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2nd date questions
Dating / 7:57 PM - Wednesday November 01, 2006

2nd date questions

Women esp. but guys also- ON A SECOND DATE-

1) are flowers cliche or would they be a nice
touch to bring on a 2nd date ( I mean a
flower bouquet-not roses).

2) if the date went well- would it be ok to
try for a kiss at the end of the date
and should I ask. we hugged at the end of
the 1st date?

3) what are some ideas for a good 2nd date-
so we can interact and talk alot - on previous 2nd dates- I wnet to a drving rang and played tennis and then lunch later- and it did not
turn out well. Any ideas for a good 2nd date?
should I ask her what she likes to do ??

- Asked by A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 46-55

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For a 2nd date i think flowers would be sweet. Nothing to extravagant of course, you dont want to make it look like you put to much effort into it on a second date.
If the date went well and you hugged her before then you should go for a kiss on the cheek, but if your really feeling it and shes making a lot of eye contact with you or gazing your lips then just go for the lips.
For a second date still try to keep it casual, go out to lunch or some drinks. Maybe see a movie. Ask her if she has any oppinions, hopefully she wont say that she "doesn't care, where ever you want to go is fine with me." women like saying that.
if she does say that then just keep it casual and cool. More extravegant dates come a bit latter.
have fun!

- Response by gogoey, A Thinker, Female, 29-35, San Francisco, Other Profession

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1. Bringing her a single flower and telling her why it reminds you of her is more unique and romantic.
2. Attempt a kiss on the cheek first, and lingering touches to her hair/face. You'll know where to go from there.
3. Ask her what her interests are, and then surprise her with by doing something that you know she's always wanted to do (from tickets on a talkshow to an art gallery opening). Pay if you were the one to invite HER.

- Response by wildeheart, A Creative, Female, 26-28, Seattle, Student

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1) I would personnaly feel pressured by the flowers so soon if I didn't know the person before the first date (maybe would just look like he wants it too much hehe), but maybe some women would like it

2) yes, if it's going well, go for the kiss !(don't ask...)

3) What did you do on the first one? I'm so bad with dates... I would enjoy going to lazerquest lol. No one ever brought me there on a date *sigh*. Depends where you live; here it,s too cold now to stay outside, but going in a park with a blanket and a bottle of wine would do it for me :) It,s intimate, you can talk and... try that kiss under the stars hehe. If it,s cold where you live too... hem.. cinema? restaurant? What are her hubbies? maybe something related to it

good luck! :P

- Response by titemousse, A Sportif, Female, 29-35, Quebec, Who Cares?

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1) Better for first date, not so much for second, ESPECIALLY if first date wasn't so good.
2) Dates = bases. First date, first base. Of course this is only at option, but yes its acceptable.
3)awful lot of sports on that first date, and too much competition. A meal is always good to talk over. Movie, not so much. Sitting quietly in the dark for two hours doesn't really help you get to know someone. Pool is good. If you've got a Dave and Buster's type place around, that is good. Lots of different things to do. Dinner and drinks is the simplest.

- Response by kjm16216, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 36-45, Philadelphia, Technical

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1) it is great!
2) either..if you wanted to kiss you should have...but makes a great topic when you walk her to the door after the 2nd date......also an invite fir the kiss and maybe to come in for a "lil more getting to know her"
3) yes, it can't hurt to make plans around or include her interests..other ideas are:

if you drink a nice jazz/blues club with a table away from the loudness, where you can enjoy the music in the background and the company first hand
i would shoot for interactive putt-putt golf rather than tennis it is cozy and if she is a good player, you can let her show you how to hold the club..get my drift? If your the good player, you can have the greatest reason in the world for putting your arms around her.
a carnival, but stick to rides like a ferris wheel rather than a roller coaster per se.

- Response by txsophisticate, A Career Woman, Female, 36-45, Houston

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You're thinking too much....just do whatever feels right to you! If a guy brings me flowers on a second date, and I sense that he's not doing it because he "thinks" he's supposed to, then it's a little wierd. If a guy is totally confident, and brings me a gift out of his own sincerity, then it's cool. By the way you worded this question, I'd forget the flowers. It might feel awkward giving them (you seem worried about what she'll think, and she'll pick up on that). The same goes with a kiss at the end of the night. If everything feels right, and it seems like a kiss is in order, by all means, go for it! The worst is when there's an awkwardness as he's dropping me's like I know what he's thinking (should I kiss her?). Just do what feels right at the moment. If you decide beforehand that you're going to kiss her, than it all seems too staged. I think it's better to hold off on kissing her than to have an awkward "first kiss" that feels forced.

A good idea for a second date could be miniature golf. A driving range or tennis requires some skill on her part, so if she's never done it before, I can see how it could turn out bad. However, even someone who's never been athletic can play mini golf!

- Response by gkcookie, A Thinker, Female, 29-35

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