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First day of buck season in PA
Family & Parenting / 4:17 AM - Monday November 26, 2007

First day of buck season in PA

Todays the first day of buck season here in Pennsylvania. Schools even get two days off for the first two days of buck season and one day off for does season.

Yes, I am going to be out there shortly with my 7mm hoping to put one down today. Love that deer tenderloin.
Any other female hunters out there??
We eat what we kill.

- Asked by carolynspoonire, A Rebel, Female, 56-65, Philadelphia, Medical / Dental

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I am so sorry I am not out there with you and jealous as hell that you will be eating venison........and I won't!!!!! I lived in WV for 17 yrs, and I do miss the venison. I didn't do a lot of the actual hunting but I did do 100% of the butchering. I used everything but the hide, the bones and the antlers for eating. Well, I didn't use any of the innards but the heart and the liver! Oh, my mouth is watering!! When I retire and move back to the hills, I will be cooking venison again. My daughters still live in WV and they supply with a few chunks now and then. We had friends who had run a truck garden and they were allowed to kill deer all year if they found them in the garden, so during one year we deer meat almost every day because their 3 freezers were packed. We got the over-flow. When I finally had to cook some beef everyone hollered that something was wrong with the meat, it tasted awful!! I do not use all that stuff to "kill the wild taste" when cooking venison. The only thing I ever use is just water or a barbecue sauce and slooooow cooking! YUMYUMYUM!!! Be careful and be safe. Good hunting!

- Response by gingham, A Cool Mom, Female, 66 or older, Baltimore, Construction

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So when you roll over that coon that stayed to long in the road...remember "We eat what we kill"...ok with more fishing instead.

- Response by hwyrider, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 56-65, Retired

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very nice....

- Response by baldfatboss, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Portland, Technical

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Venison tenderloin is the best! Good luck and be safe!

- Response by makinit40, A Cool Mom, Female, 46-55, Self-Employed

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I have to ask this but, are you kidding me about the kids getting off from school, what school is your kids in??

I guess that you just allow them to stay home from school??
Lucky you, I never had Deer meat. I hear its good, I would like to try it, but I have no idea how to cook it.. have fun hunting

- Response by dana1148, A Player, Female, 36-45, Philadelphia, Who Cares?

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