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Acqua Di Gio Voted Best Men's Cologne by Women
Intimacy (Rated-PG) / 6:44 PM - Thursday May 19, 2005

Acqua Di Gio Voted Best Men's Cologne by Women

I asked the ladies on here what your favorite men's cologne was, and Armani Acqua Di Gio got the most votes. Do you ladies agree that Acqua Di Gio wins? Throw some more favorites out there if you think it's better than Acqua.

- Asked by An Intellectual Guy, Male, 22-25, Los Angeles, Artist / Musician / Writer

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I love Acqua Di Gio. I think another intoxicating cologne is Issey Miyake..

- Response by alorabeginnings, A Player, Female, 29-35, Detroit, Medical / Dental

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I also like Hugo boss cologne. Girls like it a lot this one average guy wore it at my work and got lots of attention that day. I would try it if I were you. I do like armani too.

- Response by nicoles0426, A Thinker, Female, 36-45, Artist / Musician / Writer

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Cool Water by Davidoff or Old Spice!!

- Response by technofan1, An Alternative Girl, Female, 29-35, Calgary, Consulting

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I actually follow men around who are wearing Aqua Di Gio. It is so wonderful I can't get enough of it.

- Response by A Career Woman, Female, 22-25, Seattle, Science / Engineering

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Ok I love anything by Polo so my fave is Ralph Lauren Polo Blue I bought it for my ex for Valentines day and loved it!

- Response by satxflirt, A Cool Mom, Female, 29-35, San Antonio, Administrative

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