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Dating / 10:30 PM - Wednesday May 10, 2006



- Asked by tigerlady, A Player, Female, 36-45, Minneapolis, Other Profession

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well if you that is you in that picture, and you purr around him, he is not going to stop coming over.

- Response by chw03c, A Thinker, Female, 36-45, Executive

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Well, assuming you're not comfortable with his attentions, you need to squash it. Tell him you're too old for him, tell him he can visit your daughter when she's home, but make it clear that you and he aren't going to happen, and that he needs to focus his attentions on someone who wants someone his age.

- Response by mikehug, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Cleveland

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Tell your daughter that he makes you feel uncomfortable and not to invite him over anymore....if she needs to know the truth tell her...goodluck.

- Response by mc2000, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 36-45, Toronto

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I don't want to be judgemental but judging from your picture i can't help it. Stop doing what ever it is your doing. When he comes to visit your daughter make yourself scarce. Remember you really are old enought to be his mother!!!

- Response by A Trendsetter, Female, 36-45, New York, Artist / Musician / Writer

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When I was 23 I started messing around with my buddy's 39-yr-old mom and it was the greatest experience. She made the first moves and I surely didn't refuse ;)

I won't tell you don't do it, cause that would be the height of hypocrisy, but be careful, don't let him get too close, keep it f**k buddies only.

- Response by depravity, A Rebel, Male, 36-45, Los Angeles, Farming

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what do you do?....him!!!

- Response by A Rebel, Male, 46-55, Atlanta

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Heres to you mrs. Robinson...

- Response by baraca3950, A Life of the Party, Male, 29-35

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Nip it in the bud. Think of what your daughter would feel like if you pursued him.

- Response by chickymama46, A Life of the Party, Female, 56-65, New Orleans, Medical / Dental

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My 2 sons had friends that used to flirt with me too. I was flattered, but never let it get out of hand.

- Response by chickymama46, A Life of the Party, Female, 56-65, New Orleans, Medical / Dental

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You're the one with the wisdom of experience. I think you already know the answer to this one. But I'll try to help..

I really don't think you should encourage or allow anything more with this boy than a friendship. It is flattering, and it must feel good to know "you still got it"! :) But seriously, take control of the situation because he's too young to realise the problems and hurt this could cause - his parents I'm sure wouldn't be too thrilled if they found out anything happened between you two, and worst of all, you'd look like a nut case going after boys. Your reputation would be ruined, and you'd always be thought of as a Mrs Robinson but in a bad way.

Please don't do anything with him. I hope I haven't offended you, I'm just trying to strongly encourage you to take the high road and just be his friend. Be the adult here. He's just a boy, he doesn't have as much experience with love and sex as you do.

good luck! Stay strong!

- Response by A Creative, Female, Who Cares?, London, Who Cares?

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stop it now before someone gets hurt. You might be a hot ass momma, but your daughter is going to feel weird and so you should tell him that though u likethe attention you would feel very werid about it too.

- Response by chilledoutboy, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 22-25

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you gotta decide between your daughter and her friend.... cause its most likely your daughter will hate you once she finds out hes coming to see you and not her... but at 21 its just 'infatuation' and can never be anything serious.. but its your life and you gotta decide... so decide wisely.... best of luck...

- Response by ray15, A Creative, Male, 29-35, Self-Employed

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For gods sake tell him you are not intrested and do not let your daughter know that he was intrested in you. Believe me it will give her a complex.
I had this happen to me. Only the guy was just a friend of her boyfriends. My daughter had kissed him before her and her bf got together. The friend was still after her till he met me then he came after me very boldly and right in front of her. He was 18.
Just tell him right out that he can forget about it. That there is no way in hell that it is ever going to happen.

- Response by lollipoplover101, A Player, Female, 36-45, St.Louis, Who Cares?

