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Attractive or unattractive Female Pussey
Sex & Intimacy / 6:10 PM - Monday July 09, 2007

Attractive or unattractive Female Pussey

I was married a long time and during my marriage the Internet came into being. Once I was on the Internet, and started viewing the many porno web sites, and being very interested in the female nude body, I came to realize there are very attractive women but she can have an unattractive pussey. I understand men's cocks can be somewhat the same, but the variety of pussey variations puts any male cock variations to shame. Is this just me or do other people feel the same way? I've even read about Plastic Surgery Dr's in LA who specialize in female pussey's and nothing else. I see some web sites posting photo's of females wearing tight jeans/pants and their outer pussey lips are very pronounced. So, is this a popular thing with some females to want to show off their large outer pussey lips? For the females who have seen other nude females and notice their pussey's, do you regard the various pussey's as being attractive or unattractive?

- Asked by royatlanta, A Guy Critical, Male, 66 or older

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I don't want anything sharp around my kitty, no matter what she looks like, but I've been told many times that she's very pretty. I've seen some on the sites that hung 6" down from their bodies and some that looked like cauliflowers...not attractive at all. But, we can't help what they look like, no more than men can help what theirs look like.

- Response by chickymama46, A Life of the Party, Female, 56-65, New Orleans, Medical / Dental

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while I don't spend a major amount of time looking at my pussy just to see if it's pretty or not...I do look at it and the part that counts is on the inside and can't be seen with the naked eye but has to be felt...squeezed nice and tight. Besides it seems to me that it's just like a long as it works who really cares?

- Response by A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Charlotte, Administrative

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