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Make my butt jiggle
Diet & Health / 8:56 PM - Sunday July 20, 2008

make my butt jiggle

my butt and hips are already big.. bit i want my butt rounder and more jiggly its big but its too firm.. how do i get my butt bigger but tummy smaller? to accentuate my waist?.. rember butt must be round and jiggly.. i've heard all kinda things like have sex from the back.. do lunges.. what really works?

- Asked by priincessnpiink, A Hip Hop Girl, Female, 22-25, Student

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I would deffientaly say that working the right muscles will shape you butt and hips the way you want. BUT ... I'm thinking you butt being firm is something that is just you. A genetic trait that I am actually jelous of!

Lunges and the legs excersize where you stand and lean foward but lift one leg back and up is a good excersize to work the bumm.

- Response by audbal82, A Career Woman, Female, 29-35, Tampa, Science / Engineering

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Go to the local high school or college football field and run up and down the stadium stairs. That'll get you more toned and get your butt looking rounder.

Good for you, I like a nice butt. :)

- Response by workplay, A Career Man, Male, 29-35, Military

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9 out of 10 dentists recommend jiggly butts for their patients who chew jiggly butts.

- Response by northerncamo, An Intellectual Guy, Male, Who Cares?, Who Cares?

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i think we need to see what it looks like now.

- Response by pokerking818, A Creative, Male, 36-45, Other Profession

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WHY in the name of all that's sacred do you think your behind should jiggle? That looks HORRIBLE! If someone has a big behind, at least if it's firm, it doesn't look quite so bad. Jiggling happens when you have no muscle tone and you're just FAT and wobbly. Blech.

Be careful what you wish for. In about 30 years, everything's going to jiggle and then you're going to wish for the "good ol' days" when your body was firm and healthy.

- Response by justpassingthru, A Thinker, Female, 56-65, Financial / Banking

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Dagnabit girl. It's isn't supposed to be jello. You're supposed to practice that belly dancing shimmy. That's how you can shake it likes it hot. It's all in the shimmy.

- Response by joybird, A Creative, Female, Who Cares?, Therapist

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