred so I could understand it all, and I have since come to this conclusion. I think the reason this phenomenon is still relatively ignored in the mainstream has to do mostly with the currency of emotional control between men and women. I think for a woman to let go far enough to allow that level of openness to exist between her and a man is somewhat rare and unusual. Trust is definitely a large part of it, and the ability to relinquish control. Several of my female pals have confided in me that they could never marry, let alone have a relationship with a man they had such a deep physical connection with. The loss of control was too much. And having a guy around who wants that level of closeness would be distracting, irritating and difficult. Easier to have a plunk who just wants to get his rocks off, as long as he keeps up his part of the bargain. Most men seem to be interested in just that, too - the quality of their intimacy takes a backseat to quantity. It may not be their fault - they're wired that way. I think many women can be just as apathetic, too - as long as they have a sex life the quality is irrelevant. Sometimes, I wonder if lesbians might have a better handle on this - female ejaculation seems to be a prevalent topic in their circles. I think it's commendable to seek that level of intimacy regardless of the gender of your partner. And given the current indications of intelligence and caring sensitivity of men these days (I don't see much), turning to another woman is understandable. A more thorough explanation of the physical and biological realities of human sexual behavior can be found in a book called 'The Anatomy of Love'. I can't remember the name of the author, but she's a credentialed professor and the book is a must. I highly recommend it. Finally, I have to confess to some disappointment in my relationships, and although there are other reasons for that, I feel the lack of true intimacy is at the core. I know there must be some woman somewhere that can go there. I envy the man whose lover comes like the ocean. I miss it terribly. Please tell them how rare and precious they are. And thank you for a wonderful website!
I'm very happy to have found this site. Just last night my wife and I were in the middle of some particularly hot sex, and we noticed that everything was embarrassingly wet. She thought I was peeing in her, and it almost ruined our fun. But I remembered seeing ejaculation videos at one of the stores we rent at, and despite continued discomfort (mental) we kept going and were able to talk about it. It's actually been going on for quite some time, and neither of us knew what was happening. Frankly, I thought I had some kind of incontinence problem. But now, I feel lucky that my wife can get comfortable enough to ejaculate. And the wonderful thing is finding such a community, so that maybe we can both be positive about this in the future.
I am 41 and have been married for 5 years (my first) I have had over 50 sexual partners before I met my husband. Making love with my husband is the best, because I know how deeply he loves me and I him. Just over a month ago, we were making love and suddenly I gushed all over him and the bed. We both realized what it was and just wonder why it has suddenly started happening. Who cares, it is wonderful and has added a whole new dimension to our lovemaking. The only advice I can give to anyone who wants to ejaculate is to push instead of clenching when they're aroused, this generally works for us. I have come all over my husband's face several times and he loves it.
I came across your website and absolutely love it. Both my girlfriend and I enjoy sex very much and she is talented when it comes to squirting. Only recently did she start doing this and ever since then we both crave sex more and more. We will have sex at least 3 times a day and I can't get enough of it. I will lick her and lick her till she cums and squirts all over and into my mouth as well. It's now a fetish for me to taste her delicious flowing juices. I'm now addicted to it and cant help but licking and fingering her at the same time. Sometimes she will gush and other times she will just flow, but either way, I can't get enough of her. Anyways just wanted to thank you for having such a great site and sharing with the world this phenomenon!
M & D
I'm so glad I found your page because SUDDENLY after so many years of sensation less sexual contact -probably stemming from childhood rape. A OB & GYN practitioner prescribed self love so that I could be in a place that does not unnerve me while trying to find my pleasure. I have found that I not only have sensation but that I have female ejaculation - SURPRISE ME (I was prescribed a urethral sphincter contraction interrupter which was a test to discover whether I was incontinent or having ejaculation. No urine in the mix.). Perhaps it is because it has taken 41 years to find that my body has response in the first place but . . . Prior to this sudden finding of the ejaculation factor I had started having incredible clitoral orgasms without ejaculation occurring. The problem now occurs that NOW try as I might - I seem to have PREMATURE FEMALE EJACULATION. I have tried to find someone somewhere who can educate me on why I ejaculate and loose the pending orgasm???? But I am generally treated like well I'm just fucking nuts and what's the big deal? I spend time in DAILY practice of controlling it but I real desire to have the orgasm as it would occur with the ejaculation. Is that too much to ask? Perhaps there is technique (Keigel doesn't help) or an herbal aid that you know of that can help to delay the contractions until the orgasm is ready to emit???
I came across your web site and wanted to drop you a line to tell you of my experience with ejaculating. I have a loving and caring husband who has been bring me to orgasm with ejaculation for years. I used to be very embarrassed about it and thought I was losing bladder control and finally talked to my gynecologist about it. She told me that I was probably correct however, there was a chance I was able to female ejaculate. I laughed in her face, but she set up an appointment to have my husband come in with me and stimulate me to orgasm in her presence to examine what was occurring. He stimulated me to orgasm with his fingers and tongue and she measured the amount of fluid and also sent it for analysis. When it came back, she told me I was female ejaculating and how truly lucky I was to have a man who knew how to bring me to that level of pleasure (I have been known to lose consciousness when I cum at times when he really gets into it). Since then, my husband and I have become swingers and he has shown more than 8 women how to orgasm harder and better and be able to female ejaculate. One of those women was my gynecologist, who also gave him pointers on how to better explain what is happening, and another was my own mother. She had discovered what we were doing and expressed a certain amount of curiosity, so for her 50th birthday, my hubby spent 4 hours bringing her to nearly a dozen orgasms including several where she ejaculated. (Of course for his 30th she returned the favor with me joining in) Since then, not a month goes by when he doesn't go over to her house at least once to help her "with a problem" Thanks for shedding light on this subject.
I've known for awhile that I could squirt but not to the extense of gushing. I discovered that recently and I think I've been able to do it quite well. My question is, is there a smell to it? My bed was drenched and the stuff had a light yellow color to it and it had a smell but not urine. it was a weird sweet smell.
I'm glad that I found your website; I'm a 33 year old female who was married to my first husband for 16 years. I did not have my first orgasm until I was 22 years old. I was very shocked to know that a woman was supposed to even enjoy sex. I guess my husband was prepared to keep me in the dark forever. He was not one to talk about sex so it was never discussed. I have always been curious about sex but I really didn't have anyone to talk to about it except girlfriends, and all I would hear is how wonderful it was. I couldn't understand why it didn't feel that good to me until one day I was playing with his body massager and touched my clit with it and fell in love. My dreams had been answered. I didn't tell him for years what I was doing because he wouldn't have understood and to my guess I was right. I kept playing with it for years enjoying my free time alone until it burnt up. I didn't know what I was going to do now because I couldn't tell him that I needed a new toy, so I went to a friend for help. My friend went to a toy store and picked me one out. I was happy again. When he found out, he would hide the batteries from me when he would leave for work; so I always tried to have some spares on hand. Needless to say I finally had enough. I divorced him and I'm with my soul mate that is as sexual as me and I'm learning new things everyday. I'm a squirter and proud that I have a man that loves it as much as I. It feels great to finally be myself sexually and not be deprived as no woman should ever be.
Your site was like a breath of fresh air to me. I am 45 and single. I have been experiencing female ejaculation for about 10 years now. Unfortunately for me for the past 10 years, I have been seeking answers to the questions I have had about this thing that goes on with my body from time to time. Went to the doctor, and was not given enough information to feel ok with what was going on. You see, I have times that I have one continual orgasm, spontaneously. I can be at work in a meeting, cooking, at the store, basically any time and in any situation. I actually have to wear feminine protection because it is so continual. These experiences have lasted up to 3 consecutive weeks. My entire body feels like I mist of an orgasm. Well, needless to say without knowing what is really going on with me body I find it hard at these times to focus and sometimes function? These experiences happen without any physical contact at all. I have asked all of my friends did they experience the same, and i have yet to find anyone that has, they are all very envious, and I realize it is a blessing, but not knowing and not understanding was driving me crazy. I am now learning to calm down and relax with this wonderful blessing that I have been given. THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE!
Great site! It's good to see someone making an effort to educate the millions of sexually incompetent males in the US (of which I was one). I had no idea that a woman could "squirt" just before or during orgasm until I started dating this girl years ago. When she was sure we'd end up in the sack (girls are always the first to know!)She would drop little cryptic remarks about our impending tryst like, "Do you like waterfalls?" or "Do you like playing in fountains?" I had no idea what she was eluding to and thought them innocent questions. Needless to say I found out what she was talking about the first time I brought her to a glorious gushing orgasm. I wasn't stunned or shocked or anything, but I was curious to say the least. She explained what was happening (with a huge smile on her face) and that not many women were comfortable enough doing it to let themselves go like that. She found out how to do it through masturbation. Information on the phenom wasn't easy to come by in the early 90's when I did not own a computer, so I spent hours in the library on the subject (if I was lucky enough to find some documentation that is). Even my buddies had no idea about it. This girl is EXTREMELY comfortable with her sexuality and her ability to ejaculate, so much so that she could do it almost any time with the right kind of stimulation. I was soon (I don't want to say obsessed) very interested in this activity, and would just watch her demonstrate as a prelude to sex. I've seen some girls on the Internet and on DVD doing it (some obviously fake) and very few could match her volume. She could do it two or three times during a lovemaking session and it would always be A LOT (I never measured her output to know for sure, but I went through more than one mattress with her). Thanks again for the wonderful site and the information on it. To all those guys who've yet to date a "squirter" have my deepest condolences.
For me, I never had experience about female ejaculation before, but I surely wish that I could make my girlfriend to feel it. There is something in it, which really fascinates me; it's both sensual, and warm feeling. But I'm worried if I can make her to feel that, she might be really embarrassed, you see, I know that she is generally pretty shy about herself. When I ejaculate, she always feels so happy, and she always moves glides hand on my stomach coated with my semen after she's been touching me, but you know, she might not know about this, since she has been virgin and I'm her first (and hopefully the only) sex partner. I've been wishing to bring these topics gently up, but she doesn't seem to like to talk about it. She is somehow really sensitive and shy, and I must say I really understand that. There are some things what can be discussed only under warm blanket and in romantic mood. Well, I wish many happy orgasms and ejaculations for you all! Love your partners, in your own, warm ways.
