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Male Strip clubs
Sex & Intimacy / 12:35 PM - Tuesday April 05, 2005

Male Strip clubs

I'm curious to know what really goes on at male strip clubs ladies? I think we all know what goes down at gentlemen clubs, the girls are completly naked and there's some under the cloths touching in the VIP rooms for the right amount of cash. So I was wondering if male strip clubs are as raunchy as girl clubs or more?

- Asked by A Career Man, Male, 26-28

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Well, UNFORTUNATELY, most male strip clubs only go as far as thongs. But women get a whole lot more leeway as far as groping goes. We can definately cop a feel without fear. Also, women usually throw their self-control out the window, especially about-to-be-married-you ng types. Depends on the club also, but while there is usually not so much VIP action, it does get raunchy, and the strippers are more inclined to do more action after hours.

- Response by mystical1, A Creative, Female, 22-25, New York, Artist / Musician / Writer

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ha, ha... finally a question I really know The strip clubs can be really raunchy is you allow it. The strip clubs that I have been to show EVERYTHING. If a girl allows it sometimes she will get it up in her face, can give head at he club(in a back room),slapped in the face by the penis on stage, get eaten out on stage, grab everything they want to (if the dancer is willing). These events usually happen at the LOCKED DOOR events.. meaning no one gets in and no one gets out untill the show is ended. The regular shows could be like this if it's a good night. The shows in New Jersey, Phili, Maryland, DC are the best I've seen. The ones in other states are just terrible. The strippers can't even dance and the music sucks.

- Response by leggzzzz9, A Sweet Sarah, Female, 36-45, Washington, DC, Political / Government

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I usually go to the locked door type of gatherings, they are not really at a club, they are at different places. I have even been to one at a very nice resturaunt's function room before.

I have also been to men's strip clubs where the ladies get naked and let me tell you there is no comparing. My husband (under my supervision and approval) got some big ole titties (about a cup size larger than mine) mushed in his face, had a girl grind her but into his erection during a lap dance, and I even paid one girl who sat o his lap facing him, reached into his pants and used her hand to bring him to orgasm. It seems like the whole thing is about the guy begging, and the girl teasing.

When I go out to these group things with the girls, I get this hunky guy swinging his big cock (twice the size of my husband's erect while flacid) in my face until I decide it's time, then I give him a nice blowjob while he feels my body all over, undressing me. We both know that since I do not stop sucking his cock as he undresses me and plays with my breasts and clit (and often time move to facilitate this) that soon enough I am going to have my legs wrapped around him begging him to drive that big cock of his into me harder, faster, deeper. Not that all the girls there do this, but most of them will give the guy a little hand job and a quick couple of sucks.

I go there for a purely physical mind blow ing orgasm, and all I pay is the door fee.

- Response by A Life of the Party, Female, 36-45, Boston, Who Cares?

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There was this one I heard of where they do get down real raunchy. One time, couple of friends I knew, had a girls night out. And so they went to this one male strip club where the guys were so dirty, that they would actually stick it and rub it in your face! This one girl had it rubbed all over her face and head. The guy was practically dry humpin her head! So anyways, a week goes by and her eye kept iching, and iching. So she goes to the doctor and he checks out her eye under a microscope, and he tells her that she had a crab in her eye! Yeah I know gross!

- Response by A Thinker, Female, 66 or older, Who Cares?

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My friend is a stripper for 100 you can touch the girl for 300 tou can watch two women have sex and join in for 1/2 hour I would never let my boyfriend go to one knowing what I koow now

- Response by smom, A Sweet Sarah, Female, 36-45, Medical / Dental

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I am truly missing out. In Texas they only dress down to thongs and that is it. You might see some hairy chest or asses but that is it. The ladies get all the way naked. No touching, groping and absolutely no swapping body fluids of any kind. I heard about the Immortal male strippers up in Philly. I heard they break a woman all the way down till it comes gushing out. They were featured on an episode of Real Sex off of HBO and you could see all the craziness the ladies showed when the penises popped out of their thongs.

- Response by A Sweet Sarah, Female, 36-45, Dallas, Internet / New Media

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I would have to say yes yes and oh yes I have not been in about 8 months but every time I went yes they had some raunchy things come about!!! I have had a few lap dances and that man would have my knees ready to buckle but only because I allowed it I would never have went all the way with him but he was trying to im way to safe to do that but I know of other women who have!!!!

- Response by chrissylly, A Thinker, Female, 29-35, Consulting

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