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WHAT!!! claim kids that aren't yours?
Sex & Intimacy / 3:32 AM - Saturday September 29, 2007

WHAT!!! claim kids that aren't yours?

This girl my man was dating 25 yrs ago, was a slut who became the mother of his first child, she subsequently had addition children and named them after him and told him that they were his. It is obvious that the other two children she had are not his. He admitted it to me early in our relationship, but now he acts so adamant and denies he ever said anything like that to me and he even states they are his kids from his testicles. Why he even paid 18 yrs. child support and has given them all his wealth when he dies. This bothers me that he let this bitch run the biggest scam before "weapons of mass destruction". Why the hell can she get away with this shit and he and his whole family are blind to it? Especially when my own son's father only pays child support and wants nothing to do with my child. Why is he accepting these men as his sons, when he has a real son and daughter to whom his legacy should go. He actually carries on like these are his blood children when in fact they are not. He says to me I paid for them they are mine and he ask me to not speak on the subject again.
What is your take on this and how should I deal with this? These children are now 23, 24, 25.

- Asked by A Thinker, Female, 56-65

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I think that everyone that has to pay child supore should have to take a test first to see that they are the father. Then shit like that would never be happening.

- Response by rogerrabbitxoxo, A Creative, Male, 56-65, Transportation

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Oh this is soo wrong in just soo many ways :)

1/ While he may have said, in a moment of drunkenes or plain stupidity, that they weren't his, legally they are. Even if they were all from the milkman, if she was married to or living common law with him when she became pregnant, and he agreed to put his name on their birth certificates, then they are all considered legally his and his legal inheritors. P-e-r-i-o-d.

2/ What man is going to admit to anyone that he was cuckholded by his gf/wife? It's a matter of male pride & his self respect.

3/ Even if none of them look like him, they could all be his biologically. Genetics is very often funny like that sometimes:)

4/ While your ex has chosen to abandon his child, it actually speaks very well about your present man that even in the face of your bitching & harping about it, that he refuses to do so

5/ As pissed off as you are, probably more about the failings of your own ex to step up to the plate other than financially, I and others will probably tell you to MYOB - Mind Your OWN Business, when it comes to his other family you just can't win.

6/ As to the other son and daughter, are they yours with him?

If so, then they are also probably entittled to an equal share of his estate, check with a lawyer; esp if they are younger he should also provide for them to finish HS & college if he dies

- Response by springbreaker, A Father Figure, Male, 46-55, Toronto, Self-Employed

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