I've been married for 18 years and recently began to ejaculate. It feels incredible, but it has been uncomfortable for my husband. I am a sexual abuse survivor and it took awhile for me to be able to "get out of my head" and really enjoy sex. Obviously, we've accomplished that! The problem is that my darling hubby hates being "wet"! Even being sweaty or having wet feet drives him crazy. Last night, I was on top and riding my way to heaven while he's getting drenched and turned off! What a bummer! We had a great talk about it, though and he was able to explain it in a way that didn't offend or hurt me. We will often do a different position (sort of a "K" shape), which means that when I squirt, it mostly goes down onto the bed (HUGE wet spot!!) but the sensations are still getting in the way of his enjoyment. Any ideas??? (Maybe he'll just get more comfortable with it in time.)
Ok, now I don't feel like such a freak of nature! I am 33 and have had both male and female lovers. After what happened yesterday I immediately got on-line to figure it out! After lovemaking, I often end up lying in an 8-10" circle of wetness... because I love oral - I always assumed it was saliva and never gave it much thought. Because I've always used condoms with my male lovers, I knew if probably not semen was. Well, anyway my GF and I had an intense session of lovemaking. Towards the end, she proceeded to stimulate my g-spot with her fingers while using a vibrator on my clit. I felt a huge rush and release that I could not control - then I felt this sort of "surge" that was accompanied by an intense orgasm. According to my GF, I shot an "arc of fluid". When I came from my daze... I could see what looked like splashes on her arm and shoulder and the bed was soaked through past the sheets and mattress pad. We examined it for taste, touch, and smell and it certainly wasn't urine. We were both taken aback and intrigued by what had happened, therefore, we set about to re-create it (with towels in place) and sure enough, I did it again, only this time, no arc but more a "Niagara Falls" which I could feel running out of me. Very cool!
After being a "Stepford Wife" for 12 years, I met someone who found my "spot". I had never felt it before, but I can tell you that I will not be able to live without it again. To any man who finds that spot...thank you. Without you I wouldn't know it existed. I was somewhat surprised the first time I "squirted" but he thought it was pretty cool. I can't imagine going through life never feeling the "spot".
I am so glad I found this site. I am 38 yrs old and was having sex with my husband recently and I squirted, we both thought I was peeing but we kept on playing and I did it four times and it was a lot of fluid. I have never in my life experienced an orgasm it's only been a few days of this new experience and I was wondering if I was normal. I have asked people about it and was told to go to the doctor, I am so glad to know that other people do it too.
I am 81 years of age and have been having sex with a 62 years old woman. All this time I have been enjoying the best sex of my life, yet, I have been, and still am in love with another woman. I write this due to the very different ways my two lovers enjoy sex with me. The one I am not in love with will have 40 to 75 orgasms in an overnighter situation, unbelievable, and she will have ejaculations when aroused, enough to require a towel under her. We were, at first, startled as to what it was as neither she nor I had experienced such a thing in terms of number of her ejaculations or orgasms. I manage one or two during the same period. As I said however I am in love with another woman who loves me but is reluctant to have extramarital sex but does at times with me only. She says she masturbates about once per week and will do so before dating me to tone down her desire, wanting to avoid sex. She says her orgasms are quick as a wink and she is totally satisfied having tried to go into a second orgasm but rarely succeeds. Recently I have given up my first lady and am going to concentrate on the woman I truly love but who is very subdued sexually. I am thinking how I might arouse my love by improving the foreplay in content and duration and if I succeed I will have a tiger, I think, especially if I can get her to ejaculate for the first time. Wish me luck! P.S. You may wonder about my age and how I can have erections to do all this. I have a doctor's prescription , not Viagra, which gives me an erection which lasts about 2 hours, I am a lucky guy as I now believe this all is causing my healthy lifestyle and keeps me young. If I had this hundreds of years ago I could have owned the world.
Oh my god, never in my life has I ever experienced such a feeling. I am 40 years old and have not had many lovers. I recently met this guy xxx and I decided to give it a chance and have sex with him. We had sex 3 times and nothing. He was upset and told me "if you don't want to fuck, and then just leave". I was ready to walk out the door until I decided to give it one more chance and to relax. I was on top of him and started to really get into it and all of a sudden I let out a big amount of fluid, Very warm fluid. I was very confused but it was so good that I ignored it. I continued to sex it up for another 20 min and I let out a gush of fluid again. I then stopped because I was scared. xxx looked at me and said " wow girl. You just let out a hot gush all over my cock, do it again" He started at me again and within 10 more min I gushed again. He was very surprised and told me that I was like a young woman and that only young girls could gush like I did. I had never been able to even reach an orgasm in my whole life, so you can imagine what I was going through. The next day I was so confused that I told one of my guy friends what had happened to me and he said don't worry, its call "girl spray" He told me that it was something that happens to women when they are extremely aroused. I was so proud of myself and I could not wait to be with xxx again and see if I could spray again. I had sex with him again and sprayed him 3 more times while he was on top of me. It was great. I am so happy that I have been able to spray the way that I can. I am still in shock that I am able to do this so easy. I tried to do it on my own with a dildo but was never able to get to that point. Now, the only way I can gush is to have sex with xxx. It is a good thing and a bad thing because now, I am only able to gush with xxx and nobody else. I don't want anybody else and I have become obsessed with fucking xxx only. I feel that no other man can ever take me to that level again. The bad thing about this is that all I want from xxx is sex and nothing else. I dream about gushing and I wish so bad that I can make that happen on my own so that I will not feel so trapped into only getting that with xxx. I have read your website and tried all that you have talked about but the only thing that seems to work is Louis.
I am a male (46 young) who has experienced 70-100 wonderfully varied women. Of those, most seemed "satisfied", but one in particular left no doubt in my mind about female orgasm. When properly stimulated (which can occur in several ways), this wonderful lover would experience orgasms of notable intensity, including but not limited to a fairly large discharge of liquid that did not smell like urine (though it might have been) accompanied by her eyes crossing and the desire FOR MORE OF THAT! Natural attraction? Comfortable situation? Thoughtful stimulation of specific areas? It all adds up to one HAPPY woman!
This is to let you know about the fantastic, wonderful, mind blowing love making that my beautiful wife and I share. She squirts me like crazy as she is orgasming, I don't know where the fluid comes from or what it is, but it's bloody fantastic!!! I love to catch it in my mouth when I am licking her out, it tastes like tears (I think.) When I am fucking her and she comes, it is like warm honey is being poured over my dick. She also gushes like crazy when I am fingering her G spot, or using a vibrator. She loves it when I just barely touch her pussy with my penis, this drives her wild, and her cup runneth over. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful wife, who is able to let go and come like this. None of my past lovers have ever done anything remotely like this; nor has she ever ejaculated with anyone else. I feel that the reason for this is that we love and trust each other so much - our love is a very spiritual one, and we thank God for this unique gift, and that we are both able to enjoy it so much.
My boyfriend made me ejaculate for the first time 2 days ago. He'd asked me to shave myself so he could please me orally easier & after a mind blowing 15 minutes of stimulation to my clitoris I told him I thought I was going to come (we both knew about female ejaculation but didn't think we would achieve it) he told me to come if I wanted & I said "No, I mean really COME" he got really excited & told me he wanted to taste it before dipping his head back down & licking till I ejaculated all over his face. It felt so good & he loved it making me cum another 4 times before penetrating me which gave the most intense orgasm I've ever felt because I ejaculated again as soon as he thrust into me! We both wanted to find out a bit more about female ejaculation & found this site through a search engine. We've read almost all of it now & thank you for creating such an informative & useful site on the net!
I too have experienced "female ejaculation" but not with sexual intercourse. I was masturbating one night with my vibrator, (which I only use on my clitoris) and I reached the point of orgasm, and about a cup full of fluid gushed out of my vagina. I was convinced I had peed on myself, I proceeded to smell it, to feel the texture of it, to find out what it was, but I was stumped, until now!
Your article has put an end to the question "Did you come yet?" and "Are you peeing on me?" My boyfriend is a great lover and he is VERY oral. The first time I squirted him, he was startled. I told him I came and that it was not urine. Now I can show him this article and hopefully this will help him understand what's really going on. All of that great oral sex is causing me to gush!
This site was very informative. And I found myself in some of these situations myself. I can ejaculate as I have recently found out. That is a very good thing. But my only problem is that I can't control it. I can't even explain how it happens when it does. Also, it only happens when I am on top and I want it to happen whenever I want and as many times as I can take it and more. Scared me when it first happened, but the second time, I kind of figured out what was happening. The guy that I am with is the only guy that has made me ejaculate. I can't even warn him because I don't even know when I am going to do it. It just happens when I have a really good orgasm. But he knew what was happening before I did so he just knows that he is doing a good job :) So I am continuing to learn how to control it but for the time being I am just going to have to live with it. And that is not a bad thing either :)
I was so happy to find your website! I am a recent addition to the elite club of female ejaculators. I am a very sexual person, and over the course of my life have had many partners of both sexes, but until this past November I had never experienced a squirting ejaculation. I was out with a new man that I was attracted to but had no intention of sleeping with yet and we went to my house to watch a video. We were watching and all he did was touching my hand and the electrical current between us was astonishing! We ended up making out for a while and when he put his hand in my pants and inside me I had my first squirt! I couldn't believe it. I had only heard vague things about female ejaculation and like almost all the others I've read on your website, I thought I had peed myself! I have been looking up female ejaculation on every site available and now I understand what is happening and I love being one of the elite!! Since the first time my trickle has become a powerhouse!! I now squirt almost constantly. I do it when we are fucking, especially with me on top. I even do it when he is in my ass...I actually can't stop it from happening-no more heavy petting in the car for me!!! One of my goals is to make it happen simultaneously with a clitoral orgasm, although from your reader's stories I gather that many women are like me and have separate kinds of orgasms. What the hell, I'll certainly have fun trying! Also, I can never make it happen when I'm masturbating alone. If my man is there, I can do it to myself or he can always do it, but I guess I don't get turned on enough when I'm alone to make it happen. This adds a whole different dimension to my sex life and me and my man get so high from all of this. I am a very happy woman!!
I am a 27 yr old mother of three my husband and I are very sexual. He read about female ejaculation in a magazine and wanted to see if I could achieve this. It took me awhile to get past the beginning sensation of urination, but now with practice I am a water cannon, with 3 to 4 times per sexual encounter. I find it works best when I am on top during sexual intercourse. I the best sensation ever and more need to experience and not be scared or not think it can happen to them.
