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Arrrrghhhh I've had enough of this shit
Family & Parenting / 8:21 AM - Sunday November 05, 2006

arrrrghhhh I've had enough of this shit

im married with four kids and one on the way. i attend a cosmotology shcool 10 hours a day for three days a week on thursdays fridays and saturdays.i guess this is a ranting question do you all think i have a right to be angry? let me explain my husband is in the military so he works 14 hours overnight and so he isnt able to do much around the house except sleep for the next evenings work and therefore cannot watch our kids while i go to shcool . so his trusted mom has the delightful ( smirks) duty of watching my kids. i have bigtime fatigue from pregnancy on top of being tired from standing on my feet all day and so on the weekends my house looks drab until my days off when i have energy to clean. well my kids complain that my mom inlaw doesnt feed them lets them outside in 60 degree weather and allowed them into our backyard where her dog,who sheds all over our furniture while hes over , just pooped in our backyard which has 4 foot tall ragweeds growing in back because my husband never has time to mow it or call a lawn service. therefor my daughter stepped in it and tracked in in our backyard. why is it that mom inlaw doesnt tell me of these things when i get home i have to hear them from my husband later that evening. i am so stuck in a rut she is the only one who can watch and offered to watch my kids im gratful for that. but i was unaware the woman cannot throw together a box of macaroni if it came down to it. or take control over my kids. they are no angels but they are easily controlled with an iron fist. and being that she is the type to be takin advantage of easily she lets them run a muck over her. im fed up about my house a mess ,her freakin dog being over, his hair all over the damn place and my daughter having asthma and allergies to dander. im fed up with my kids being really hungry at the end of the day like refugees. thing is i dont know how to lay it down without being rude or overbearing. i have tried to compile a list of dos and donts and that didnt work for her she underminded what they werent allowed to do. and i have also tried preparing meals over night for the next day but when you come home close to 8 at night you dont feel like being betty crocker. it sucks someone please how do i deal with this clueless woman who has not one ounce of a mothers common sense. i dont mean to come off like a whining brat but jeesh' im tired of it and its either put off my dream of owing my salon or deal with my house and household falling apart in front of me. what would ya'll do?

- Asked by A Cool Mom, Female, 29-35, San Antonio, Who Cares?

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