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How to End Someone Else's Relationship
Sex & Intimacy / 11:15 PM - Friday December 23, 2005

How to End Someone Else's Relationship

Spare me the moral lecture here, but what is the best way to break two people up?
(I'll wait until after Christmas - I'm not THAT mean :))

- Asked by An Alternative Girl, Female, 22-25, Who Cares?

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no lecture.. you DON"T.. period.. its tacky and mean..

- Response by smartblond, A Sweet Sarah, Female, Who Cares?, Charlotte, Self-Employed

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Have sex with the man, make sure the woman finds out about it... That is the easiest way... Per your request - I will spare you the lecture....

- Response by bstnloftdweller, A Player, Male, 29-35, Boston, Who Cares?

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The best thing to do is realize that there are 3 billion men on the planet. You have plenty of choices. Why get hung up on one?

Failing that, just present yourself as a good alternative. Them let him decide.

- Response by reformingwuss, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 29-35, Philadelphia, Who Cares?

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in the words of John Lennon:

"instant karma's gonna get you". i believe that what goes around, comes around.

- Response by A Sweet Sarah, Female, 46-55, Pittsburgh, Other Profession

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Who do you want someone who already has someone?
Can you find your own man?

- Response by romanprincess, A Sportif, Female, Who Cares?, Other Profession

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Tis the season for sharing. Just take him and explain to the other bitches later.

- Response by foxycopgirl, A Thinker, Female, 29-35, Artist / Musician / Writer

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it is a hard thing to break up 2 people unless they really don't want to be together, no matter how bad the man or woman screws up. i guess the best thing you could do is just go and have sex with him and see what happens. don't be surprised if your plan fails; just because you broke them up by having sex with him doesn't guarantee you a decent shot at him.

- Response by alphaohmega2006, A Life of the Party, Male, 29-35, Cleveland, Other Profession

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I think you should get ur hands on a pic of one of them making out with someone else at a party before the two were together.

wow, i sound devious.

- Response by idreamimfalling, A Hippie Chick, Female, 29-35, Teaching

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If he really wanted you, you wouldn't have to break them up. Are you wanting him or just don't like her.

Life isn't like Daytime TV.

The things you do now shape who you become later in life.

If you want him, and you are what he wants shouldn't be that hard.

- Response by sexsationalwoman, A Hip Hop Girl, Female, 46-55, Kansas City, Who Cares?

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I found the best way to break two people up(friends of mine did this) are to make up a lie about the guy or girl and let it make it back to one or both of them. Even if it's not true, the doubt of the person's fidelity or being untrustworthy will make waves in the relationship that can be hard to repair. There is also the possibility of making yourself noticed by the guy and "showing up" in the same places as him. Let him notice you by being a bit more outgoing than usual and walking by him so he can check you out.
Not that this is any of my business but I just hope that you realize that you will be hurting people and it may be harder to live with the guilt than to be happy with the guy.

- Response by fastball, A Cool Mom, Female, 36-45, Edmonton, Self-Employed

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Grow up......Then come play within the adult arena.

- Response by mayfair, A Thinker, Female, 36-45, New York, Who Cares?

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why do you want to break them up? that is so rude. what if you had a relationship with someone you loved and he loved you, and then some stupid chick came along and tried to break you guys up. wouldn't you hate that? wouldn't you be so upset that someone was trying to ruin something so good that you shared with someone else? love is sacred, special, and you won't get it if your going to try and tear the person away from what they already have, it won't work, they will go back to the other person, you will be hurt, everybody will lose out . it's just a really bad plan and if you do it, you are going to get into a car accident and die, or someone will break your relationship up, or maybe you won't be able to bear children, god works in mysterious ways, and so does the devil. what do you do will definitly make its way back to you and i think it will be 10 times worse than what you are trying to do, so DONT DO IT> just realize that he isn't the one for you, he has someone already, and nothing will change that. even if you try to break them up, whatever lie you make up, the other person will find out the truth, and you will look like a fricking retard and then both of them will laugh at you and think you are such a b*Tch and you will feel like sh*t. plain and simple, don't mess with the universe because it will bite you in the ass.

- Response by An Alternative Girl, Female, 29-35, Boston, Managerial

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Why does the shark theme from "JAWS" come to mind when I read your question? There IS no best way. Ask him if he is interested in leaving her for you. If not, walk away with some dignity. Is he is, then decide how long you will wait for him to break up. If you do it any other way, I think that you will screw him over or he will screw you over at some point in the future on this very same issue. Look before you leap.

- Response by indura67, A Rebel, Male, Who Cares?, Minneapolis, Who Cares?

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Sleep with him. Take pictures. Send them to her.

Of course, that's only if you want to break them up - NOT if you want to get together with him in a relationship. Someone who would cheat on his/her SO, will cheat on his/her SO.

Generally, it's better to wait and let them fall apart on their own - keep your own nose (and reputation) clean.

- Response by aelfric, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 36-45, Washington, DC, Lawyer

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Be careful what you wish for. If somebody's relationship can be that easily broken up, it might be you next.

- Response by An Alternative Girl, Female, 36-45, Financial / Banking

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Tell both of them that you're fucking the other one LOL.

playa1 out

- Response by playa1, A Player, Male, Who Cares?, Who Cares?

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Remember if you do make the break up and he comes running to you, you mayt face the same circumstances later when he leaves you for someone better; which in this case should not be to difficult to find.

- Response by yme4, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Who Cares?

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Send her flowers from "Ryan" or "Luke" or some mysterious guy. He'll think she's cheating and break up with her.

- Response by usmc85, A Rebel, Male, 36-45, Other Profession

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I f you have to ask, then you're not ready.................. .

- Response by scent, A Creative, Female, 46-55, Chicago, Technical

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First figure out who's the most gullable and who would be affected the most by stuff they hear about the other. Then spread rumors about that other person and they'll end up believing them.. OR you could try to get with the guy and the girl will find out and probably break up with him..

- Response by foomee, A Life of the Party, Male, 18-21, San Francisco, Retail

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1. If the couple catches on, overcoming this issue might make their relationship stronger, and they might decide not to associate with you anymore. Okay let me skip so you can start.
2. Learn everything you can about the couple.
3. Play on the couples weaknesses subtly.
Consider that if the relationship is not meant to be, it'll fall apart on it's own. It's important that you yourself don't get identified as the dividing force, or else you will be resented and mistrusted. Forging notes or messages might not cause a fight, but it won't be long before the couple discovers it was total understanding and how they were wrong about each other. IF your partner is ignoring you that means they are less intrested in you. You know if your partner if they stop returning your phone calls or texts and stop loving the way you are supposed to be loved!

- Response by oppsdididothat, A Career Woman, Female, 66 or older, Vancouver

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Use a shotgun on the one you don't like.

- Response by jayboy6969, A Guy Critical, Male, 36-45

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