Some years after we were married, one day my wife started having this experience. I would say that over the years this will happen 90% of the time. Because we do not include oral sex with our love making, I have never seen this liquid. I do know that it feels watery, dries fast on the body, and makes the sheets wet. This usually covers an area about 24" in dia. The draw back it that it replaces the first dampness which is more lubricative and so makes penetration movements dry and tender until her regular juices can be replaced. However, her climax comes quickly afterwards (never at the same time) and so this often is no problem. Her letting down (that's what we call it) only occurs during intercourse. It can occur whether she is on top or bottom.
Thank you for clearing up a little mystery that has been puzzling me. For the first time this happened with my girlfriend I was performing oral sex on her. When she came it was so hard and with such force she filled my mouth almost instantly with as much as a half a cup to a cup of fluid. Naturally...almost drowning instantly I was very confused. So I asked my lover, honey, do you have to pee? No, she replied. Are you sure, I asked again in shock. Yes, she replied. Did you? I asked? No, I just came, she replied. Then everything was fine and I continued as if it had never happened, only a little wetter. This has happened many times since through much different stimulation...oral & penile. After one of our incidents, as we've come to call them, I got a chance to closely examine what was splashing all over my face, upper body, lower legs and feet (her being in saddle position). Where it had the look of urine under soft light I tasted did not have the texture of had a similar texture, such as my semen. Upon tasting, I discovered it didn't taste much different than her regular secretions. I am so glad that she has discovered this web site as it has cleared up a lot of questions. We had already decided before we visited your website to just use it as lotion and rub it in and enjoy. However, we go through a lot of towels. She gets so wet we must both wipe after every orgasm she has. Reader some of the other mail people have sent you has made us both feel very secure in our wetness. She also has told me as one of your other writers' girlfriends told him, she has never done that with any other man. I'm not exactly a porn freak; however it is nice on occasion. I have never, ever seen this on film. But I for one can testify that my girl while sitting in saddle position can hit my mouth if she could only learn how to aim. God, if I could only capture this on film, we would be very wealthy. Thank you for all of your insight and thanks to all the writers on your site.
I was reading over your website and found it very informative. I also let out a few giggles when I read over descriptions like "gushing" and "Niagara Falls" because I have used those words myself. One that I didn't see was Buckets, which has come to be my nickname in the bedroom. Some of the stories I read kept mentioning that there usually isn't an odor or taste of the liquid when a women ejaculates, except one that I read that said after a while when a women becomes dehydrated, there would be a slight odor. I have found at times there isn't an odor, but sometimes there is.
Hi, I am 81 years of age (please believe this!) and a widower and now have a 61 year old girlfriend and I am experiencing lovemaking as I never have before. For once, I have erection problems and I use an injection (penile) that will keep me hard for about 2 hrs. She is unusual in that she will have as many as 70 orgasms overnight. To my one, I usually do not take my penile shot until morning so we have "soft" sex in the evening and during the night (sometimes called foreplay) via digital or oral manipulation she having about half the 70 orgasms. In the morning, after my penile shot (a drug called prostaglandin) we will have intercourse and have hard sex for about 2 hours and she will come about 35 times and I will orgasm once or twice during that time. This occurs every weekend as she still works and I am retired. This is so new to me, but another thing occurs which I had never experienced before, a thing we have come to believe might be female ejaculation. It is so much we must put a towel under her. It is a watery, thin liquid which evaporates. She will usually tell me when it is happening saying "I am gushing". We have come to just enjoy it, it is not urine (no odor) and it seems to come out of her vagina possibly her urethra area, but we are sure it is not urine. We asked a nurse about this, and she said it was normal, just enjoy. So we do, and use it as a body lotion, giving each other a rubdown, It shows up not necessarily when she comes but whenever she is sexually aroused. She gets aroused , going to a plateau and stays there through it all, coming easily sometimes I can just blow on her breast and she will orgasm, like her entire body is an extension of her clitoris. I have made her come, by fingering her ears and anus as well. She thought in years past this was incontinence and now she is quite happy that it possibly is not.
Thanks for the site and sharing; now I will share.... I first discovered Female ejaculation on porn videos, then when I started dating my wife I found out she also could squirt. She told me it never happened with anyone else, so I believe there are certain techniques involved. More importantly the man needs to be willing to please and take the time to be aware of his partners needs. My wife and I are separated now; I have begun another relationship, and again have been able to "teach" this lady to squirt, a lot. I used to think body type or size was a given to have the ability to hold all that fluid, but I have been proven wrong. I believe many women could squirt but need the right partner and relaxation about their sexuality to make it happen. (I would have a lot of fun proving that theory though) For guys / husbands that are reluctant, all I can say is don't be!! Your partner will never be more appreciative if try to achieve, respect it, and enjoy it with her. I love the feeling of the hot fluids squirting on me, or in my face, anywhere, it's a real turn on! as far as taste goes most of the time there is none, until she is very dehydrated from either squirting (a lot) or from not drinking enough fluids, only then will you get a slight urine smell. So make sure she drinks lots of water, besides its healthy too. I find the most effective is pushing against the G-spot while licking the clitoral area and around, this usually works very quickly. Penetration also works if you are putting pressure in the same area, and you will need to pull out, or in and all the way out to enable the squirting to happen. Foreplay and a passionate connection are also important to relax your lady and build to such an explosive orgasm. Experiment with it and learn how she reacts with different methods, read and watch videos if you need to learn more. I would suggest buying a technique video or downloading from the web, porn stores have a lot of "Fakes" to filter through, and some squirt movies are just women injecting water into them and pushing it out at the end of the scene, buyer beware!! Some movies are cut up to eliminate squirt scenes by censorship in some states /country's, they think it's peeing and that is just not true. I am enjoying my wet times, even though there are lots of towels and sheets to wash, small sacrifice.
My girlfriend and I have been having sex for a while. We went back to foreplay and she would (now i know for sure) ejaculate. But because of the similarities to urine a person had to be skeptical, so I went out and did some research. Along with about 13 porn sights I found this one and learned everything I needed to know. Now I have a great feeling of accomplishment and I feel closer to her.
I'm a girl who has long nails - so I've been masturbating using only clitoral stimulation. I'd only ever heard of fingering as a form of masturbation until a year ago, and when I discovered other ways I tried them all but nothing worked for me. So recently I just devised my own way (with my boyfriend's encouragement), doing what felt good, and I first experienced female ejaculation. I began to do this more frequently, until one time I came and it gushed out, squirting out a few inches as well. I was so awed, and knew that it wasn't just pee, that I told my boyfriend, and I then found out that not many women ejaculate at all, let alone with such force! I began to do a little research, and now I want to share my story, build an affinity with others who can FE and feel sorry for those who haven't yet. I'll be trying out the g-spot stimulation method, as my boyfriend's keen to try it on me!
From all the reading I've done on this subject it seems I'm really different from the norm. G spot stimulation doesn't do much for me. I consider it pretty much a waist of time. I require clitoral stimulation. A vibrator works best, saving my husband's hand/arm. Foreplay is very important. He finally understands this. But one reason I'm looking at these web-sites is to try and find one for him to go to because he just told me, after being together 6 years and married for 3, he still believes at least part of the time I'm urinating! This has upset me no end. I know what's going on with my body and I know I couldn't pee at that moment if my life depended on it. I NEVER thought that was what was happening. I'm not sure how old I was the first time it happened 13 or 14, but I never thought it was urine. I also never heard girlfriends discuss anything like it happening to them. I just thought I was special! They were they missing out, and settling for something less. I wish my husband enjoyed it as much as I do, but he doesn't. It's becoming a problem for me. I've only had one other partner I was able to do this with. He thoroughly enjoyed it. He couldn't get enough. I'm hoping if I can convince my husband I'm not urinating he'll be able to get into it more.
Thank you very much for having this site to help people understand. For many years I have had these types of orgasms and I was always afraid that I had urinated on my partner, of course now I know better. I now have orgasm after orgasm and 95 % of the time they are either big squirts or massive gushes. I feel very blessed and so does my partner. We invested in a waterproof mattress protector because no matter how many towels we lay down the liquid soaks through them. However I have them vaginally, clitoral and/or anally.
This web site is fantastic. Normally during sexual intercourse or foreplay I get very aroused and moist but until today had not experienced ejaculation. I had a fantastic time although I was a little scared, as this fluid literally squirted out of me and there was rather a lot too. I thought that perhaps I had peed myself and I did feel as if I needed to urinate so I wasn't sure weather to be ashamed/embarrassed or happy with my partner but they were absolutely ecstatic. It has taken me 2 years to be able to do this.
I had never heard of such a thing as female ejaculation and neither had my partner in 1979 when she literally exploded all over my face. We had been having extreme oral sex multiple times a day for a couple of weeks experimenting with everything imaginable. This time she was sitting on my face facing my feet while I sucked and licked her clit. I was using only my tongue and mouth with nothing inserted in her. Suddenly she let out a scream so intense that it startled me and she dumped a lot of clear, tasteless liquid all over my face and head. She had never done that before and for some reason we were not able to duplicate the experience. We could not figure out what had happened, but we knew it was different than her usual wetness. Of course since then I learned about female ejaculations. Wow! What an experience!
I just need to say that I must be the luckiest man alive. Since 1980 I have had the pleasure of knowing and helping in some way 5 ejaculating ladies. The first, my wife I read about this "phenomenon" just before I met her. She was different from the start and after a couple of months "squirted all over me" and started to apologize (Previous jerk). I explained this was great, and it has been great ever since. A couple years later a girlfriend walked in on her masturbating and they ended up experimenting and inviting the husbands to join. The wife told me she had to tell her friend that the ejaculation was a good thing, and she squirted as much as my wife. Later on we were able to talk another friend into showing her boyfriend what to do to help her. We were able to sit and talk a friend who was just discovering her first orgasms after 25 years through her first masturbation to a G- spot orgasm ever. (She was comfortable to let us watch and tell her what to do but not comfortable enough to let us guide her). The last lady was willing to let me watch while my wife showed her the areas by touch and insertion and guided her hands on her body to help her reach her first 'gushing" orgasm. Every one of these ladies is now an extremely happy girl, and the urge for sex has improved to the teen years for all (for me and the wife I am sure it has to do with showing the way to others). All of us are in our late 30's to early 50's and we all love sex again. PS. Don't know if the last 2 told their "others" how that "squirting "got started, but both say that the partner got very aroused the first time they let loose.
