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Secret sex lives of famous people!
Sex & Intimacy / 10:17 PM - Thursday September 21, 2006

secret sex lives of famous people!

i recently read this book titled 'the secret sex lives of famous people' that was very interesting. it was compiled from actual verified letters, diary entries, etc. here are some interesting things that i came across:
*older when lost virginity: mao tse-tung, mark twain, hg wells.
* young when lost virginity: cleopatra, gandhi, jean harlow, jimi hendrix, marilyn monroe, eva peron.
* men who had sex with girls 16 & younger: john barrymore, casanove, charlie chaplin, errol flynn, howard hughes, elvis.
* big penis': charlie chaplin, gary cooper, jimi hendrix
* small penis': napoleon, chopin, f. scott fitzgerald, ernest hemingway.
* weird quirks: jean harlow & marilyn monroe (dyed pubic hair)
* fetishes: clark gable (cleanliness), gandhi (sleeping naked), hitler (anal sex), howard hughes (body hair), martin luther (anal sex).
* open marriages: amelia earhart, william faulkner, errol flynn, carl jung, picasso, ezra pound, hg wells.
* liked orgies: casanove, chaplin, cleopatra, gary cooper, joan crawford, clark gable, jimi hendrix, janis joplin, jfk, elvis, babe ruth.
* homos: oscar wilde
* lesbos: emily dickinson
* bisexuals: napoleon, casanove, james dean, freud, joplin, van gogh,
* mother fixation: james dean, freud, j. edgar hoover, isaac newton.
* molested as child: hans christian anderson, john barrymore, carl jung.
* std carriers: casanove, chopin, mussolini, nietszche, van gogh, oscar wilde.
* worked as prostitute: billie holliday, eva peron.
* often paid for whores: barrymore, napoleon, casanove, chaplin, duke ellington, f. scott fitzgerald, flynn, gable, gerswhin, hemingway, jfk, jack london, mussolini, nietzsche, elvis, van gogh, hg wells, wilde.
* male chauvinist: flynn, gable, hemingway, jfk, london, douglas mcarthur, mussolini, picasso, elvis, babe ruth, richard wagner, brigham young.
* liked older lovers (20 years or more): casanove, jean harlow, marilyn monroe, neitzsche, eva peron.
* liked younger lovers ( 20 years or more): barrymore, casanove, chaplin, charles dickens, faulkner, wc fields, henry ford, hitler, howard hughes, picasso, wagner, hg wells, brigham young.
* active after age 70: chaplin, benjamin franklin, picasso, hg wells, brigham young.
* disappointing lovers: gable, gershwin, hemingway
* low sex drives: lewis carroll, chopin, emily dickinson, elizabeth I, j. edgar hoover, lenin, isaac newton.
impotent: napoleon, wc fields
* staying power: barrymore, chaplin, cooper, flynn, hendrix, picasso, babe ruth
* religious people who were into sex: pope alexander VI, mary baker eddy, gandhi, martin luther, carry nation, brigham young.
* voyeurs: casanove, chaplin, flynn, martin luther, elvis
* porn collectors: casanove, chaplin, faulkner, hitler, hoover, karl marx, rembrandt, twain
* sadomasochists: hitler, mussolini
* interacial sex: casanova, hemingway, hendrix, macarthur, neitzsche, brigham young
* incest: casanova, cleopatra, mussolini, neitzsche, hg wells
* nusidst: crawford, gandhi, jfk, martin luther, monroe
* kept self clean: casanove, gable, hughes
* kept self unclean: martin luther, monroe, mussolini
* dressed as opposite sex as a child: hemingway, wilde
* anal fetishes: napoleon, hitler, jung, martin luther, jung, mozart, elvis, twain
* peeping toms: flynn, hitler, elvis

what do you think? any surprises?

- Asked by markdi, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 36-45, Los Angeles, Managerial

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I found alot of this to be shocking! Anything with Gandhi and just that most of these people are so famous and had such terrible fetishes.

- Response by halo77, A Creative, Female, 46-55, Alternative Medicine

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Yeah, there were a few surprises in there lol

Joan Crawford was also a bisexual. I read that she got with a few women in her time. She even propositioned Marylin Monroe once...or actually did have her ( I can't remember exactly ).

I'm surprised Tallulah Bankhead wasn't mentioned. She was probably the only actress who was very open about her sexuality ( she would have been mentioned in quite a few of those categories ).

- Response by auburntiger, A Creative, Female, 36-45, Managerial

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I read "Sex Lives of the Great Dictators". Really good book!!

- Response by 1001001, A Sweet Sarah, Male, 66 or older, Farming

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casnove couldnt have kept himself that clean if he had an std

- Response by A Life of the Party, Female, 29-35

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I LOVE that book!!!
I learnt that GABLE was gay,CARY GRANT & a few others were bisexuals. I learnt that Leonardo DAVINCI was bi & that Michealangilo was as gay as it gets!
I didnt kw you read....hmmm...

- Response by mstoronto, A Trendsetter, Female, 29-35

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No real surprises. Hemmingway obviously had something to prove.

- Response by ramanatha, A Guy Critical, Male, 46-55

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