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Can precum cause pregnancy?
Sex & Intimacy / 3:20 AM - Thursday January 11, 2007

can precum cause pregnancy?

my girlfriend and i are big into foreplay and oral sex. we vowed to keep the intercourse out of the picture until marriage. today we were fooling around as usual, both naked of course. she was wet and i had a small amount of precum on the tip of my penis. i've heard so many different opinions on whether or not precum contains sperm, and if so if its enough to cause pregnancy. well while my g/f and i were fooling around, the tip of my penis grazed the outer lips of her vagina. there was NO insertion. what are the odds she could become pregnant from that amount of contact w/ precum on the tip?

Update: January 11, 2007.
yes, i know they're strong, but it seems kinda crazy that they can make it all the way up the vagina, into the tubes, and up to the egg all the way from the lips. its not like i was rubbing the tip all over it(teasing it), all i did was graze it.

- Asked by A Guy Critical, Male, 29-35

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its possible. Those sperm swim. And are strong . So yes, it is possible she could get pregnant.
You need to use birthcontrol since you guys are coming so close to the act. And you don't want a mistake.
If she is, it is meant to be.

- Response by carolynspoonire, A Rebel, Female, 56-65, Philadelphia, Medical / Dental

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Small odds but very possible !!!

Keep your cock away from her pussy if you don't want a baby yet.

or wear a condom.

- Response by elvistheking, A Rebel, Male, 36-45, New York, Hospitality

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I would say very small chances of pregnancy... While it could happen, I think the chances of the whatever sperm (if any) in the precum making it's way into the vagina, and then meeting an egg (which can be small, think of how long it takes people to conceive on average when they're actually trying to get pregnant... then again, conceiving may be easier when you're not trying, at least that's how it seems sometimes) which may or may not even be ready to be fertilized (depends on where she is in her cycle). But, if you're really concerned, you can have her take the morning after pill. And maybe have her start some birth control (it's great for regulating your period) and then if something like this were to happen again, it would be no worries.. If she's already on birth control, don't worry about it.

- Response by yogastar02, A Thinker, Female, 29-35, Edmonton, Student

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Yes, there is sperm, the risk as you describe things is small, but real.

- Response by desertson52, A Guy Critical, Male, 56-65, Sacramento, Consulting

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i'm taking a human sexuality course here at the University of Washington, and we just learned on Monday about this clear, stringy mucus that comes out of the cervix during makes the vagina/uterus more sterile for the sperm to travel through (since it is a slightly acidic environment) and the sperm can travel much easier/faster, too. Basically, you don't need to cum in her to get her pregnant.

- Response by mle22, A Thinker, Female, 29-35, Seattle, Student

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Odds are next to zero, but not zero.

Precum may contain sperm. It only takes one sperm to fertilize and egg.

I have been told that there are a few documented cases where sperm managed to fertilize an egg after being deposited on the outside of a woman's genitles. While most of these accounts seem to be urban legend, I have been told by a med student that one case has been considered to be confirmed.

Not being an expert in the field I cannot confirm his story.

- Response by falconf1, A Father Figure, Male, 46-55, Ottawa, Who Cares?

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Depends on how strong your sperm is and if they can swim upstream???

- Response by dambreaker, A Father Figure, Male, 56-65, Retired

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