I'm 25 years old and have been married to my husband for almost 6 years and together for almost 11. We have always had really good sex but last night it was amazing! We always like to look at pornography especially women, who squirt, and I nor he thought I could do it. I went to a website where it showed exactly where to touch and what to do and had him read it. He started out by eating me out then stuck his fingers in, rubbing my g -spot. And OMG let me tell you, that was the best feeling ever, I did feel like I had to go pee, but I let it pass and holy shit! I gushed out and felt incredible! He kept going making me squirt 4 more times. After the 2nd time I started crying hysterically, I couldn't help it! I have never felt anything that amazing in my years of having sex. My husband loved it and told me to get prepared for tonight when he wants to beat his record and go for 6 times!
I'm 41 and just married 2 months. My husband brought me to gushing/squirting orgasms our first time together and it has happened every time since. Only one other man did this for me by his fingers massaging my g-spot but never during sex. With my husband however, he was simply making love to me and I told him it felt like his dick was licking my clit. He would go inside then out and gently press against my clit, then back in. Now there is so much expectancy and anticipation that he simply presses against me as he works on entering me and always makes me cum a few times before he even gets in. He talks about how tight I am, and I know we are made to fit each other, and he also causes me to swell so much from pleasure. He can keep me in such a state of arousal that just talking to me in his so sexy voice, or licking my face, or squeezing my nipples will make me cum. It is really crazy the control he has over me and I am really enjoying it! He says he watches my face and my body and knows what I like. My husband loves the feel of my hot cum falling onto his backside and running down his thighs, knees, and back when we don't use a top sheet and he's on top. He tells me he feels my contractions, the honey gushing the head of his dick and drenching him. I am so thankful to have such an awesome lover as mine forever! A nice perk for us both is my body's response to his attentions feels so good to him, that he is able to last for quite a while longer than with any other woman an hour or whatever it takes. It ends when I can no longer take the thrusting, screaming and exhaustion of wonderful love and beg him to come. This of course sets me off again, but who counts at this point! I love the idea of those flannel covered rubber bed protectors as we could only think buying those puppy pads might work. Right now we too are doing tons of laundry and having multiple orgasms a few times each day. I just thank God for creating our bodies to give and receive so much pleasure and love. It keeps a couple together I am sure.
I'm 26 years old, and have had multiple partners until recently. I have never "squirted" until the love of my life recently learned that I was doing it, and how to make me do it. He has been able to make me cum 5 times in one minute, no joke. I haven't been able to count how many times in one sitting, maybe 15-25 times. I think maybe we have such a chemistry he turns me on so much I can't bear it. Yes, we have to be very careful about where my juice goes, but it is very satisfying to have him know exactly what to do to make me climax so much in so little time. He has never experienced this phenomenon before, and I never knew what to make of it either. We're determined that this just clarifies our true love and spiritual connection with each other. I hope every woman learns how to access this part of her. It is certainly very satisfying when I can't reach clitoral orgasm. Thank you! I'm so glad to know that I'm not peeing in his mouth. I'm so glad that our kinkiness doesn't go that far.
My ex and I had always seen on video and magazines the awesome act of squirting and until about 2 years ago thought it would be a lost cause. Let me tell you, the first time she achieved the act of squirting it was as though we had conquered the task even though it was just barley enough to notice, I asked her to relax and just let it flow... And she did all over me the couch the floor and even across the room. Since then we experimented quite often and it just got better every time. I miss the act not the girl so much I catch myself jerking off to the memories of that warm juice flowing all over me and I can still even hear the distinct sound it would make...WOW... Now I just got married and we are working to achieve this ultimate pleasure and each time we try it is the anticipation that excites me only because I know the lasting pleasure squirting holds. Wish her luck and wish me wet...
I am a 34 year old female and have been squirting for as long as I can remember, to all those people out there who think that it is wee then I'm sorry to say but you are sadly mistaken and missing out on something amazing. My only problem with squirting, is having to strip and remake the bed afterwards, I shoot out up to a pint and up to 10 foot away, although this does diminish with each orgasm during the evening. It's really good to see sites like this to inform people of what is happening to them. Enjoy ladies!!
Thank you so much for this info! I am 35 and married for almost 10 years. However, about 10 months ago, I became reacquainted with an old friend from high school how soon became my lover. And a great lover at that! We made love quite a bit and each time we would experience something different, but I eventually told him that he was still missing out one thing - my awesome orgasms. I have had mind-blowing clitoral orgasms with both him and my husband, but one night something different happened. As I sat on top of him, I felt an orgasm coming, but before it actually happened, there was this extreme, warm gush of fluid coming from me. He just looked at me and said, 'Wow!' I then told him only one other person had ever been able to that and it wasn't my husband. He then became determined to get it to happen again and by the time we finished 2 hours later, the bed was completely soaked. He was dying to taste it and when he got his face down there, I had to make him get up! That was just 3 nights ago and he is still begging for more. I, on the other hand, wanted to be able to explain all of this to him and to find out for myself exactly what was going on. The first time it happened years ago, I thought I was peeing on my man and was completely embarrassed - I wish I knew then what I know now because he was an awesome lover!!! Thanks again!
YES! Too right it happens! Just discovered yesterday - with the use of a curved vibrator, had a nice shower, with a empty bladder (just to make sure!!) got myself comfy, warm, relaxed and alone. I'm 43.... I'm amazed at how much fluid is expelled... Gush, squirt, Niagara Falls, buckets... HA HA now I KNOW what it means... YIPEEEEEEEEE! and it was a fantastic feeling... 7 times, yes 7 within an hour, now if anyone would of told me this prior to yesterday I'd have said "yeah as if!".... I used two bath towels after initially soaking my bed... oops. Well I didn't expect it to be so wet everywhere
Thank you for this website! I just recently turned 44 and found myself a lover after six long years of involuntary celibacy. As you can imagine, being touched and kissed by a man for the first time in many years was extremely arousing to begin with. When he penetrated me for the very first time, I gushed hot liquid and felt my vagina softly spasming with orgasm after orgasm. We literally fucked all night long . . . he came at least 4 times while I orgasm and gushed the entire night. I soaked his bed with the stuff. I have never had such a mind-blowing, awesome sexual experience in my life. I have also never been hornier or more satisfied either. After our last marathon, I started to get concerned that this was, in fact, urine, even though I had "sniffed" it and tasted it out of curiosity. Thanks for setting me straight!
Wow. I read what the female ejaculation meant and I was so surprised and relieved as I always do it when having Oral, I'm 19 have great sex with my boyfriend of two yrs. He is the only person who has made me feel like I could take the world on. I still very much enjoy the feeling of touching myself and do anything sometimes to have 5 minutes to finger my self and feel how wet I can get, well it turns me on by just feeling it I cum so hard after feeling the RUSH of wetness. Well thank you for making it clear to me that I was not pissing my self. Thank you.
I am a 41 year old female who has been married just over 20 yr. I have only in the last month and a half been able to achieve an orgasm (no fault to my wonderful attentive lover, my Husband). Every time I ejaculate not just a few drips, but most times I actually spray my husband, You see he loves to get me going first so it is usually by clitoral stimulation with his hands, but oh how wonderful, It also happens while having sex, I don't tell people not even my family but my husband measures 11 1/2 in. hard. Yes sir and we are all each others, so anyway I sure feel sorry for those woman who aren't having them, mine seem to last before during and after, sometimes I cant tell where one orgasm ends and another begins. I just wanted to share this with you. Thank God for my attentive husband trying for more than 20 yr to make me have an orgasm, and WOW look what happened when I did, tell the guys to keep trying, and 1 more thing mine sprays (and I mean sprays out) clear fluid w/no smell what so ever, I am thinking to write a book on my husband and my experiences real soon I think.
I am a 21 year old female in a lesbian relationship. Because of things I was taught growing up, I was never comfortable penetrating myself when I masturbate alone until recently. One day, I woke up and decided I could penetrate myself with my own toys and all was great. Well, I've also noticed quite often then when I have sex with my woman, I feel that intense need to pee. It doesn't take much for me to wet my pants, even if I've just gone to the bathroom so I shied away from exploring the sensation with my partner. Just tonight, I wanted to try out those toys on myself some more so I flipped on some Enigma for background music and got comfy on the bed and started to get myself worked up. Well, as I was penetrating myself, I felt that persistent need to pee and I thought. Since my partner is out of town, this is the perfect time for me to move to the floor and push this sensation as far as I can and see what comes of it without embarrassment. Well, push I did and Cum.... I did that too! I was stimulating myself with the dildo and with my fingers on my clitoris and I suddenly felt it was time... and I withdrew the dildo and this clear fluid just exploded right out of my body. I tried to put my hand in the stream to decipher where it was coming from but I couldn't tell. It splashed off of my hand and ran all over my pelvic area. It was warm. It was empowering! I didn't have an intense orgasm paired with this ejaculation but... it's my first ejaculation and I'm new to helping myself orgasm. Still, the liquid had splashed out pretty far from me and it spread all over the floor! I had the "a whole cup of fluid!" thing going on. I felt odd, but scientific as I tested it for smell, texture, and at last taste and then I jumped online to investigate Female Ejaculation and low and behold! I've found all these AMAZING and similar stories! I can't WAIT to try this with my partner when she gets back!
OK I am 44 years old and last night it happened for the first time, 3 times. The first time, when my lover was behind me and I was leaning over the counter, the second time the same position and the 3rd time just the normal position. The last time it was like someone had poured half a bucket of water out of me. I have been on the internet all morning trying to find out what happened. Thanks.
I am a 35 year old woman who first experienced female ejaculation (which I call Cumming) when I was around 14 years old. I had used a vibrator for orgasms several times then suddenly I started releasing fluid as well when climaxing. This freaked me out. I had heard of Cumming which I thought meant orgasm. I thought there was definitely something wrong with me. With no one to discuss this with, I learned how to repress the orgasm so that no fluid was excreted. I forgot about this until about three years ago. My husband had me up on a table and him in a chair as if he were a doctor performing an examination. He used the clitoral vibrator as always but this time he also used his fingers and.... he used them just right. I exploded like never before, Cumming and orgasming at the same time. He being my partner for ten years was not repulsed by it but excited about it. I now have learned to not hold back. During intercourse, I still have never been able to obtain an orgasm but now I cum all the time. I consider them to be two different pleasers that when brought together they create absolute ecstasy.

