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What is love without marriage?
Dating / 3:15 PM - Wednesday April 13, 2005

What is love without marriage?

What is up with this marriage issue?
Why is it so hard for people to believe in
marriage? What happened to committment?
To Love? To selflessness and sacrifice for
the one you say you love?

How can anyone truely say they love someone and turn around and say they don't believe in marriage? What is love without marriage? And visa versa?

I say that if a person doesn't believe in marriage,(which goes along with commitment) then that person has NEVER been in love.

Whats your thoughts on this debate?

- Asked by A Sportif, Female, 46-55, Oklahoma City, Other Profession

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I agree. I'm in love. I'm all for marriage. I'm going to do marriage right ;) 100% commitment, in love with my s/o. And we won't go into the things we sacrifice for eachother :)

- Response by petiepal, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 29-35, Newark, Science / Engineering

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Love with marriage is like dinner with peptobismol: only for those with a weak gut.
Commitment, a.k.a. blind denial of the perpetually changing nature of life, is the manipulative pseudovalue of choice for those that have become a burden but refuse to be left behind, such as an employer that has little to offer or a middle aged soccer mom with the appearance and sensuality of a minivan. In as much as it opposes the forces of the free market, "commitment" is decidedly anti-capitalistic and un-American, an unwelcome imposition on individual freedoms.
Marriage is a commercial transaction by which two people implicitly agree to certain rules of division of property at the end of the contract.
It is important not to confuse the three concepts. If marriage was about love, women would not oppose prenups. If love was about commitment, cheating wouldn't matter as far as you don't "commit" to your extramarital affairs. If a person thinks that the three things are inextricably tied together, said person has not grown enough of her own thoughts to be able to distinguish them from the "party line".

- Response by A Guy Critical, Male, 36-45, Seattle, Technical

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I don't necessarily believe that you have to be married to be committed or to experience love. Many months before I even knew I wanted to marry my wife I loved her tremendously and was completely committed. Now, of course, I believe in marriage and I believe two people who truly love each other should get married but that doesn't mean I think its the only way people should share a committed and loving relationship as long as both parties feel the same way. Who knows what kind of baggage a person will carry because they saw so many marriages break up. Love is love and cannot be dictated by legalities.

- Response by pharm5, A Jock, Male, 29-35, San Francisco, Science / Engineering

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- Response by hame, An Intellectual Guy, Male, Who Cares?, Beijing, Who Cares?

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