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Help !!!!!my friends wife is attracted to me
Sex & Intimacy / 10:57 PM - Sunday October 26, 2008

help !!!!!my friends wife is attracted to me

i need help. my friend's wife is still attracted to me and he has noticed it. i limit my visit once every 2 weeks. every time she says "hi Patrick" she sings it. sometime in September, her husband and i went to his place after shopping at home depot. i carried the bag of concrete into the house. he opened and the door for me. she sees me and she goes "HI PATRICK!!" them he enters, afterwards and she goes with a serious tone, with a lowered voice " hi.... my ever loving husband". i quickly went down to the basement.

he has noticed a change in her demeanor when i show up, she always smile and is happier around me. he's been watching my response whenever she calls me. he's looking at me with inquisitive eyes. it happened twice. i try to act differently.

tonight, he embarrassed me. i need to get a list of Amway cleaning products from him and every time we are together, we forget. i attempted calling him tonight and decided to show up unannounced. if he wasn't home just drop a flier and have him take a look at it and get his opinion. if he was busy, just remind him about the manual that i need and leave the flier with him.

when i arrived, he invited me in for supper. i told him that i needed to get change. wanna look my best at all times, regardless who i am with. when i came back, he had company over already, i was shocked. when him and i were in the kitchen and dining room area, he punches me in the arm, lightly, and tells me, isn't it awesome that my wife likes you. i was shocked. i was sick to my stomach. i asked him "why did you invite me over for supper when you already had guests?

he made the excuse that it was her idea to invite me and don't worry about it. i told him that i felt awkward. he told me that he was taught by his parents that if anybody showed around suppertime you should always invite them. even though that was a plausible reason,i still unfelt uncomfortable. he told me too that i could leave, the food was dished out, so i decided to eat it. as i was eating, he was sitting with his guest. he showed me a business card that she designed. as i was looking at him, he had a dirty look, and asked me isn't that a nice LAYOUT!!. i kept eating.

after his guests left, i asked him if he wanted to go for a coffee. he hesitated and i told him that we needed to talk. i asked him again and he gave me the same excuse. i told him that he should've told me to come back later. and i expressed to him that it isn't normal for a guy to walk up to a friend of his and say " my wife likes you, isn't that awesome? with a punch in the arm" he asked for a further explanation, i couldn't utter what i was thinking about her and her attraction towards me, so i told him that i noticed he's nervous when i show up, do you want me to stay away. i didn't mention the layout part and i told him that i can read his body language and facial expressions and i can tell exactly what he is feeling.

he told me to drop it if i can't utter what's on my mind, so, i did. once i stopped talking about he smiled. i bought him a coffee and we played pool. i won at scratch and i hate winning that way. i came up with the idea in order to win the game we have to sink the 8 ball of a bank. he lost again and he mentioned that i did beat him on the first scratch. i acknowledged that fact and told him that all i wanted was my $1.25 to last longer.

- Asked by itsbeenalongtime, A Player, Male, 46-55, Who Cares?

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I think you are making way too much of this. People can be married and still be attracted to other people. It is what they do about it that is the difference between married and single. Perhaps you are a very brightening presence. Perhaps he was trying to say, "I can tell my wife likes you and that is okay with me." Unless they suggest a threesome or some other breach of etiquette occurs, I think you are safe. Just be yourself, be polite, and let it go at that.

- Response by keldog4511, A Creative, Female, 46-55, Philadelphia, Managerial

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