The Female Prostate, Female Ejaculation, and
the G-Spot
Female Body Fluids
Before discussing female ejaculation I will first address female body fluids in general. Our society, as well as most others, views all form of liquid that are produced by the female body with great disdain. Women are not permitted to engage in any activity that would expose others to their body fluids, and they are viewed as less than feminine and desirable if they do. Female body fluids are considered harmful by many and there are societies in which menstruating women are thought to cause crops to fail and livestock to die. This creates a significant barrier to sexual pleasure for women, as female body fluids are a normal and necessary part of sex.
Women are expected to maintain a dry pristine appearance regardless of the activities they participate in. Mothers once told their daughters it was unwise to engage in sports, as boys would see them sweaty and disheveled, and this was seen as unattractive. Today, deodorant and antiperspirant ads drive home the idea, "Do not let them see you sweat." Women are told they need special stronger deodorants made especially for them. Tampon and sanitary napkin advertising often emphasizes the product's ability to conceal a woman's menstruation from others more than their primary task of absorbing menses; yet in the process they remind us that women do menstruate. Most women would prefer to have their fingernails ripped out one by one rather than be seen having an "accident," menstruating in public. Society and the media serve to create a barrier between women and their sexual pleasure.
Sweaty men are seen as sexual, virile. Their manhood is measured by their ability to produce large quantities of semen. They write their name in the snow with their urine and see who can ejaculate the furthest. For men making a mess with their ejaculate is seen as unavoidable, normal, and is never questioned. It is even idolized in adult movies. Men can ejaculate on the face, in the mouth, and on and in the body of their partner and it is seen as normal and desirable. If a woman gets her body fluids on her partner that is another story, she has made a dirty mess. This is an interesting double standard. If a man can cover his partner with his body fluids a woman should be able to do the same.
Female sexuality is marred by these unwritten laws. Many women produce relatively large amounts of body fluids during sex. Especially if they are highly aroused for an extended period of time and/or experience female ejaculation. It is hard to relax and enjoy sex if you are worried about sweating heavily or producing too much vaginal lubrication. Since women have no control over the release of these body fluids some avoid sex all together rather than risk being seen as less than feminine by their partner.
Before a woman can learn to ejaculate, enjoy ejaculating, and enjoy sex in general she must accept all her bodily fluids as normal. She must not question the nature or quantity of her wetness, be it sweat, vaginal lubrication, menses, ejaculate, or liquid from her bladder. These fluids are a normal and natural part of women's lives. There is nothing that is inherently bad or harmful about them. A woman cannot allow herself to ejaculate and experience potentially earth-shattering orgasms if she cannot let go when the pressure or urge to ejaculate arises. Ladies, give yourself permission to get wet and messy. Give yourself permission to have fun and enjoy sex.
As a result of the taboos concerning female body fluids the main motivation behind the studies into female ejaculation appears to be the determination of whether or not the expelled fluid is from the bladder. Some believe that if a woman ejaculates a liquid that is not from her bladder she is normal, but if is from her bladder then she has a medical problem and is abnormal. Why the great debate over the exact nature of this fluid squirting from women's bodies? Does it really matter whether it is liquid from the bladder or ejaculate? If a woman gets a thrill out of squirting liquid from her bladder at the moment of orgasm are we to say she has a problem? Do we mean to take this pleasure away from her? If a woman squirts liquid from her bladder at the moment of orgasm, let her, if she ejaculates uncontrollably, so be it. It is not our place to judge a woman's sexual pleasure.
The Female Prostate
During early fetal development both male and female fetuses start out being physically female. This does not change until a male fetus begins to produce its own hormones around the eighth week of gestation. Only then does the physical development of the male and female bodies diverge, and then less than many may presume. This necessitates that female fetuses initially have structures that could develop into either "male" or "female" reproductive and sexual organs. This means the tissue that develops into the male prostate gland, the urogenital sinus, must also be present in women. This results in woman having a prostate gland too.
The first person known to have described the "female prostate" in Western medical literature was Reinier De Graaf (1641-1673) in the year 1672. He described it as a collection of functional glands and ducts surrounding the female urethra. He said the glands and ducts produced a "pituitoserous juice;" meaning it produces a thick mucous that is pale yellow or transparent in color. He said the function of this fluid was to make "women more libidinous with its pungency and saltiness and lubricates their sexual parts in agreeable fashion during coitus." Despite his observation modern Western medicine did not fully accept the concept of a "female prostate" until 2001 when the Federative Committee on Anatomical Terminology agreed to use this term in their next edition of Histology Terminology.
Where did the female prostate disappear to for 329 years? Prior to the 20th century the term "female prostate" was commonly used within medical research literature but during the 20th century the female prostate was usually described as vestigial, i.e. not fully developed and non-functional, and was identified as either paraurethral or Skene's glands. While the components of the female prostate were known to exist they were not seen as structures of interest or importance; with a few exceptions. Since modern medicine did not see the female prostate playing an active and necessary role in reproduction it wasn't essential to understand its function. The female prostate is not believed to be affected by disease on a frequent basis and this likely contributed to the lack of interest within doctor offices and hospitals. When the female prostate became a medical concern by becoming enlarged or causing discomfort during urination or intercourse it was called female urethral diverticulum or female prostatitis. I wonder how many urinary tract infections (UTIs) have been incorrectly diagnosed and treated?
The male prostate is an distinct organ that surrounds the male urethra but the female prostate lies within the wall and along the length of the female urethra, as indicated in the illustrations shown above and below. It is part of and contained within the wall of the urethra, and the urethra is contained within the wall of the vagina. The average size of the female prostate is 1.3 inches long, 0.75 inches wide, 0.4 inches in height (3.3 x 1.9 x 1 cm), and weighs about 0.2 ounces (5.2 grams). Which means it is a relatively small organ about the size of a woman's thumb. Despite its smaller size "it possesses all the structural components of the male prostate."
The image shown below demonstrates how the female urethra and vagina are contained within a common structure, as indicated by the circular outline that surrounds them. Anatomy illustrations usually lead us to believe they are two separate and distinct organs, which isn't true. They are drawn this way for the sake of visual clarity, but this can be misleading. This image helps us to understand why the female prostate is stimulated when the vaginal wall is stimulated, and why some women are susceptible to urinary tract infections (UTIs) after engaging in vagina intercourse. It also demonstrates how the the vagina is a potential space rather than being an open cavity within the body.