Rating Received: to your daugher first.
You don't want her flipping out on you for NOT telling her or for doing anything behind her back.
You never know if she SEES HIM as something more than a friend and just hasn't told you.
as to him...don't look at a number to rationalzie your way out of a connection.
If he's nice and cute and makes you feel special, assuming you are NOT married, oh wait, you are, nevermind...ok...

talk to you daughter...first.
talk to your husband..let him know you're trying to be tactful, mayeb he should be around more? etc...? have him help you. you don't need him to get dramatic one day wrongly.
then, if worst gets worst, just talk to the boy. set him straight.

good luck!

- Response by pantheraazul, A Cool Mom, Female, Who Cares?, New York, Other Profession

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You need to explain to him that you aren't Mrs. Robinson and it's inappropriate on all different levels. The fact that he's only 19, he's your daughters friend, and you're married are just a few to be named. Flattered!!! HELL YES...should you go there??? I would say only if you were on a remote island on vacation, had too many tequila shots and there were not witnesses or cameras!!! good luck

- Response by imontop, A Rebel, Male, 36-45, Toronto, Executive

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Although it might be flattering, the fact that he is your daughter's friend might make things more complicated IF anything were to happen. Your daughter might not approve and could end up blaming you if anything happens to the relationship with this guy if things don't work out for you two. You should let him know that although you are flattered, he needs to think about his friendship with your daughter and decide if the relationship is more important to him or not. Don't let his attraction for you, cause problems between you and your daughter. Think things through before making a decision...good luck

- Response by fastball, A Cool Mom, Female, 36-45, Edmonton, Self-Employed

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- Response by A Sweet Sarah, Female, 18-21, Las Vegas, Student

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It is flatering but if your daughter has romantic intentions towards him then he is off limits. No sex is worth trashing out the relationship with your daugher. If you want sex with 21 year old guys then hit the gym and then hit the clubs. A pretty woman getting one night stands in clubs is like shooting fish in a barrel - And your relationship with your daughter doesn't suffer.

- Response by bailarenfuego, A Guy Critical, Male, 46-55, Technical

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It must be flattering to have such a young guy falling for you, but remember he's your daughters friend so keep off him unless you want to destroy your relationship with your daughter. Also if he is inexperienced I don't think the sex will be very great. A lot of young guys get infatuated with matured sexy women, but I think you should dress down like a mother when he is around and treat him more like a son. He'll get over it sooner or later.

- Response by A Mr. Married Guy, Male, 36-45, Philadelphia

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Wear the cat suit, use your imagination.

- Response by fallingfromgrace, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 29-35, Science / Engineering

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There's a rule I follow that has saved me tons of drama in my life. I NEVER pursue anything like that with anyone once they have been involved with someone else I am close to. Not ever, not for any reason. I would discourage him, mainly for the sake of your relationship with your daughter. A roll in the hay with a younger guy isn't worth the damage it would do to your daughter.

- Response by rokitman, A Creative, Male, 36-45, Artist / Musician / Writer

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Have you considered the fact you are 18 yrs older than this kid? hmmm, same age as your daughter? lol... do as you wish, just consider the consequenses.

- Response by submissivelyme, A Creative, Female, 46-55, Buffalo, Artist / Musician / Writer

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Enjoy it.
And after a bit... A Very Short Bit...
Tell him that his attentions are inappropriate and that if he can't control himself around you, that you'll have to have a talk with his mother... and mean it... and follow thru with it if he doesn't stop.
I don't know an 18 year old who would not get the message and adapt accordingly.

- Response by lovestream, A Guy Critical, Male, 46-55, Fitness

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Don't do it ! If you take hers, then u are justifying for her taking yours someday.

Why don't u find someone yr age? ... like me LOL

- Response by speerman, A Life of the Party, Male, 36-45, Administrative

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... Jesus loves you more than you will know, wo wo wo...

find a way to stop enabling him. you don't want to hurt your daughter.

- Response by shayar7, A Guy Critical, Male, 22-25, San Francisco, Science / Engineering

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