The female prostate comes in many different shapes and sizes but the majority of women have a prostate that is positioned near the external urethral orifice, as shown above and below. When having this shape and placement it may cause the top wall of the vagina to project into the vaginal passage and the urethral meatus to project outward into the vestibule. When this occurs, you may not be able to see the actual glands of the prostate but you can see their affect on the surround tissues. In some women these projections are quite distinguished and noticeable, and increase during sexual arousal.

What Does the Female Prostate Do?
We know little about the function of the female prostate and its role within the body. At present it is known to have two primary functions. The first is produce and store prostatic fluid in ducts, which is the function of an exocrine gland. The prostatic fluid contains prostate-specific antigen (PSA), prostate-specific acid phosphatase (PSAP or PAP), and fructose, a sugar. The numerous ducts of the prostate drain into the urethra. "Pure prostatic fluid has not yet been isolated and it has been studied only as a component of the female ejaculate..." The second function is the releasing of hormones into the blood stream, as a result of stimulation by the nervous system; a process performed by neuroendocrine cells. The only hormone known to be produced by the female prostate in this way, as of the year 2000, was serotonin. Serotonin plays an active role in many functions of the body. The female prostate is thought to be influenced by estrogens, as the male prostate is influenced by androgens, but I am aware that the male prostate is also influenced by DHEA, a precusor to both estrogens and androgens. PAP has been found on the underwear of women when it has been in constant contact with the vulva indicating the prostate is always producing prostatic fluid, and this fluid production begins with the onset of puberty. At this point, we simply need to acknowledge the existence of this organ and that it plays a role in the normal functioning of the female body; it isn't a figment of any one's imagination.
What is Female Ejaculate?
Female ejaculate is a fluid that is expelled from the body through the urethra during sexual activities. When released in small quantities it may be a mucous like fluid having a clear, milky, or yellowish coloration. As the volume of the expelled fluid increases it becomes like clear water. In small quantities it may have a distinct scent that is musky or pungent but when the fluid increases in volume and becomes clear there is no longer a detectable scent. The fluid contains PSA and PAP, which are produced in the female prostate. Some of the components found in it, urea and creatinine, are also found in urine, but in much lower concentrations than are found in regular urine. When female prostatic fluids are found in urine they are in much smaller concentrations than in present in female ejaculate. The fluid released during ejaculation and urination are not the same though they may share some of the same substances. As the volume and appearance of female ejaculate changes it is likely that its composition changes too.
Women who expel fluid during orgasm report the color, smell, consistency, and even taste, varies from one occurrence to the next. (It is safe for a person to taste their own ejaculate, and for couples who already exchange body fluids but not for couples needing to practice safe sex.) Some have found their menstrual cycle influences the type of fluid expelled. What you eat is likely to have an affect on it, as will how much liquid you have consumed. Some women report it is sometimes clear and odorless and other times thick and pungent. Others report it sometimes looks and smells like urine, which I have found to be true only when a woman tries too hard to ejaculate. It is safe to say most women's ejaculate will vary over time and during a single sexual episode.
Do All Women Ejaculate?
Given that all women have a prostate gland they all likely produce ejaculate even if they are not aware of it. The fluid may seep out and mix unnoticed with other body fluids rather than being a distinctive gush of liquid during sexual activity. The prostate probably contributes regularly to the moisture present at the vulva, as indicated by the presence of PAP on their underwear. In the absence of or in conjunction with sexual arousal the prostate may overflow causing the fluid to seep out through the urethra. This release of fluid could be caused by the blood engorgement of the surrounding tissues and the pressures placed on the vaginal wall during sexual arousal and internal stimulation. The fluid in the prostate would likely be released or expelled during orgasm when the pelvic muscles contract. While the volume of ejaculate released may vary from woman to woman it is likely present in all women and they do not have voluntary control over it.
Where Does Ejaculate Come From?
Very little medical research has addressed the source or sources of female ejaculate. The research that has been completed often provides conflicting results. Some research concludes it is only fluid from the female prostate while other research says it is mostly liquid from the bladder with trace amounts of fluid from the female prostate. It is my believe that in some cases all of the fluid emitted from a woman's urethra is from the female prostate, in other cases is a mixture of fluid from the female prostate and bladder, and in other cases it is only from the bladder. We simply do not know where the fluid originates from in every instance.
How can you tell if a woman is releasing fluid from her bladder or prostate? This is a question that cannot be answered outside a medical lab. There is no accurate way of determining whether a woman is voluntarily or involuntarily releasing liquid from her bladder or ejaculating prostatic fluid. These fluids all exit the body through the urethra so the visible source is the same for them all. I'm not aware of any color, taste, or scent test that can be applied to the expelled liquid that will accurately distinguish them from one another. We are left with no other choice than to see them as indistinguishable, the same.
In her book The Clitoral Truth Rebecca Chalker states a simple smell test will tell you if it is urine or ejaculate. If the fluid has an acrid scent it is urine. This may be true but what difference does or should it make? My concern is that if a woman or her partner decides she is releasing liquid from her bladder then they may see it as undesirable and/or inappropriate. My position is, it does not matter what type of fluid is expelled, and being concerned about it creates a barrier to pleasure for women. It is okay to be curious about these fluids, that is only natural, but it is inappropriate to judge them.
If you read the information presented on the website of Dr. Gary Schubach he states his research has shown the majority of the fluid that is expelled originates in the bladder, but the expelled fluid is not quite normal urine. In his research the woman's bladder was emptied using a catheter prior to orgasm. During orgasm a catheter was in place and connected to a collection bag. Analysis of the fluid expelled during orgasm is the basis for his claim. There is one flaw with his methodology, the bladder sphincter is normally closed. If it were not, liquid in the bladder would simply flow out and there would be no "ejaculation" of fluid. What is the significance of creating an artificial passage and collecting the fluid expelled from the bladder during pelvic muscles contractions? During orgasm does this passage normally exist even if only momentarily? Some claim otherwise or that ejaculate actually enters the bladder rather than exiting from it. Even if fluid does collect in the bladder during sexual arousal would it normally be expelled during orgasm? Are all women the same or are there "normal variations?" Dr. Schubach's research is important but it provides only part of the picture.
The following series of images show how much the bladder, the bright white area in the lower right, increased in size during sexual arousal in one woman. Does it provide evidence to indicate the origin of female ejaculate in some instances? I know from personal experience that when my kidneys produce increased volumes of fluid it is clear and odorless when released from my bladder. Does sexual arousal in some women result in increased kidney output? These images were taken during research into the use of MRI to observe female sexual arousal and were not intended to provide evidence of the origins of female ejaculate.

How Much Liquid is Released?
The amount of fluid released during ejaculation is reported to vary from a couple drops to almost two cups, 15 ounces [444 ml]. Two cups is a lot of liquid, can it really be that much? The average size of the female prostate is 1.3 inches long 0.75 inches wide 0.4 inches in height (3.3 x 1.9 x 1 cm). An elliptical container about this size when filled with water would hold 0.17 oz [5 ml] or 1 teaspoon. A cylindrical shape 0.75 inches across would hold 0.32 oz. If the female prostate can contain less than 0.4 oz where does the other 14.6 ounces come from? One study found women produced 30 to 50 ml [1 to 1.7 oz] [6 to 10 teaspoons] in 30 to 50 seconds. Okay, but 2 ounces is still a far cry from 15 ounces. Some believe the female prostate swells with fluid during sexual arousal, which would account for the greater volume of fluid. The prostate would need to increase in size by a factor of at least 9 if this is to be true. Interestingly enough the female bladder can hold about 16 ounces of fluid, and this is surprising close to the maximum amount of ejaculate reported.
Keep in mind the female prostate will continue to produce fluid for as long as a woman is sexually aroused, and as result a woman could produce more than 0.2 to 2.0 oz of ejaculate if multiple releases of fluid occurs. If the female prostate fills and empties at a rapid rate that would explain the larger volumes of fluid measured by some investigators. It would also mean the longer a woman's orgasm lasted the more she would ejaculate, as is often the case. If this is all true it is possible for a woman to ejaculate a considerable amount of fluid without it being liquid from the bladder. Obviously more research needs to be done to clarify this; perhaps using transvaginal ultrasound to observe the prostate during sexual arousal and orgasm.
What Is and Who Has a G-Spot?
The female prostate and the "Grafenberg spot" or "G-Spot" ARE NOT necessarily the same thing, or in the same location. And you thought all your worries would be over once you located the prostate gland. Some say the G-Spot is an area of high sensitivity located within the female prostate or is located further back along the urethra, closer to the bladder. The problem with any definition is the sensitivity of the G-Spot is unlikely to be constant. If a woman is not sexually aroused she may not have a G-Spot. If the same woman is highly aroused and her prostate gland is engorged with prostatic fluid she may have a very distinct G-Spot. There are perhaps women who are not aware of a G-Spot even though they ejaculate and experience a more intense orgasm when their prostate is stimulated. It is for these reasons that it is important for the reader not to form a concrete definition of what a G-Spot is. Each woman will create her own definition, one valid only for her.
The next question for debate concerns whether or not "all" women have a G-Spot or G-crest. This is not really a valid question, as the G-Spot indicates the "sensitivity" of a non-specific area of tissue. The "G-Crest" defines the swollen "condition" of the female prostate during sexual arousal. At present there are no anatomical structure clearly associated with the "G-Spot." This is in part why people have trouble finding it. What one needs to look for are the female prostate and urethra. All women have these and it is likely they all produce at least a small amount of prostatic fluid that seeps out and mixes with the other fluids that are present in much larger quantities.
How Do You Locate the
Female Prostate?
How does one locate the female prostate? Quite simply, you locate the urethra, as the female prostate is located within the wall of the urethra. The urethral meatus, or orifice, is located directly above the vaginal opening, below the clitoris. You can see it with your bare eyes, though it can be hard to locate in some women. The urethra extends back from the urethral meatus into the body along the front or upper wall of the vagina for 1.5 to 2 inches [3.8 to 5 cm]. While you can see the urethral orifice you cannot see the female prostate gland, though it may bulge visibly out into the vestibule and/or vagina. Using a speculum you might be able to see the swollen prostate gland projecting into the vagina. The video How to Female Ejaculate and others shows this projection. Adventures individuals may want to slip a finger or two into their own or their partner's vagina while they urinate so they can feel the urine passing through the urethra. This will help you locate its exact position. Once you have located the urethra you have a basis for seeking out a possible area along it that is highly sensitive to stimulation, a G-Spot.
In her book Female Ejaculation & The G-Spot Deborah Sundahl presents information about the anatomy and location of the female prostate gland gathered by Dr. Zaviacic and published in 1999. He found 70% of women have a ramp-shaped prostate gland where the thickest part is situated near the urethral opening, 15% have a ramp-shaped prostate where the thickest part is located near the bladder, 7% have a prostate gland that is thickest near the middle of the urethra, and 8% of women have a "rudimentary prostate" that has few ducts and glands. This means one must explore the full length of the urethra, 1.5-2 inches (3.8-5 cm) along the upper wall of the vagina, when attempting to locate the G-Spot. This research also indicates more than 90% of women have a well defined prostate gland, even if they cannot locate it or do not ejaculate.
The Importance of
Clitoral Stimulation!
The clitoris probably holds the key to female ejaculation for most women. If the clitoris is not stimulated a woman is less likely to become highly aroused. If she is not highly aroused her prostate may not fill with increased amounts of fluid. If her prostate is not swollen she may not have a G-Spot. If her clitoris is not stimulated she is less likely to experience orgasm and the rhythmic contractions of the pelvic muscles that expel and release the ejaculate. So quite simply before you can go exploring for the G-Spot you must master clitoral stimulation beforehand. There are women who are orgasmic and ejaculate when their G-Spot or vagina alone is stimulated but the majority need direct clitoral stimulation if they are to experience orgasm.
What Do You Stimulate the
Female Prostate With?
Now that you know the location of the female prostate you will want to know how to stimulate it. The most versatile tools to use are your fingers. They are firm but flexible and have feeling and provide feedback. For solo explorers fingers have their limitations, as they may not be long enough and can tire relatively quickly. Plus, if one hand is stimulating your clitoris it limits access to your vagina with your other hand. So in addition to fingers, dildos and/or vibrators are usually required for finding and stimulating the G-Spot. (I will refer to both vibrators and dildos as dildos for the sake of convenience) Notice I used the plural 'dildos' not the singular 'dildo', as there is a chance you may have to try several different dildos to find the best one for you.
Choosing a Dildo
How do you pick out a dildo for G-Spot stimulation? Trial and error. The dildos that do have a good success rate are those that are curved near the tip, called G-Spot stimulators, and penis shaped dildos with a prominent ridge at the junction of the glans and shaft. Many women find hard plastic or glass dildos work best. Others find that makeshift dildos work great; such things as cucumbers, brush handles, mirror handles, etc. Some prefer a slim dildo that they direct at a specific area within their vagina but others prefer their vagina to be filled and stretched to the maximum by a large dildo. If you are going to buy a dildo to use for G-Spot stimulation be prepared to buy and try a couple different styles. Any woman who is seriously considering using dildos needs to be aware that she will most likely have a collection of favorites versus one special one. As a woman's mood and needs change so will her dildo needs. While women often start out with one many soon find they have a drawer full of them. Some women prize their collections.
To Pee or Not to Pee
Since the physical act of female urination is so similar to female ejaculation many women have found erotic enjoyment in urinating during sex, solo and with a partner. Women seeking to learn to ejaculate may find themselves squirting liquid from their bladder rather ejaculating fluid from their prostate. This is because both urination and ejaculation require a woman to be able to surrender control and relax during orgasm. If you keep your bladder sphincter closed and tighten your pelvic muscles you cannot release liquid from your bladder or ejaculate. Women seeking to ejaculate are advised to push out when the urge to urinate or ejaculate comes over them at the point of orgasm. Doing this gives your body permission to ejaculate, but it also gives your body permission to release fluid from your bladder. You have no control over which occurs. You will just be aware of the intense physical sensations that occur. The sensations of both may be pleasant and indistinguishable. Hence learning to release liquid from your bladder at the point of orgasm may help a woman learn to ejaculate.
Learning to release liquid from your bladder at the point of orgasm is likely to be easier when alone than when a partner is present. You will probably find it easier to relax, and you wont be as concerned about the resulting wetness. Doing this in the bathtub has some advantages. First you do not have to worry about the wetness, second soaking in warm water will help relax you, and third cleanup is a snap. Drink a couple glasses of water a short while before starting; allow your bladder to fill. It does not need to feel full, but you do not want it to be empty either. Lie back in the tub, or lay on several towels on your bed. Start to masturbate. Caress your clitoris. Slipping your fingers or a dildo into your vagina may feel nice. You do not need to necessarily move them back and forth inside your vagina only provide a feeling of pressure inside your vagina. Allow the sexual buildup to occur slowly. Practice tightening and relaxing your pelvic muscles, commonly called Kegel exercises.
Think about the act of urinating, of letting go. Allowing your bladder to fill will result in you feeling the need to urinate. The closer you are to the point of orgasm the stronger the urge to empty your bladder is likely to become. Hold back on your orgasm until you feel you cannot hold the contents of your bladder a second longer. At the point of orgasm press out and relax your pelvic muscles, welcome the feeling of the liquid escaping from your bladder. The stronger the force behind the liquid, the greater the sensations are likely to be. So push and try to squirt liquid from your bladder. It takes practice to be able to let go spontaneously, since you have been conditioned to maintain strict control over your urination habits. It may also help to vocalize the release, make some noise. Intentionally crying out will help with the release. Scream "YES."
Learning to Ejaculate
Moving on to ejaculation only requires a couple slight changes in technique. Empty your bladder first; you will want to let go without a full bladder producing the pressure or urge. The urge should still develop, just not be the result of a full bladder. The urge to ejaculate may not occur without there being stimulation of your prostate or urethra. This is likely to require the use of a dildo if you are alone. As you massage your clitoris, using your fingers or a dildo stimulate your urethra by massaging the top of your vagina; using only light pressure at first. Massage the full length of your urethra, from the opening of your vagina back into your vagina a couple inches. Keep up the clitoral massage. Try different pressures and strokes. Massaging the urethral meatus may feel pleasant. Stimulating your urethra may cause you to feel the need to release liquid from your bladder and this is desired. Do not fight the urge, go with the flow, literally. Relax and breathe deeply.
If you find a spot that is highly sensitive you may want to concentrate solely on it, but you may find it is too sensitive to stimulate directly. If your G-Spot is highly sensitive you may find you are only able to tolerate its stimulation when you are very close to orgasm, when your pain threshold has increased. Keep massaging your clitoris and urethra. Continue to the point of orgasm. A slow build up with lots of teasing may help produce the greatest urge and strongest orgasm. When orgasm occurs relax your bladder and press out as if urinating. If you ejaculate you will likely feel a new and strong sensation, if not, you will still experience a strong orgasm, so nothing is lost. You may not be aware of any increased wetness until after the orgasm has subsided. Being able to ejaculate may take practice even if you are able to squirt liquid from your bladder during orgasm. It is not known whether all women can ejaculate so you just have to experiment. In any event it should be a pleasurable experience.
Stimulation by a Partner
A woman's partner can bring her to an orgasm that includes ejaculation. If a woman already knows she is capable of ejaculating she should let her partner know, not pray that it will not happen again. She should discuss the increased wetness that occurs with her partner; at least prepare them for it. Hopefully they will see your ejaculations as desirable and erotic. If they do not, reeducating them about female fluids and ejaculation may persuade them to at least accept the ejaculations as normal even if they do not like the associated wetness.
There is perhaps one big advantage to having a partner stimulate you to orgasm when you are trying to ejaculate, that is because they will not stop the stimulation unless you tell them too. If you are masturbating and you start to feel uncomfortable, out of control, you will likely stop immediately. This could prevent you from experiencing orgasm and ejaculation. With a partner you can agree beforehand that they will not stop, even if you say, "stop." (Doing this requires using a "safe word" that indicates, "Stop!" for real. This is a word you are not likely to say accidentally during sex, without thinking about it.) If you find you pull away you can ask that they hold or follow you so you cannot move away from the stimulation. Of course you should only do these things if you really trust your partner, as they need to be forceful without going to far.
How do you stimulate your partner's prostate? Your hands are excellent tools to use. The best way to stimulate the inside of their vagina, along the upper wall, is to create a hook with your index finger. Imagine you want to signal to someone standing across the room that you want them to come toward you. You turn your hand palm up and signal with your index finger by making a hook, curling it up and straightening it repeatedly. You can do the same thing with two fingers inside the vagina. Massaging the upper wall of the vagina, from the opening back inside two inches. Start out with a very light touch. Press your fingers up and toward the front, pointing toward the pubic bone, or clitoris. Use the urethral opening as a guide. Use a generous amount of lubrication even if she is dripping wet.
Start out by getting her aroused with manual and/or oral clitoral stimulation. Continue the clitoral stimulation as you massage her prostate. Ask your partner if there is a specific spot or area that produces intense or enjoyable sensations when you massage it, her G-Spot. As you sense her getting closer to orgasm apply a firmer touch, if she enjoys it. Maintain a constant and steady rhythm. Follow through, continue the massage up through her orgasm. Then switch to a very light caressing touch as she comes down from her orgasm. If she experiences multiple orgasms her orgasms and ejaculations may become more intense, and the amount of ejaculation may increase. If she orgasms with your fingers inside her vagina her vaginal muscles may squeeze them very tightly, do not pull out but rather press in gently.
You can also stimulate your partner to ejaculation using a dildo. This requires more verbal communication, as you cannot feel exactly what the dildo is doing. She needs to let you know what feels good, or bad. Some women may like for the tip of the dildo to be pointed at their urethra, others may prefer a full feeling. The stretching and pressure created by large dildos or an entire hand may stimulate the urethra enough to cause an ejaculation even if that is not the intent.
A woman may also ejaculate during intercourse, with a penis or a dildo in a harness. What seems to work the best are positions that result in the penis or dildo stimulating the upper wall of the vagina. Like when a woman's partner kneels between her knees when she is on her hands and knees, or when she is on top controlling the direction and force of the thrusting. Some women may ejaculate during intercourse without even trying, while others may find it a challenge. It is more likely if she already ejaculates frequently during manual massage. Practice makes perfect.
Some Health Concerns
Unfortunately, there can be some possible negative side effects associated with massaging the urethra. The urethra is highly sensitive and is easily irritated. Even normal intercourse can irritate a woman's urethra resulting in painful urination and infection. This is especially true of virgins and women with tense pelvic muscles, as they are too tight and there is too much friction between their vagina and the thrusting penis or dildo. Intentionally stimulating the urethra increases the chances of there being irritation and infection. To help prevent infections and reduce the chances of irritation a woman should drink lots of water and urinate just before and right after urethral stimulation, or sex in general if you are prone to urinary tract infections. Just release a little bit of liquid from your bladder before sex if you are trying things with a full bladder. They also recommend women drink cranberry juice, or take a cranberry supplement available at health food stores, as its acidic level helps to ward off the bacteria that cause infections. If you experience irritation, painful urination, or infection, try using less pressure when massaging or stimulating the urethra. The urethra may become accustomed to the stimulation with time, but do not torture yourself or inflict multiple infections. Have fun but do not hurt yourself.
Addressing the Wetness
If you ejaculate there may be a small amount of liquid expelled or there could be a lot. If you are intentionally squirting liquid from your bladder or ejaculate repeatedly there may be a liquid everywhere. Since you usually sleep where you have sex female ejaculation can present a logistical problem. If you only ejaculate a small amount simply keeping a couple towels near the bed may be the solution. If you gush then towels may not be enough. Having a plastic cover on the mattress and extra sheets may do the trick, though changing the sheets and cleaning up afterwards may not be the way you want to relax after sex. You can buy the disposable bed pads hospitals use, as they are absorbent and have a plastic backing. They are sometimes sold with incontinence supplies at your local store too. We sell in our store reusable cotton bed pads that remove the inconvenience associated with body fluids and sex. You can try having sex in the tub or shower or having a second bed or an air mattress to have sex on. For women who ejaculate every time, regardless of whether they want too, cleanup can be bothersome at times, and does take some getting use too. Just try to keep a positive attitude and be prepared with extra towels and sheets. A supportive partner always helps.
Real or Faked?
I hate to be the barer of bad news but chances are the women seen ejaculating in mainstream adult movies are likely releasing liquid from their bladder rather than ejaculating. They fake their ejaculations just as they fake their orgasms. They are intentionally squirting liquid from their bladder to simulate orgasm and true female ejaculation, or rapidly expelling liquid they place inside their vagina. The proof of this is the shear volume and/or the white color of the liquid they expel. Enjoy mainstream ejaculation videos but keep in the back of your mind that it is all fantasy.
Women ejaculate, too
There's more than one way to make a wet spot - in fact, there's a whole camp of doctors who believe that all women ejaculate when they have an orgasm. In one study from Florida State University in Tallahassee, 82 percent of women said they experienced a release of fluid at the moment of orgasm. Haven't noticed this yourself? "Since most women are lying on their backs during sex and the amount of fluid is so small [about a teaspoon], it sometimes doesn't come out," explains Beverly Whipple, professor at Rutgers University and president of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. "But research has demonstrated that all women ejaculate a substance through the urethra that is not urine.""

- Response by dambreaker, A Father Figure, Male, 56-65, Retired

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This question has been asked on here a few times. While many will tell you that YES, they too do it, others will tell you that it is nothing but URINE and that is why it is thinner in consistancy.

Perhaps both are true. I know that the URINE version is true because I KNOW close friends that have done it their entire life and THEY know what it is; their boyfriends just don't.

The other option is for someone else, to comment on. I truly find it difficult to believe, if only for the way that women are designed. Where the fluid comes from in a woman, when she does have an orgasm, is so deep, that many times, she will not see it leave her body for a couple of days after having sex. There is no vessel to project the fluid through? There is nothing located, at the entrance of a vagina, that could expel such a fluid??

- Response by randyl, A Thinker, Female, Who Cares?, Technical

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It is not rare, but it is not common either. A percentage of women squirt, and most men find it a turn on, likely as he knows she is not faking the orgasm.

- Response by wolverinesegg, A Career Man, Male, 46-55, Science / Engineering

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I do it regularly with my husband more than half the time we make love sometimes about a litre and it squirts out and gushes out. It seems to be watery and sweet to the taste. If there is a small amount it can be thicker and if there is lots there is less I don't do it every time at climax and it is different on orgasm through cliterous stimulation. I am curious as to what and why it is. We have to keep a waterproof sheet and spare sheet upstairs. Howcommon is it I wonder. We both enjoy it but the quantity of fluid makes it inconvenient at times. Occasionally I do it via nothing more than cliteral stimulation but that is less frequent mostly during intercourse or touching inside. its been going on for about 8 years and started when I was about 23 or 24.

- Response by lemk78, A Married Girl, Female, 36-45, London, Home Maker

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I actually seen this on t.v a while ago. A doctor did a study and had men help their women reach orgasm in a private doctors room and collect a sample. The doctors then ran the samples threw test and found that women do ejaculate. Now I can't say for sure that this is what happened to you, you would have to have a sample of it tested, however I think you can rest a sure that it was probley just female ejaculation and not urine. A womens natural response after sex is to flush out and kill the unknown intruder (sperm, ext..)and we need it for a natural lube during sex. Most of don't notice until after sex and pass it off as what men leave behind when actually it is alittle of both. I wouldn't worry most women do even if they don't notice, i have never had it "squirt" but I do feel it run down my bottom. Not that you wanted to know, but your not alone is what I meant

- Response by tattletaleloudmouth, A Cool Mom, Female, 36-45, Home Maker

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